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Pre-Owned and Closeout Dive gear, Regulators (pre-owned) The Hollis DC1 first stage is an environmentally sealed regulator with 4 low pressure ports and 2 high pressure ports. The Hollis 212 second stage comes in a lightweight design to reduce jaw fatigue and provide reliable breath-ability.

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Pre-Owned and Closeout Dive gear, Regulators (pre-owned) n order to achieve extremely high performance in low temperature environments, the second stage in particular was designed with the special Thermoconductive Thermoplastic Neo polymer that has the capacity to transfer heat like a metal while preserving the design flexibility, chemical resistance, and physical and mechanical properties of a conventional thermoplastic. Perfect for the traveling diver, those that experience jaw fatigue, or as reg for a pony bottle.

Pre-Owned and Closeout Dive gear, Regulators (pre-owned) For decades the Con shelf series of regulators was the gold standard in diving. Praised for their ease of service and use, reliability, and durability.

The Con shelf 21 is easy to service and parts are readily available. Much praise the Con shelf for its reliability, durability, and ease of function.

Imagine you are in the middle of a dive 30 m below and being so engrossed in the surroundings, you have neglected to frequently check your air. Your buddy is nearby with his back turned to you busy lining up his camera at an anemone, too engrossed and not near enough for you to signal that you are out-of-air.

You know you don’t have enough air to surface, and performing an emergency ascent at this depth would be highly risky. Pony bottles are also invaluable redundancy air tools when performing deep dives.

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This way it doesn’t add any drag, and it gives you great access to the valve and regulator, and allows you to hand it over to your buddy should he be out of air. The H2Odyssey Extra Air Source Station Kit Package comes with a 6 cu.ft Tank, Balanced 1st Stage, with Station Kit, Pressure Gauge and EAS Bag which allows divers to attach the pony easily onto their BCD’s.

A high-quality regulator is the most important piece of gear you can buy as a SCUBA diver because it allows you to breathe underwater. We’ll walk you through the best SCUBA Regulators on the market, and all the top features and considerations to keep in mind when comparing models.

The Aqua Lung Calypso is an entry-level regulator, so it’s perfect for newly certified divers, and it won’t break the bank! This model is a favorite for rental equipment thanks to its robust construction and easy to service design.

Features Rated for cold water (below 50° F) Receive Switch (reduces flow to conserve air on the surface) Wireless Air Integration (an extra port for Bluetooth transmitters) Travel Weight (2.5 lbs or less) This regulator features plenty of extra ports, so it’s easy to use with a dry suit or wireless dive computer.

Features Turreted First Stage (more versatile than a traditional valve) Adjustable Exhaust System Wireless Air Integration (an extra port for Bluetooth transmitters) Can be Configured for Si demount or Double Tanks The Apes XTX50 is a mid-range regulator built strong enough to use below the recreational diving limit (130 feet) and in full overhead environments like caves and shipwrecks.

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This model is rated for cold climates, and comes standard with a turreted first stage and plenty of ports, so it’s easy to incorporate into a side mount or doubles (two back mounted tanks) setup. But, its near-perfect performance and incredibly solid design make it a top pick for advanced divers and those who are hard on their gear.

Features Rated for Cold Water (below 50° F) Wireless Air Integration (an extra port for Bluetooth transmitters) Can be Configured for Si demount or Doubles Lightweight Braided Hoses Included This model also comes standard with super light, flexible hoses, and a soft mouthpiece, to help fight jaw fatigue.

Its large knobs and controls for customizing airflow are easy to grip, even while wearing thick gloves. Plus, its turreted first stage makes incorporating a dry suit or wireless computer simple.

Features Swiveling Joints (to keep your head comfortable on long dives) Turreted First Stage (more versatile than a traditional valve) Wireless Air Integration (an extra port for Bluetooth transmitters) Requires Less Frequent Servicing This model has plenty of ports, so routing your hoses will be a breeze, no matter what the rest of your SCUBA setup looks like.

Features Rated for Cold Water (below 50° F) Turreted First Stage (more versatile than a traditional valve) Wireless Air Integration (an extra port for Bluetooth transmitters) Can be Configured for Si demount or Double Tanks This model is “easy breathing” even at extreme depths, rated for freezing conditions, and can be configured for side mount and doubles (two back mounted tanks).

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Features Rated for Cold Water (below 50° F) Turreted First Stage (more versatile than a traditional valve) Swiveling Joints (to keep your head comfortable on long dives) Travel Weight (2.5 lbs or less) Includes a Padded Travel Case Requires Less Frequent Servicing This model comes standard with high-end features like a turreted first stage and swiveling joints for easy hose routing and comfort.

It’s rated for extreme dive environments like freezing water, caves and caverns, and shipwrecks. The T3 only requires service every 3 years or 300 dives, so you won’t waste time and money on maintenance.

If your diving aspirations include taking the plunge into temperatures below 75º F, choose a regulator that is rated for cold climates. While a standard regulator will work just as well in temperatures as low as 50º F, it’s a good idea to take the extra precaution.

Plus, regulators designed for cold water tend to be robust, hard wearing, and sealed against exterior contaminants. Avoid flimsy plastic parts, tiny knobs, and any material that feels overly flexible or fragile.

If you are hoping to cut down on your gear bag ‘s weight, keep an eye out for regulators made from lightweight materials like titanium and carbon fiber. You can also reduce your regulator ’s overall weight by using woven hoses instead of rubber, and a smaller pressure gauge.

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If cost is a major factor for you, start by selecting a few similarly priced models within your budget. A DIN valve is best for technical diving, cold water immersions, and exploring overhead environments like wrecks and caves.

Because this valve type screws directly onto your scuba tank, it forms a secure seal. This means you’ll need to take more care during setup and breakdown, and thoroughly wash and dry the valve after every use.

This valve type is also popular because it’s so easy to set up and break down, and far less fragile than its DIN counterparts. For warm water and recreational divers, the primary difference between a balanced and unbalanced regulator is how it “breathes.” This term refers to a change in airflow when you are low on air.

This change in breathing can be a helpful reminder to check your pressure gauge before you run out of air. In both types, gas from your tank enters the regulator ’s first stage, where it forces either a piston or a diaphragm open and closed as you breathe.

Piston first stages offer a higher flow rate of air, so they are considered “easier breathing” than their diaphragm counterparts. Piston regulators are also easier to service because they have a basic internal design with few moving pieces.

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Diaphragm regulators are also often environmentally sealed in an airtight, insulated exterior, making them less likely to freeze over. Your regulator ’s first stage can never have too many ports (attachment points for high and low pressure hoses).

Most cold water regulators use a balanced diaphragm first stage, and an environmental seal (air- and water-tight insulating exterior). Some models also include self-heating elements in the second stage to keep your mouth comfortable while diving in cool climates.

Adjustable airflow allows you to increase and decrease the amount of air delivered per breath by turning an external knob. Fewer bubbles close to your camera mean a decrease in backscatter and turbidity, which can improve the clarity of your shots.

Some divers find this setup more comfortable and versatile than a traditional horizontal valve because it allows for easy and ergonomic routing of your hoses. This extra flexibility prevents jaw fatigue because it reduces tension in your regulator ’s hose and keeps it from tugging against your mouth.

Swiveling joints also allow for a greater range of motion underwater and prevent strain in your head and neck. If you want to add an air integrated dive computer to your SCUBA setup, you’ll need a regulator with 2 high-pressure ports.

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If you’re using a wireless computer, your “reg” should also include a standard depth gauge in case of equipment error or failure.

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