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David Lawrence
• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
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We have a huge selection of pony halters, bridles, saddles, girths and martingales at a variety of price points. Our selection of bats, crops and spurs will cover any necessity, and we have lots of leather care products and saddle and bridle bags to store your pony tack.

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Since our humble beginnings in 1963, Mary's Tack has grown to carry all the finest horse brands in our online tack store with low prices and fast, secure shipping that set us apart. Shop Mary's Tack and Feed for high-quality English and Western riding tack, including saddles, bridles, bits and more from top tack brands like Ovation, Stubbed, Circle Y, High Horse and many others.

For the rider, Mary's Tack and Feed carries English and Western clothing for both casual riding and showing, including breeches, chaps, show jackets, boots and much more. We even offer a great selection of riding apparel for children.

While we specialize in riding apparel and tack, you'll also find stable supplies and equestrian health products on our website along with other pet supplies. At Mary's Tack and Feed online tack store, you're sure to find everything you need to keep your horse healthy and looking their best, upgrade your riding apparel or bring joy to any horse lover.

Various equine activities require different kinds of tack to properly equip your American Quarter Horse for success. Use these resources to explore the tools available to you and your horse, and learn how to make the best tack choices.

Learning to use spurs properly is all about feel, and has the same sort of finesse that you strive to develop in your hands. Three world champion trainers discuss types of English bits and their preferred uses.

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To start, click on horse body colors, mane, and tail. IMPORTANT: If you leave or refresh this page, your image will not be saved.

Pictured on Cow-Horse's own SR Miss Dainty Doc, in the glossy version! This deluxe pleasure set is very versatile and will fit a variety of models and resins.

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