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• Monday, 26 October, 2020
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If you have a KOI Pond with a tumbling waterfall, a fountain that is adorned by elegant statues, or an aquarium that is stocked with your favorite colorful fish, a pond pump will keep the water feature’s aquatic life healthy and vibrant. However, not just any kind of pond pump will do, it must also deliver a reliable and energy-efficient performance so that you can save money on your water and electric bills.

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The Medium will provide just the right amount of aeration and water flow to keep your fish happy in your aquarium. It will become the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests, which will turn your once beautiful watery paradise into a hellish hole that is filled with dead fish and decaying plants.

A pump plus a filter equals clean water and a thriving aquatic environment that will attract all types of wildlife. The right sort of pump will provide you with just the right amount of water flow so that your waterfall or fountain display will create the effect that you desire, either a gentle trickle or an impressive Niagara Falls style water display that will cascade down beautifully over a rock formation or spray out in an impressive arch into the catchment area.

Or they may be designed to use a lower wattage, while other pumps may have just one moving part, a ceramic shaft, and impeller, which means they require less maintenance. All of these innovative technological improvements will save you money on your power and water bills.

If you have a large 10,000-gallon pond, it is best to choose a pump that can generate 10,000 Mph so that it will meet the demands of the water and will continue to function correctly. Try this handy calculator that can help you choose the right pond pump for your water feature or aquarium.

The downside of using a submersible pond pump is that it can clog up easier and you have to maintain it regularly. Submersible pond pumps are also very compact, which makes them the perfect choice for indoor aquariums.

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Even though some pumps come with a sturdy prefilter to stop any debris from creating any blockages, invest in a high-quality pond filter. The Alpine Corporation pump features a well-made design as the external cover is made from tough plastic.

The ceramic Vortex impeller is oil-free and driven by a magnetic drive motor that is fully encased in a separate housing, which increases its waterproof ability and prevents any leaks. A very versatile pump, the Alpine Cyclone can be submerged under the water or placed anywhere around the pond.

The magnetic-drive motor is built to run continuously and it has just one moving part, a ceramic shaft, and impeller, which make it a very low-maintenance pump that can save you money on costly bills. And as it is quiet, you can enjoy your water garden or feature without any annoying background mechanical noise.

The Totaled pump features an innovative internal design that allows large debris particles to flow out of the discharge area. Smaller particles to flow out of the rear of the pump, which ensures that the shafts and bearings are being continuously cleaned.

For best results, Totaled recommends that you use the larger tubing size to reduce friction and maximum water flow. Make sure that the power cord is connected securely as the pump can stop working.

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For great performance, easy installation, and an excellent price, the Atlantic Water Gardens FP200 Adjustable Flow Fountain and Water Feature Pump gives you everything you need to create a stunning fountain or waterfall in your pond. The Atlantic Water Gardens submersible pump gives you everything you need to keep your pond clean and healthy, a large, sturdy prefilters, integrated flow controls, versatile baseplates, replaceable impeller, and small diameter power plugs.

So you can sit back and relax while you watch your beautiful waterfall or fountain cascade down with the gentle trickling sounds of the water in the background. Pros Very affordable High-quality design Reliable performance Creates a beautiful waterfall up to 5-ft. Great pressure for a small pond or fountain Easy installation Energy-efficient Adjustable fountain pressure Whisper quiet.

If you have a medium-sized pond that has a lot of vegetation and you are always finding it full of debris, the Tetra Pond Debris-Handling Pump has large ¼-inch holes in the pre-filter cage, which allows the pump to filter large debris without any blockages. The heavy-duty pump will have no trouble providing just the right water flow and aeration for a 3,000-gallon pond.

Together with the durable and anti-corrosive ceramic shaft, the motor is protected from water by special epoxy encapsulation, which guarantees you a long-lasting performance. To get the best circulation and filtering results out of the pump, Tetrapoda provides a few operating tips.

The more circulation the pump can provide the better the pond conditions will be, which is especially important for waterfalls and streams. For extra peace of mind, the pump is UL Listed and is covered by a three-year limited warranty.

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If you have a KOI pond, the oil-free motor makes this pump a great choice as it is plant and fish-friendly. The end result is a vibrant pond and a spectacular waterfall at a lower operating cost.

Extra features also include an overload switch to protect the pump from overheating, an extra-long 30-ft. power cord, which gives you more flexibility to place the pump where it will work the best, and there is a removable inlet filter screen. Please be aware that the speed controller does NOT work with the 10,000 Mph pond pumps.

