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Nightcap is a freelance writer and enjoys writing about a wide variety of subjects. And there are tons of tiny snippet songs in other episodes, and a lot of seasons to choose from.

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The photos are screenshots of MLP episodes and used for illustrative purposes only, for the love of Lauren Faust, please don’t sue me. She isn’t making lists or singing freak out arias for once as Rainbow Dash would put it, and it’s pretty awesome to see her happy.

The bouncy tune also leads into an episode about mixed up cutie marks thanks to Twilight Sparkle trying out a spell, which teaches a powerful lesson about how we must follow our hearts, and that even a cutie mark, magic gone awry, or other people’s expectations shouldn’t affect us. We may never know, but as the bouncy intro song points out, when everything is going to plan, morning in Montville shimmers.

She wasn’t thinking of the ornery Angel at the time and her hushed and gentle lullaby is transformed into a rocking number with a gospel backbeat. The girls aren’t being bad, per se, simply youthful, and that leads to all sorts of problems for Flutter shy as the song should have warned her.

With the upcoming wedding in the Crystal Empire of her old sitter, Twilight is looking forward to a happy reunion. But as this song shows, the true Princess has been replaced by the evil changeling, Queen Chrysalis bent on sucking the love right out of the Crystal Empire for her own people.

Fans of the show know that Pinkie Pie grew up on a rock farm, and while no pony is ever exactly shown as poor in the series (background characters I missed excluded) she didn’t have the soft life of some ponies. Poor Flutter shy wants to see a peaceful solution to the invasion of fruit bats in Applejack’s apple orchard.

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But although vegetarians, the other ponies insist the bats have to go, ignoring her please to find a solution where everyone wins. I don’t see the other ponies as bad here, it can be a tough choice when your livelihood is at stake and a peaceful solution can seem to take more time.

I love it since we’ve all had to deal with bullies and everyone who has ever been a victim of the negative attention asks the same questions the gals do. I love this song as the girls are super confident they will carry the flag in the Equestrian Games.

Another great song where the fillies pull together and march on, determined to have hearts as big as horses. The Film Flag brothers roll into the Apple family orchard on the first day of cider season, and they are up to no good as usual.

And as usual the bothers smooth talk their way into a contest that may cost the family the farm, but first they sing an upbeat song, assuring everyone they have the best cider making machine in town. , released by Curb Records in 2005, is included here), which means the hits “Pour Me,” “On a Night Like This,” “Just What I Do,” and the infectious “A Boy Like You” are heavily featured.

For all the great characterization and superior Flash animation by AHX Media, fans of the show particularly love the music. Both work in lots of references to pop culture music cues and are considered by fans to be key to the show’s success.

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The real highlight of the song comes from video animation and seeing Flutter shy’s gradual intensity (vocalizing for Big Mac who is lip-synching thus the reference to Mill Vanilla) with each performance, despite her near crippling stage fright. An absolute blast of a song for a debut brother tandem that recently returned in last Saturday’s episode to be a thorn in the Apple Family’s side.

They were also probably the first real second tier villains, wanting to take over & shut down the Apple Acres farm for their own Cider making business. The duo has a very late 19th century/early 20th century vibe and that immediately shines through in their song as well, it being essentially a vaudeville sales pitch.

The lyrics are mainly the standout right from the get go: Well, rookie what we got here, brother of mine, it’s the same in every town / Ponies with thirsty throats, dry tongues, and not a drop of cider to be found / Maybe they’re not aware that there’s really no need for this teary despair. This song is one of the earliest knockouts and a great example at implementing characterization within the lyrics as each of the Mane 6 ponies have grand ideas of what they’re expecting for the night at the Gala event.

The goals range from befriending animals to raising money for Apple Acres to meeting Prince Charming and simply being able to talk with Princess Celestial. The real highlight of the song is the ability to group the ponies together while subtly separating them when they go for their individual moments, especially Rainbow Dash’s up-tempo rock piece related to wanting The Wonder bolts to see her.

It’s essentially a 1980s montage piece (complete with training moments in the video) coupled with an uplifting, heroic, Patriotic song highlighting the necessities of willpower and toughness to do what the characters believe. Influenced by a small scene near the end of The Little Mermaid, Britt McKinley kills it 7 different ways from Monday through Sunday.

