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The Power You Hold (King Samba x...by Martha Your Quite mark is a black and white swirl. In which Thalia Smith falls for Dallas Winston.

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Torn by Crybaby-Chan1 Art of girl on cover is not mine, credits to artist! (I don't know who, it was a Pics Art sticker) My Hero Academia Fanfic Things were terrible...

Friendly Foreign Dimensional Each...by comical NOTE: I DO NOT OWN THIS. Broken || Cato Mono ma X Reader by goddamnitshigaraki “We're both alike, just face it.

, ...by Sparklie Sparkle = Angst = Fluff = Normal story lmao (MostlLMAOde up of x Readers!) Lizzy and Pony :After the infection by ~Coca~ Come see what happens after the infection in the life of Lizzy and Pony /Pedro Art not mine, credits to the WoofDaDrawinq made it None of the characters are mine, all below...

Black Beauty (Anna Sewell Collection) These stories, which follow a similar formula of horsey competition and friendship troubles, might provide their young readers with a quick equestrian fix, but they’re unlikely to hold the attention for long.

So I got to live the ‘horse dream’ and most weekends my siblings and I would trot around exploring the farm on Little Red, Smokey or if we were really lucky, Misty Blue Bars. To add these books to your home, school or library collection click on title links.

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With her two very best friends Dave Dog and Coco the Cat, and the cows from next door, it’s going to be a wonderful day. ‘Rosie’s Magic Horse’ written by Russell Hogan and illustrated by Quentin Blake.

Tender words and art combine to create a warm and witty introduction to horses … from the safety of the page! ‘Hide that Horse’ written by David Metzenthen and illustrated by Leigh Hobbs.

Tim and Mr Conroy have to use all their wits to keep little Percy from being caught by horse-hating Ranger Dooley! Though not entirely about horses, this classically heartwarming story perfectly captures the everyday life and the magic of childhood.

But when Ruby meets the mysterious Magda, who gives her a very special gift of a little glass horse, that might, just might, even be a bit magical, everything begins to change. ‘Horse Crazy: The Complete Adventures of Bonnie and Sam’ written by Alison Lester and illustrated by Roland Harvey.

When Bonnie whispers to them, they understand, and Sam always knows if they need a drink, or a hug, or a race around the paddock. Come along with Bonnie and Sam on four great adventures: The Shadow Crumby, The Circus Pony, Racing the Tide and Saving Mr Pinto.

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But when show-off Mikaela picks the horse Charlie wants, her heart bungees to her toes. Instead of the beautiful palomino Razz, Charlie’s stuck riding the massive retired racehorse Spud.

Riding camp isn’t turning out the way Charlie planned, especially when she finds herself in the middle of a life-threatening disaster. From popular author, James Molina, comes this gripping story, set in early Brisbane about a boy trying to escape his past.

I really love these ‘Do You Dare?’ books, which are sort of the ‘male’ equivalent of the ‘Our Australian Girl’ series which you can read about here. On October 31, 1917, the 4th and 12th Regiments of the Australian Light Horse took part in one of the last great cavalry charges in history.

Among the first to leap the enemy trenches was Lieutenant Guy Hayden riding his beloved mare, Midnight. ‘Lightning Jack’ written by Glenda Millard and illustrated by Patricia Mullins.

This is a truly stunning picture book…from the lyrical, ballad style text to the breathtaking illustrations. Sam Fully eyed the rubies at the muster in the park and among them as they galloped he saw one that stood apart; a stallion, black as midnight, on his brow a jagged blaze.

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When Sam Fully sees the free spirited horse Lightning Jack, he dares to ride him. Together they muster a herd of steers into their stable, escape a Frazier’s deal and fly into the air with Pegasus wings.

Then when they are ambushed by the notorious outlaw Ned Kelly, Lightning Jack leaps out of trouble and back to the wilderness. ‘Par Lap The Wonder Horse’ written by Jackie Kevin and illustrated by Patricia Mullins.

In this version for children, written by Jackie Kevin, his story is told in the form of a ballad, evoking the magic and charm of traditional storytelling. Illustrated with the vivid pictures of award-winning artist Patricia Mullins, this is a beautiful introduction to the true legend of Par Lap the wonder horse.

‘My Australian Story: The Par Lap Mystery’ written by Sophie Mason. Sally’s dad is a private detective, and he’s just been offered the case of a lifetime-investigating who tried to shoot Par Lap before the 1930 Melbourne Cup.

Helping her dad investigate, Sally begins to feel a sense of mounting dread as Par Lap goes from victory to victory-and collects not only millions of friends, but also some dangerous enemies. ‘Animal Stars: The Horse Who Bit a Bushranger’ written by Jackie French.

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I can honestly say that I have learned more about Australian history reading Jackie French than in all my years at school. Young Billy Marks is a pickpocket, transported to the penal colony of New South Wales.

He and his mate reckon they’ll become bushrangers- but that’s before Billy’s had a chance to see the bush up close. And when he buys the big white crumby stallion, covered with scars but refusing to bend to any man’s will, he knows he made the right choice.

Billy’s daughter Mattie Jane thinks her father can ride any horse who ever lived … and so can she! But when tragedy strikes, the Marks clan, including Mattie and her beloved horse, Rebel Yell, will need all the courage they can find to keep the family together.

Next day the only signs of Bella are hoof prints in the sand…with small footprints and the paw marks of a dog. Biddy’s search takes her into wild secret country where she discovers the truth about a mysterious disappearance that happened many years ago.

Three years of drought have reduced the Riley’s farm to a dirt patch and strained the family to breaking point. A trip to the mountains to muster their cattle promises a fresh start, but sudden violence erupts into the peaceful landscape.

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But how can Shelby buy a new horse when her parents can’t even afford to pay her Pony Club fees? When she sees an ad for an eye-catching brown pony for sale or swap, Shelby thinks she’s found the answer to all her problems.

But swapping a pony who’s your best friend for a highly strung horse whose beautiful brown coat washes out with shampoo turns out to be a awful idea. Most people will know the outline of this story and many will have seen the movie of stage adaptation but the book is so worth reading.

In 1914, Joey, a beautiful bay-red foal with a distinctive cross on his nose, is sold to the army and thrust into the midst of the war on the Western Front. But even in the desolation of the trenches, Joey’s courage touches the soldiers around him, and he is able to find warmth and hope.

The last great cavalry charge in history took place at Bathsheba in the Sinai Desert in 1917. It was Australian soldiers and horses that took part in, and won, this amazing, unexpected, unorthodox victory.

At stake are hundreds of priceless war horses and the power of the mighty Chinese empire. Even best friends, HU and Men, find themselves on opposite sides, torn apart by family loyalties.

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Men and HU must make terrible choices that could destroy them all… Or can they overcome all odds and find a way to bring peace to northern China? ‘… we call them dumb animals, and so they are, for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they do not suffer less because they have no words.’ When his beloved owners are forced to sell him, BLACK BEAUTY leaves his life as a young, care-free colt behind him and embarks on a working life of misery.

Cruelly treated by his new masters, Anna Sewell rails against animal mistreatment in this poignant tale of a horse whose spirit can not be broken. Their skill in finding water is vital to their regiment in the desert, but their devotion to each other is what keeps them alive in an overwhelmingly hostile environment.

The story was inspired by Michael Marburg’s international bestseller War Horse and is closely based on historical record. The Horse and Pony Creativity Book includes two sticker sheets plus a large gate fold sticker scene, stencils for drawing, a press-out model and beautiful decorated craft paper.

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