Its compact size means you can easily disguise the pump amongst a rocky waterfall or foliage and it will not detract from the overall look of your aquarium. If there is a lot of debris in the pond, the percolator protects the rotors from being blocked by rubbish and ensures smooth working performance.

Check the price on Amazon You can use this little beauty for a wide range of indoor and outdoor water features. The Medium will provide just the right amount of aeration and water flow to keep your fish happy in your aquarium.

Although more expensive models often have better features, you can save money by carefully selecting a pump that meets your individual needs. If your pond pump decides breaks down or even overheat, it’s a huge pain and can cause all sorts of issues for your fish.

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As well as this, a pump that provides a lengthy and reliable manufacturer’s warranty is always welcome for a hassle-free future. Choosing the correct size pond pump will save you money and a lot of trouble further down the line.

It’s not just the initial purchase cost you’ll need to pay, but also the monthly electricity bills. Some models of pond pumps are much more energy efficient than others, so we’ve worked out the costs for you in our reviews to make things easier on your brain and wallet.

These types of pond pumps are popular because they’re easy to hide, less noisy, and require much less installation work. With that said, a high quality submersible pond pump will rarely break down, and cleaning should be a small downside as top models will have methods to deter debris build-up.

However, most submersible pond pumps are generally less energy efficient than an external pond pump of the same size, so you need to be careful to select one with a good energy efficiency rating. With that said, external pond pumps are not as beginner-friendly and require more planning for the plumbing framework.

On the other hand, they’re also easier to clean and maintain as they’re above ground and easy to access. Depending on the pond pump you choose, it may be easier purchasing a separate pond pump just to run your extra water features so you can achieve the required water height.

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So, if you want your water fountain to raise water 6.5 feet (2 meters) above the surface, you’ll need a pond pump with a head height of at least 6.5 feet, or 2 meters. Maximum head height for pond pumps will be listed in their specifications, and even though you can run both water features alongside filters, we recommend you instead create a separate circuit with an additional pump designed for fountains/waterfalls.

We’ve included some great waterfall/fountain pond pumps in our reviews below, so selecting one should be easy. A final important factor to consider when purchasing a pond pump is its monthly running costs and overall efficiency.

Due to the different brands available between the US and UK markets, we’ve researched and divided our categories to provide both American and UK pond owners a review on the best underwater pond pumps available. We have listed below our best rated pond pump picks available to both the US and UK market.

One of the best submersible pump options, providing powerful flow rates, good water lift heights, and great energy efficiency in a compact package. The Aquicore range provide unbeatable efficiency for KOI ponds up to 6,000 US gallons thanks to their asynchronous motor technology.

Unlike many other submersible models which operate through older magnetic-drive or direct-drive motors, Aqua force’s asynchronous motor allows the pump to work at high flow rates and head heights with little increase in overall running costs. The maximum water lift heights range from 10 foot (1000 Model) up to 25 foot (5200 Model), so would be suitable for deep pond placement and both smaller and larger water displays.

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Although it won’t stop the smallest of debris, it’s one of the better anti-clogging designs which makes cleaning easier and keeps the pump running longer than cheaper models. Included is a great internal cooling system which keeps the internal system fairly cool during peak operation, and there is little noise even if the pump is installed on a shallow shelf.

Being submersible in design, these pumps will need to be placed underwater to operate and cannot work externally, and we’d recommend a minimum depth of 2 foot for the least noise production. The pumps also come with a very generous 25 ft power cable, which provides extra flexible installation in more remote water gardens or large KOI ponds.

A reliable and energy efficient fully submersible pond pump from Tetrapoda, featuring a great anti-clog mesh design for easier maintenance. This model promotes an impeller design which resists blockage, being able to pass 1/4 debris without becoming clogged.

If you’re considering adding a water feature, such as a fountain or waterfall, you would need to take into account the max head height for the models. If used to power both a filter and a water feature, the maximum head height will be greatly reduced.

It can still function very well, but you may lose some water height depending on your feature size. In terms of maintenance, the pump was extremely easy to install and required very little cleaning.

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Overall, a reliable submersible pond pump with strong flow rate and good energy efficiency. The pump would be a good choice for ponds which have trouble with free-swimming debris in particular, as the anti-clog system means much less maintenance.

An extreme energy efficient submersible pond pump series with great flow rates and lift heights! Laguna Max-Flo series is one of the most energy efficient submersible pond pumps we’ve reviewed, and would be perfect for pond owners looking to save money each month without skimping on power.

