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Carole Stephens
• Monday, 16 November, 2020
• 7 min read

All Ponytail app gives you access to all of Montville Lives' radio stations, playing some of the best barony & My Little Pony Friendship is Magic music, and pumped straight to your ears! Montville Live have had no hoof in the making of this app (apart from giving the OK), and therefore, please DO NOT contact them about any issues arising from use.

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Capra.tech DOES NOT run Montville Live, and therefore, we have NO control over what music is played, neither what stations are available. Recommended a good Wi-Fi connection, otherwise you MAY experience issues with running the app.

Show Ponytail : Behind Every Buckle There's a Story dives into the best, worst, and most entertaining stories behind the most successful horseman in the business. Show Ponytail : Behind Every Buckle There's a Story dives into the best, worst, and most entertaining stories behind the most successful horseman in the business.

Shane Dowdy The much anticipated interview with none other than multiple Aqua and Congress Champion western pleasure trainer Shane Dowdy is finally here! The Show Pony girls ask tough questions and Shane keeps it candid and real.

Mark Shaffer: An International Perspective Show Pony goes international and appoints our new honorary European Consultant Mark Shaffer to weigh in on CV-19. Mark moved to Milan, Italy by way of Pilot Point, TX and has been right in the middle of the global crisis.

Andrea Japan, NRA Trainer, Jim Es sick, Pacific Range The last two shows, Morning Melodies experienced some technical difficulties, but we finally found the culprit, and should be back on air next week.

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Many people think boomboxes are relics of the past, but that’s simply not true. Whether you’re in an area without phone signal or you just want to play music louder than most speakers allow, a boombox is a great choice.

When most people picture a boombox, they imagine a huge, boxy product with a cassette deck. While some still include these, more modern boomboxes come with CD players, auxiliary inputs to connect iPods or amplifiers, and sometimes even USB ports.

People enjoy the simplicity of them, and when coupled with the sheer output some models have, they can really help liven up a party. However, most Bluetooth speakers lack the raw power and distinctive sound profile that boomboxes have.

You can choose to program in specific stations if you’d like, which allows you to reach them with the press of a button. There’s also an auxiliary jack so you can connect your phone or whichever device you like.

How about a programmable AM/FM radio that makes it easy to find your favorite station in no time at all? This boombox provides a good balance between versatility and raw, floor-shaking bass.

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It’s loud enough for parties, but likely won’t be enough for larger, outdoor gatherings. We liked that this model forgoes the flashy appearance in order to focus on providing the highest quality audio possible.

We found that the radio tuner dial was a little sensitive, which made it hard to lock onto a particular station. If your budget has a bit more wiggle room, you might be interested in a boombox with a little extra oomph.

Combined with a retro design, this model appeals to people who were around when boomboxes were first popular. There’s also an auxiliary jack so you can connect your more modern devices and use this system as a speaker.

The CFDS70BLK is capable of playing homemade CDs, making it ideal for music enthusiasts who haven’t gotten round to digitizing their collections yet. In many ways, this product emulates all the things that made boomboxes popular initially, but without many of their flaws.

There’s even a selection of EQ presets to choose from in case the default sound profile isn’t to your liking. This product has a very rugged design, making it resistant to the inevitable bumps and shocks it’ll experience.

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It costs just under $100 and features a bold design with color-changing LED lights and metal mesh panels. Well, there’s Bluetooth, a USB port, headphones, 2 1/4” and auxiliary jacks, and an FM radio.

Remote control operation makes changing tracks in a busy setting particularly simple. The only issue with this product is that the FM radio reception isn’t great.

To prevent this, we’ve identified some of the best premium boomboxes and listed them below. This is a big speaker for people who won’t accept tinny, quiet music.

It boasts a 6.5”, dual-coil subwoofer, two 3” speakers, and two 1” tweeters for the best, most balanced sound profile around. There’s no radio or CD player included, but this is a small price to pay.

You can also choose to add extra speakers if you’d like, for truly memorable experiences. These speakers support NFC connections and comes with a rechargeable battery offering up to nine hours of music.

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There’s also a one-year warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee so you can get a full refund if it doesn’t live up to your expectations. This product is a boombox that has it all: programmable radio, CD player, Bluetooth, NFC, and auxiliary jack.

This boombox uses dual 2W speakers to provide thumping bass without isolating or muddying the treble at all. Better still, you can expect up to 26 hours of battery life, although playing from a CD or over Bluetooth will reduce this to some degree.

In all honesty, the only thing this boombox is missing is a remote control. We’ll close this category off with the Panasonic RX-D55GC-K. For a little more than $100, you could have a boombox with a radio, CD, player, tape deck, USB port, and remote control operation.

Many boomboxes focus primarily on bass, and while this model does accentuate the lower frequencies, the mid-range and treble come through crisp and clear. In this section, we decided upon a boombox that will be suitable for most users while providing a high level of audio quality.

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