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For the sake of efficiency, we executed both comparison tests at the same time, which meant corralling all seven of these modern day pony cars for hundreds of miles and several days on the road. We also pitted the V-8s and the V-6s against each other in separate quarter mile drag races (Click on the videos on each page to see who took home the titles).

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NBS Ron King Edward Low Frank Markus Nate Martinez 1 Mustang GT Mustang GT 2 Genesis 3.8 Challenger SRT8 Genesis 3.8 Genesis 3.8 3 Mustang V-6 Genesis 3.8 Challenger SRT8 Camaro SS 4 Challenger SRT8 Mustang V-6 Mustang V-6 Challenger SRT8 5 Camaro RS Camaro SS Musing V-6 6 Challenger SE Camaro RS Camaro RS 7 Camaro SS Challenger SE Challenger SE NBS Scott Mortar Kim Reynolds Arthur St. Antoine Overall: 1 Mustang GT Mustang GT 2 Challenger SRT8 Genesis 3.8 Genesis 3.8 Genesis 3.8 3 Genesis 3.8 Mustang V-6 Mustang V-6 Challenger SRT8 4 Camaro SS Challenger SRT8 Mustang V-6 5 Mustang V6 Challenger SRT8 Camaro SS 6 Camaro RS Camaro RS 7 Challenger SE Challenger SE That the new Mustang 5.0 stands alone atop the leader board is no surprise -- not only was it the runaway winner of the V-8 class, it was the only consensus pick amongst all seven.

No less impressive is how high up the Hyundai Genesis 3.8 finished; it managed to beat the Challenger SRT8 on five of the seven judges scorecards, and soundly trounce everyone else for a solid second place. Rounding out the podium is the loud and lovable Challenger SRT8, which was the judges pick for second place in the V-8 comparison.

Then, if you're still not convinced, check out a few more of the notes from our drivers' log books left on the cutting room floor: “The SRT8's may be my favorite engine note of the bunch, if not in all of musclecardom.

“I enjoyed the SS's engine and suspension balance, but it's no match against the GT. Shoots out of corners like a rocket and gets to illegal speeds aggressively.

Interior looks cheap, and it has by far one of the worst steering wheels and shift knobs I have ever held; both feel terrible in your hands.” “The new 5.0-liter is a luscious V-8, with lovely sound, great power throughout, and torque down low.

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Steering is light but linear and provides plenty of communication -- weights up nicely with speed. If you’ve ever turned out a quiet older gelding with a field of young horses, you know what a calming effect he can have on the rambunctious youngsters.

“For a trainer, hiring a pony horse to take a racehorse to the track is like purchasing an insurance policy,” says Amy Arena. Arena, who now lives in Seattle, Washington, ponied horses for years at Southern California racetracks, her charges including champion and Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies' winner Half bridled, Breeders’ Cup Classic winner Pleasantly Perfect, and Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf winner Oscar Performance.

She adopted former racehorse Quiet Thunder, renamed him Marcel, and turned him into one of the calmest ponies on the track. Today, after a few years of accompanying racehorses under Western tack, Marcel is learning another new job as a show hunter.

“Racehorses are inclined to travel too quickly,” says Arena, “and pony horses help them maintain the same pace during a warm up.” American trainers hire someone like Arena to accompany each racehorse on the track before a race.

The pony rider holds onto a strap passed through the racehorse’s bit so the horse cannot run off. Others hire people like Arena to come by the barn at specific times to take horses to the track.

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Either way, Arena started her ponies’ day by feeding them breakfast at 4:00 a.m., about 45 minutes before the track opened for training. Arena would tack up her afternoon pony well before the first race, which can start anywhere from noon to 2 p.m., depending on the track and the time of year.

At last year’s Breeders’ Cup, the Marine Corps marching band, complete with giant flags, walked directly in front of Arena and Marcel. “A great pony horse will learn to push the racehorse back and establish a certain dominance without being physically aggressive,” says Arena.

As with any athletic horse, Arena monitors Marcel’s health vigilantly, especially his legs, to catch any problems early. Republished with permission of Off-Track Thoroughbred Magazine, the official publication of Retired Racehorse Project, which celebrates these extraordinary athletes and their capabilities as pleasure and sport horses.

Our equine and related databases are maintained and updated daily, so you may have the most up-to-date information. Pony cars were smaller than intermediate models such as the Chevelle, GTO or Road Runner.

Due to the smaller price, vivid performance and unmistakable street presence, pony cars become famous as well as a crucial part of the muscle car culture. Basically, they were born as a clever marketing trick to attract buyers with nothing but a fancy body style.

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Interestingly, the Mustang wasn’t the first pony car they ever made, despite the fact they named the whole segment after it. Today you will learn about the first and best classic pony cars Detroit ever made.

Since the automotive world was anticipating the Mustang due to reports coming from Ford, Chrysler decided to introduce a car in the same segment. And they gave the 1964 Barracuda a big panoramic rear glass window.

Add a bit of your imagination and create a new world with your favorite pony characters. Here you can play with Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Flutter shy, Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie Pie, the main My Little Pony heroes, but also with many known and unknown pony stars.

Explore the world of magical ponies, dress them up, solve quizzes, give your ponies a bath, keep them clean, run and have fun playing the biggest collection of pony games in the world. We suggest you immerse yourself in the fascinating and mega-cool pony games.

Let us not forget the Equestrian girls, which have a special place on our site. Whichever game you decide to play you will not make a mistake.

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Just as we said, it really does not matter which pony game you will play. Today, you need to really try to prepare a pony for the new adventure.

Our My Little Ponies are worried, and they wonder will they accomplish the mission ahead. Help your pony friends get ready for many occasions, like proms, New Year, fashion weeks and many more, simply by choosing the best outfit in the closet and dressing them up as you wish.

Sometimes they will need to race against other opponents or fight enemies and sometimes they will need to collect apples and just have fun. This, in fact, having fun, is the most important thing for all of us, because the MLP games are the most loved and entertaining games in the world.

Under your command is a group of ponies who want to learn to dance well and become stars. You must do the performances in the dance, show each of them their places and tasks.

Guide your ponies through various so don't waste your time and help the cute ponies that are waiting for you. The result should be a magnificent performance and you all can enjoy the dance.

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This page has been rated from our 11079 visitors with 4.80 stars out of 5. Pony games are an opportunity to see yourself in the world of virtual ponies and to test your skills in many fields.

In these interesting and colorful games, you have to perform very important tasks, like dressing up ponies for the upcoming holiday, taking part in an important pony race, finding Spike in a tricky maze and so on. Choose a hairstyle, make-up, clothes and do not forget to show your imagination.

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You can also give your ponies individuality and a complete look. Just follow the instructions in each game separately and take over the control.

Feel like home when you play our pony game because horse-games.org is a place that offers you so many friendly adventures.

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