Best Pony Saddle Pads

Christina Perez
• Monday, 30 November, 2020
• 8 min read

For most horses and riders, they make all the difference and completely transform the riding experience. This might sound a bit obvious, but the primary reason why we are getting a horse saddle pad is to reduce or eliminate shock and impact.

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The quality of the pad material increases or reduces the amount of comfort a rider experiences while riding. Cotton, polyester, and wool are bound to be more breathable and manageable than popular types of synthetics.

It is an all-natural virgin wool felt pad with great shapes and contours that increase mobility and comfort. It is soft, incredibly durable, and it makes riding easier on the horse and rider.

Since it’s completely made of genuine wool, it produces three times more compression than most synthetics, and it definitely delivers a more memorable experience. The weaver leather is a heavy-duty rugged contoured saddle pad of superior quality.

And from the 1-inch wool liner at the bottom of the saddle pad, you know it won’t be slipping off any time soon. It has a unique contoured design that lines up with the natural curvature of a horse’s back.

Unlike most saddle pads on the market, the Herculean saddle pad is relatively easy to clean. It was made with rider and horses in mind, so it comes with contours that deliver maximum comfort at all times.

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In addition to the comfort and stability that the standard western style horse saddle pad provides, it is also shock absorbent. It is great for horses with underdeveloped shoulder muscles because of how well it helps distribute the load and lessen the impact of your weight.

Unlike the all-purpose ECP, we talked about earlier on in the guide; it was designed primarily for correctional and training purposes mostly. Instead of being static or immovable, the foam pads are completely adjustable and can benefit the horse during training.

The ECP support pad can regulate temperature during long rides and also improve comfort for rider and horse. The gel foam has increased shock absorption properties and makes rides very comfortable for both rider and horse.

The memory foam has perfect contours that line up with most horses, and it comes with a durable saddle spine. It has elegant contours that easily line up with any grown horse’s back.

The Diamond wool contour felt pad is extremely shock absorbent and moisture-absorbent too. Since it has gel padding, it is extremely shock-absorbent and provides impact protection during stressful events.

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Like most therapeutic gels pads on the market, it helps correct some serious flexibility, posture, and habit issues commonly found in horses. It is made from breathable synthetic fibers and suede for maximum comfort and mobility.

Although its comfort features are not as pronounced as other popular saddle pads for horses, it’s impressive nonetheless. This product also comes with a classic buckle that helps keep the entire saddle in place even when the non-slip fabric fails.

This pad comes in numerous colors, and it comes with an adjustable girth, so it fits small and large horses easily. Best friend comfort plus comes with great impact protection and provides a much smoother riding experience.

This product is reinforced by leather on all sides, and it has great cushioning in addition to the stability it already provides. It has a great wool blend felt liner that helps keep the entire saddle pad in place while riding, and it provides significant impact protection.

This saddle pad is made from a unique material that is extremely moisture absorbent and has moisture-wicking features. It provides great comfort for both rider and horse, and it has a mini quilted aesthetic design.

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This saddle pad comes with nylon billet straps and numerous color options. With this kind of versatility and options, it can be challenging figuring out which product is the bestsaddlepads for horses.

Although we have numerous great products, for this guide, we have singled out the most mobile, shock-absorbent pad available on the market. While most of the products on this list are by no means bad, they are not quite as good as the Lampshell Full Shock Absorbing Memory Pad.

This is our most popularHeavy Weight Quilt pad for both show & work. This is our original Heavy Quilt (called the BASIC pad in our old black & white brochure) and offers substantial padding like our Heavy Box Quilt shown above.

It’s still a popular pick for a show or work pad, and can be customized with your barn colors or other & trim options. Our Liberty Pads are designed in patriotic red, white and blue color combinations, and are made from our Heavyweight 1" Box Quilts.

Our LITE PADS are a good choice for warm climates. It’s quilted w / a single layer of batting, and withstands the rigors of training and repeat laundering.

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It’s a good base pad to add custom colors to. Many barns and pony clubs have ordered this item for their team competitions.