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She manages to change up her voice just enough for both characters that they feel wholly separate while making it easy for the listener to distinguish the two. I cannot give enough praise to her here as the singing of the lyrics: No I do not love the groom / In my heart there is no room / But I still want him to be all mine is purely hair-raising in a good way.

Rarity is busy making dresses for each of the other Mane 6, and we see her initial delight gradually dissolve as more requests & demands are put upon her while we see the stress starting to get to her as well: Hour by hour, one more change / I’m sewing them together, take great pains / Flutter shy, you’re putting me in a bind / Rainbow Dash, what is on your mind? Anybody who has worked under deadlines or with demanding customers can instantly empathize with Rarity here and Kabuki Evans does a great job with her vocals on this track.

If you ever need a summation of Pinkie Pie’s character, this song manages to hit every single note necessary and then some including a fun group chorus at the end. The highlight of the song is that it does the theme perfectly to the point that no matter the mood, I can’t help but smile at the pure unbridled enthusiasm and honesty put forth through the lyrics.

The fact that several songs from the most recent Season cracked the list proves that Daniel Ingram and the staff behind the show have no plans of slowing down their greatness. #1Nite (One Night) • Cobra Starship Song in the club when Magic Mike gets Adam in.

Love Right Now • Ricky Blaze Second song at the club as Adam talks to the girls. Give me What You Got • Black Daniel Adam and Mike go home with the girls from the bar.

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Pony • Genuine Magic Mike performs on stage as Adam\'s sister watches on. Sassy Sexy Wiggle • Joe Tex Adam stares at Laura in the back room after the good news.

This Is Hot • Hothead Dallas announces to his team they got a premium spot on Miami Beach. • Vegas Audio Ninjas Mike and Adam pretend to be cops and strip for a sorority.

Love Shot • The Blue Van A fight erupts at the Sorority house after Adam gives one of the girls' ecstasy. Calypso • Excision & Batik Magic Mike tries out some new dance moves on stage after a fight with Dallas.

Divine • Paul Allen Playing on the beach as Adam meets up with Mike. Alexis Jordan) • Sean Paul Dallas comes off-stage to find that Magic Mike has left.

Since first emerging from the sun-bleached streets of Sacramento in the ’90s, Def tones have weathered fame, fortune, tragedy and trauma to produce a back catalog that could compete with any other iconic band, no matter how exalted they may be. There is something preposterous about saying that songs as demonstrably astounding as Swerve City, Leathers and Tempest belong to Def tones’ worst album.

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But the fact is this: Beware, Cherry Waves, Dracula, Combat and Xerxes can share elbow space with Def tones’ best songs. The cause of much concern ahead of its release, Def tones’ latest album, Gore, came into view riding a tailwind of controversy courtesy of Steph Carpenter.

Elsewhere, with the likes of Geometric Headdress, Prayers/Triangles and Phantom Bride, Gore is the sound of a band still firing on all cylinders and making some of the most compelling songs of their career. Taken alongside Born ’s self-titled debut, Adrenaline helped establish the blueprint for a sound, not to mention a look, for a million nu-metal bands to take notes on (read: steal).

Throw in some of the heaviest tunes in their discography (Lotion, Rickets and Head up) and this was the precise moment Def tones became the coolest band in the world. After Saturday Night Wrist, Def tones had managed to put personal squabbles aside and were working on the (still-unreleased) Eros at the time Chi Cheng suffered the horrific car crash that would leave him in a coma and ultimately claim his life.

Enter: Quicksand bassist Sergio Vega, who stepped into the role and helped Def tones pull off one of the most remarkable second-winds in rock history. Royal and Prince were among the first songs they came up with, and by the time they had finished they had recorded a new classic thanks to the propulsive Rocket Skates and the snaking groove of You’ve Seen The Butcher.

Against the backdrop of enjoying the platinum sales of White Pony was a band with members contending with personal disagreements, divorce and escalating drug use. Out of this, however, came an album that channels that turmoil into something truly elegant on songs like Minerva and Good Morning Beautiful, and searing on Hexagram and Bloody Cape.

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