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Unable to see, disorientated and scared, he further smashes any resistance or rebellion by forcing her to strip off her riding boots, her jodhpurs, her blouse… and her underwear! Strict and severe, he is an expert in training wayward fillies, breaking them in with harness, bridle and big gag until they are resigned to their new lives as sex slave Pony Girls.

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Finally, submitting to her trainer’s will, she must walk in circles on the chain under his watchful eyes, head high in her Pony Girl harness, silenced by the bit gag and the dreaded horse spoon gag which prevents her talking and makes her drool! Often when someone contacts us for a custom video, they forget we need to source every prop, costume, location and a bit of bondage gear in the script.

This time not only was there a great idea, they very kindly offered to provide the custom-made Pony Girl harness and genuine horse spoon gags and blackout contact lenses to bring the idea to life. It’s also the first film we shot in our new house, and the first where we were helped out by our new kinky neighbor Michael Stamp from Bars and Stripes, who not only helped out behind the camera while I was on screen but who also stepped in front of the camera as the stern pony trainer, enabling us to expand the “world” of the film as much as we could.

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Now click and let the fun begin! The show follows the Mane 6 : Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Flutter shy.

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Bright Mac and Pear Butter are Big McIntosh, Applejack, and Apple Bloom's parents. They are prominently featured in one episode, “The Perfect Pear,” which details how the two met and fell in love.

They are more prominent than other side characters, as several plot lines involve the Mane 6 in need of the use of the bakery. Sugar Belle was first introduced in the season seven episode “Hard to Say Anything” as Big Mac's love interest.

Big Mac would make several deliveries in a week to a bakery in Starlight Glimmer's old village where Sugar Belle worked and lived. They proposed to each other in the season nine episode “The Big Mac Question” and were depicted as having a son in “The Last Problem” which shows Twilight and her friends' lives several years in the future.

This aspect of their relationship was seen in the background since the beginning but became more prominent starting in the season five episode “Slice of Life.” In spite of Lyra being initially hurt by the secret, the two work things out and remain together.

Their romance is not confirmed, however, so it is possible that they just remained close friends when the rest of the Mane 6 became preoccupied with their own lives. Regardless of the status of their relationship, Applejack and Rainbow have had each other's backs throughout the series, relying on their respective honesty and loyalty to come through for each other.

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The time just before their marriage was rough due to Queen Chrysalis impersonating Cadence and weakening Shining Armor in a plot to infiltrate Canter lot. The two rule over the Crystal Empire together after the defeat of King Samba and eventually have a foal of their own, named Flurry Heart.

After competing against each other, they were able to put aside their pride and plan a party together, ultimately parting ways as friends. In spite of his changed ways, Discord would sometimes go back to his former chaotic self, but Flutter shy was always able to keep him grounded in the end.

In “The Last Problem,” Discord and Flutter shy's relationship is depicted as ambiguous much like Rainbow and Applejack's. However, it becomes increasingly clear throughout the show, especially season nine, that Princess Celestial was grooming Twilight to ascend to the throne and rule over Equestrian.

Even before Twilight's interest in making friends, it is clear that she deeply cares for the land of Equestrian. She has acted as a tutor, beta reader, and editor in students' and colleagues' writing projects.

I use micronized whole linseed rather than the actual oil, much less messy to feed! I'm assuming that you've had her teeth done and worming is correct and up to date, which should both be done before considering diet. Must admit I try to give factual information instead of recommending brands, most SS feeds are alfalfa and linseed based anyway.

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Must admit I try to give factual information instead of recommending brands, most SS feeds are alfalfa and linseed based anyway. That post wasn't up when I typed my reply. I don't class myself as knowledgeable enough in this area to start preaching facts and figures.

I will however say that I've had conflicting advice from various areas and have decided that simple systems is the best way forward for my ponies. I quote to contact the helplines of the feed companies purely to encourage people to get the correct information, and then they can make their own minds up if it's suitable.

I couldn't now quote many exact figures, but the information is still there, and having had an EMS pony of my own to deal with I've kept up on the insulin resistance/EMS/lamp stuff as far as feeding goes. I also have spoken to top spec and again I was very impressed with their helpline but their feed wasn't suitable for my pony.

This is the first time in 40 years and hundreds of ponies that I've had to deal with anything like this and this last 12 months has been a huge learning curve for me and I've shed lots of blood, sweat & tears to boot. I've gone back to what I believe is a very basic feed and fingers crossed our next blood results will be in a similar area to the last ones.

Mine are currently getting soaked alphabet, alfalfa/oil chaff, micronized linseed and balancer, in my case TS comprehensive after talking to TS but I'm feeding a weaned foal and a 2yo colt, no EMS or lamp prone ponies. So basically unmolested sugar beet, alfalfa and micronized linseed, plus the balancer.

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Our other bushings pony is absolutely fine on the above maintaining her weight with no worries All the Shetlands worming teeth ECT is up to date it's just the past few weeks I have noticed her looking more trim She has a typical saggy belly, but she feels a lot more Libby and this concerned me as she is a chunky girl.

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