Soft and durable, it's made of pure cotton, & washes beautifully. It conforms to the shape of the horse’s back & stays in place under the saddle.

Concentric lines of stitching that follow the outline shape of the pad hold the layers together. QUILTED Pad Colors:WHITE, BLACK, CREAM, NAVY BLUE, ROYAL BLUE, LIGHT BLUE, LIGHT BLUE GREY, LIGHT GREY, CHARCOAL GREY, HEATHER GREEN, HUNTER GREEN, DARK OLIVE GREEN, DARK BROWN, BURNT ORANGE, BRIGHT YELLOW, KHAKI, CAMEL, TAN, PURPLE, DEEP PURPLE, PLUM IMPORTANT NOTE: Some colors listed above are stocked in limited yardage, and are available on first come, first served basis.

Purchased a saddle pad, girth & NUMA & was pleased with the quality of the products plus a speedy service. Great communication and helpful information from Zoe when I needed it on the pad, NUMA and girth we purchased.

I’ve recommended items to a few other people who have also been pleased with their purchase. Michelle Owen-Morgan | June 9th, 2019 | Wales. The stirrup leathers that we also bought are great quality. Vicky Singleton-Legg | June 9th, 2019 | Alderwood, Dorset.

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The quality of the saddle, NUMA, girth and cover are fantastic and wonderful value for money. Nikkie Morgan | June 10th, 2019 | Lyme, Harrington, Cheshire. Fantastic saddle pads never slip or slide about highly recommended. Jodie Shepherd | June 10th, 2019 | Stafford.

We love our Zoe Shape pad and would highly recommend using one for any riding discipline. Highly recommend Zoe Shape her showing pads and leather work are second to none, wouldn't buy anywhere else.

You can rest assured everything bought is of the highest standard and nothing less. Jamie Smith | June 10th, 2019 | West Wales. The pad is fantastic, has helped my 4-year-old daughter gain in confidence with its outstanding fit, and the service provided was second to none.

We have recently purchased a saddle pad, girth, stirrup leathers and NUMA for our 8 hand Miniature Shetland. If you have a flat backed pony or are struggling with a cub saddle moving constantly then I would highly recommend.

My 3-year-old niece says “its VERY comfy” Jade Lane Collin | May 28th, 2018 | Kirk Breton, Derbyshire Our new saddle is beautiful, it fits our 32 inch Hettie perfectly and doesn't slip at all, my toddler is very comfortable in it and it sits her in a much better position.

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We also had a girth made which is the same high quality, super soft leather and well-made. Caroline Seignot-Griffiths | June 15th, 2019 | Hampshire. Nothing stays put on our Shetlands quite like the Zoe Shape pad.

Excellent personalized service and a great product at a really reasonable price. I have purchased a Zoe Shape pad, complete with girth and NUMA for our 42” Gelding, it is absolutely fantastic, used for showing and everyday riding, never slips.

Zoe also saved the day by sending out a new NUMA at very short notice for us to use at Blair Atoll at NPS championship Aileen Allan | June 15th, 2019 | Kilmarnock Iowa is at hole three in the stirrup leathers which seems like not very much room to play with, but on the other hand by time she needs them longer she might be too heavy for the pony anyway....

We bought a complete set of tack for my little brother’s Shetland pony and Zoe Shape sent it to us in Calgary, Alberta, Canada! Perfect for those hard to fit ponies! Chloe Lupus Team | November 2019 | Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Super service excellent quality pad and very quick delivery 5* from me. Rhian Smith | November 2019 | Pembrokeshire, Wales. I recently ordered a teeny 11-inch black custom-made saddle pad with the faux fleece NUMA and girth to match.

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Zoe listened to exactly what I wanted and produced the cutest little saddle for my miniature horse that fits him perfectly. Thank you once again Zoe Shape @ shetlandshowingtack.com for superfast delivery of our 2nd saddle pad (Inc. NUMA & Cover) this time for my 2 yr old son's Shetland pony.

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