Each model in the series is just as energy efficient as the last, but they all still provide great flow rates and water lift heights, too. These pumps have been designed for both water features and dedicated filter systems, and would be a great choice for either.

The 2000 model has a fairly good maximum lift height of 6ft, and a max flow rate of 4000 Mph. The main selling point of these pumps is their fantastic energy efficiency and low running costs.

It tracks power consumption, hydraulics, and impeller direction to ensure the best efficiency possible. It has a generous 16 ft power cable length, and accepts a wide range of hosing sizes for convenience.

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The pump can circulate water containing smaller debris without problems, and do not become clogged easily due to their great mesh cage design. This didn’t pose any immediate problem, but a more heavy-duty cage would provide more long-term insurance against wear and tear.

Overall, a great submersible pump choice for pond owners looking to save money each month! The Laguna Max-Flo series have decent flow rates and lift heights, and would be a perfect addition for a filter or water feature.

Totaled is a well known brand within the pond industry, and if you’re looking for an easy-to-use pump for a small or large (5 ft-18 ft max height) waterfall or fountain feature, the Totaled Waterfall Pumps are a great choice. This submersible pond pump series comes in 3 different models, designed for small, medium, and large waterfall features.

The smallest is rated at 1200 Mph, and is perfect for waterfalls with a 5 ft max height, whereas the largest is rated at 5100 Mph and is ideal for larger features, reaching up to 18 ft in height. This series of pumps includes a strong mesh grid to prevent debris buildup, but we found the pump can easily become clogged if there is heavy debris present in your water.

The pump is also quite energy efficient, running at a fairly low wattage, and is very quiet in operation. Overall, a simple and effective pond pump which would work best to power a dedicated water feature, such as waterfall or fountain.

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Assuming a kWh charge of $0.10, it would cost you $7.63 to run this waterfall pump constantly each month. They have a large range of pond pumps, but our favorite model is the Aquatic series.

The Aquatic series are reliable, powerful, and also extremely cost-efficient, being designed for maximum monthly savings. The wattage ratings of this series of pumps are actually some of the best we’ve seen for a submersible model, so would be ideal for owners looking to save money long term.

This particular series features two operating modes, allowing some flexibility in terms of circuit design. It can be placed directly into the pond, pumping water through its mesh grid as a regular submersible pump, or the second inlet can be attached directly to another water source, such as a pond skimmer.

The inlets and outlets can also be adjusted to any angle, which is very convenient, especially if used as a water feature pump. A downside is there is no built-in pressure valve to adjust flow rate, as the pumps may be too powerful for smaller ponds.

It also includes a convenient handle for easy placement inside your pond, which is a nice bonus. As mentioned before, this pump series is extremely energy efficient in comparison with their powerful flow rate.

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This would be an ideal pump choice for pond owners to looking to make major savings. Type: Submersible Pump Maximum Flow Rate: 3000, 4500, 6000, 8000, 10000, 12000, 14000, 16000 Mph.

The Pond Max fully submersible pond pump by Pointed is an affordable pump for pond owners who want a reliable unit with fairly low monthly costs. The Pond Max pump series is extremely flexible, and has models that would suit both the smallest and largest of ponds.

The pumps have a decent head height, too, so would be perfect for a small pond owner who may also want a fountain or waterfall alongside their filter system. The pumps feature a mesh grid guard system that protects against buildup and free-swimming debris of up to 4 mm, but can still become clogged if not regularly cleaned.

Ponder also provides a lengthy 3-year warranty in case of problems, which is a testament to the pump ’s reliability. We would recommend this series for smaller ponds in particular, as the options are very flexible in terms of flow rate.

The stronger pumps, while still solid choices, are not quite as energy efficient as the Pond Solutions models, so we would only recommend this series to small pond owners looking for a sub <3000 Mph pump. Type: Submersible Pump Maximum Flow Rate: 1500, 2500, 5000, 8000, 11000, 14000, 17000 Mph.

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Blag don’s Mini pond pumps are an energy efficiency series designed for water features, which include a range of useful attachments. This low wattage will provide you great monthly savings in comparison with a more powerful pump designed for filter systems.

The pumps provide decent water lift heights, and can support a fountain up to 2 meters maximum. Included with the pump is everything you need to get started setting up a water fountain.

You also get a flow control valve to adjust your fountain height, and extension fittings and adapters. Since these are small pumps and can clog easily, Blag don has also included an optional pre-filter foam to prevent fountain blockage.

This is a nice addition to help maintain strong fountain height and daisy jet blockage. The pumps come with a 10 m power cable as standard, and a lengthy 3-year warranty in case if problems.

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