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David Lawrence
• Friday, 16 October, 2020
• 10 min read

Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. I believe she typically bombed in barony popularity polls (with kids Twilight Sparkle would dominate as she was the main character).

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She was at her best IMO as a sarcastic straight man pony, as opposed to episodes focusing on her exaggerated aspects of “apples and cowboy hats”. Hasbro allegedly wanted to scrap her from MLP gen 5, despite her being an original gen 1 pony, due to her lacking a strong memorable personality.

Surprisingly, this topic was search bar approved. If you haven't already, I'd suggest you at least watch part 2 of the pilot.

The characters get a lot more rounded out and a bit less stereotypical. I think episode 3 was better than the pilot, even if it was good.

Contrary to my avatar, I have to go with Rainbow Dash. Leemaster777: So, since this is the internet, and I haven't seen a pony thread today, I decided to make one.

Just from the first episode I watched, with the Flutter shy is a tree bit, I knew she was the best pony. You can find them on Know Your Meme's entry for My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic, but considering the way they organize their images, it's a tremendous pain in the ass to search for one particular picture.

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I ended up going with Apple Jack, but that's more for nostalgia purposes than anything else. I had the toy when I was a kid, and if it weren't for multiple moves during the past decade, I'd still have her.

If you have little or no experience with ponies (especially miniatures), enlist the help of a knowledgeable horse person to advise on soundness and conformation. Geldings (deemed males) are less expensive and make ideal pets, harness or show ponies.

The height of Australian Miniature Ponies are measured in centimeters, not inches. Ponies are measured at the highest point of the wither and MUST NOT EXCEED 87 cm.

Consult the Standard of Excellence for the Australian Miniature Pony to assist with your decision. Any ponies being sold, shown or bred from must be adult registered at 2 years of age.

Please note that a Service Certificate is required to be provided by the stallion owner if the mare has been served. All registered/appendix recorded ponies MUST BE BRANDED prior to being sold, you must be able to view the brands to check the identification of your potential purchase. The Australian Miniature Pony Society Inc. are unable to get involved in purchasing disagreements between buyers and sellers, as these are civil matters.

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Ponies should be kept free of parasites and worming on a routine basis is essential. Brushing or grooming is recommended to maintain a healthy skin and glossy coat.

Feet and teeth require attention on a regular basis by a competent person. Availability of pasture, together with the age and workload of the pony, will determine the daily feed intake.

All feed should be of good quality with plenty of roughage and overfeeding should be avoided to discourage the incidence of founder. A seaweed or mineral horse lick will provide extra nutrients.

Regular removal of manure, (at least twice weekly), will assist in pasture management and parasite control. Provide adequate shelter, regular exercise and lots of loving care.

You will also need to learn basic ring craft (handling) yourself. Before entering your first show it is advisable that you go along to a show and view Australian Miniature Ponies prepared for the ring and then watch how they work out, how the handler performs and try and develop an understanding of the showing process. Many exhibitors carefully clip/shave the longer facial whiskers/hair i.e. they trim the longer hair from the ears and also trim under the chin to present a neat and tidy appearance in the ring. A popular class at shows, the Handler classes provide Australian Miniature Pony Society Inc. members the opportunity to both learn and display their handling skills in a judging environment.

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It is important that bright-coloured clothing that takes the eye from the animal or vehicle be avoided. Ladies should wear a tailored suit or skirt and long-sleeved jacket and blouse, sensible shoes or boots.

Gentlemen should wear a suit or sports coat and slacks with a shirt and tie. It is a safety requirement that a helmet meeting ASNZ3838 (or equivalent European EN1384 or USA ASTM1163 helmet) which is not greater than 5 years of age from the date of manufacture, or have sustained a serve impact, be worn at all times whilst driving an Australian Miniature Pony in harness.

The best traces have buckles near the breast collar, by which they can be lengthened to suit the pony. The reins should be sufficiently long to leave a margin of about 1 meter when the pony is trotting.

When choosing a bit, select one that correctly fits the pony's mouth. Bits such as an egg butt or half spoon snaffle are a good choice for most ponies.

Harnesses perish very quickly if neglected, but if reasonable care is exercised it will last for years. The bit should be washed in clean water, thoroughly dried and rubbed over with a little oil suitable for the purpose.

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Occasionally, the judge will request the driver to come to a halt part way through the workout and possibly back up a short distance before continuing. The Novice may elect to be accompanied by an Adult passenger with Harness Driving experience.

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