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Effective and Straightforwardness clip-on ponytail offers straight and curly options that can add volume to your hair and are easy to attach. Effective and Straightforwardness clip-on ponytail offers straight and curly options that can add volume to your hair and are easy to attach.

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Whether you’re preparing to attend a special event or just want the look of longer hair once in a while, getting a fake ponytail can open up many styling options. While you can find some ponytail hair extensions made out of human hair, fake ponytails made of synthetic materials remain common as they’re widely available and tend to cost a lot less than the real version.

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Others wrap around your hair using a tie and feature clips that get a better hold. When shopping for fake ponytails, you’ll find that some are made of materials that allow for you to curl or straighten the hair with heating tools.

Usually, you’ll need to use a lower temperature to avoid destroying a fake ponytail. Some of the least expensive fake ponytails aren’t heat-safe, so you’ll need to purchase the hairstyle you prefer.

You can find fake ponytails in short length all the way up to almost 3 feet long. The shorter options tend to work better for daily wear, while the extra-long ponytails can give you an eye-catching look for special events like weddings and dances.

You can expect a wide variety of color options in fake ponytails. Most brands offer the most common natural colors in varying shades, but you can even find fake ponytails with highlights or fun colors like silver or bright red.

You can also find options with curly, straight and wavy hair. You’ll want to consider whether the fake ponytail is heat-safe so you don’t get stuck with a specific hair type that you won’t want to have often.

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It originated in Japan and has become a popular choice for wigs and extensions due to looking natural and being safe to use with heat. Hair extensions have existed in some form as far back as 7,000 years ago.

People would use sewing techniques to install them in their hair in Ancient Egypt. Ponytails were popular with men and women in China way back in the 17th century.

Before purchasing a fake ponytail, make sure that your hair is long enough to use the attachment provided. You can try putting your hair in a bun or ponytail and testing whether a claw clip fits over it securely if you opt for that type of connection.

If your fake ponytail ’s instructions don’t mention the use of heat tools, avoid the temptation to use any. If you have a heat-safe option, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the lowest heat setting possible to be safe.

Limiting heat use and keeping the hairpiece from getting tangled will help it look better for longer. These chemicals won’t work on non-human hair, and they’ll just destroy the hairpiece.

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This classic undo is ready for a fashion-forward remake into a modern hairstyle that can cover everything from classy casual events to intricate Pinterest INSP. One major hallmark of a great style is definitely how good it looks, but budgeting time for hair while getting ready has become even more of a consideration.

Our goal is to give you something for every occasion and schedule, whether it’s a lazy day off, a trip to the gym, or even the latest run on the hottest social scene. These modern hairstyles we’ve found are easily accessible for everyone, from the most knowledgeable ponytail aficionado to the type of girl who’s never tried anything more complicated than a half-pony with a twist.

The beautiful sweep of hair over the sides of the head, and the way it loops over and around the base of the ponytail itself, softens the contrasts of this simple and clean style. Tying off the base with another loop of hair makes the style look much more intricate than it actually is, and adding in a little spray of pearls takes this look to the next level.

This might work with straight hair, but curls are best for adding an extra element of class and drawing the eye! This gorgeous look is designed to frame your face with softly curling bangs and a beautiful, loosely laced braid.

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The higher ponytail helps draw the braid upwards, to show off any accessories and keep your hair from hiding the decorations of whatever top you’re wearing with it. If you want an easy hairstyle, but you hate having your hair in your face, try a cute braid on top and tie it off before you have to fiddle with loose ends.

For this perfect ponytail style, the ribbon marks the transition point from a simple Dutch braid to a delicate fishtail, helping the shift to seem completely natural and beautifully intricate all at once. Another take on the classic pre-chignon flipped ponytail for girls, this deceptively complicated twist will have people wondering exactly how you did your hair.

Folding separate curls up and over makes for a much less obvious hidden hair tie, and gives a naturally elegant feeling to this easy hairstyle. This pretty hairstyle takes advantage of the hair ’s natural elements to keep loose curls out of the way and showcase the face.

This hairstyle for women goes from cute to classy, depending on what hair decorations you add into the flip. This cute and easy hairstyle is a modern take on the 1960s bouffant, redone as a classy 2018 ponytail style.

A very high pony, coupled with a wider wrap around, give this look its “genie” feel, and the tight center mini-braid absolutely makes it. Four simple Dutch braids go into the wrap around this ponytail, making this easy hairstyle look that much more complex.

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Because of the way the curls are set up, it’s hard to see that any sort of hair tie is involved at all, giving this a very natural look. Curl a couple of stray locks, and tuck the rest back in loose loops that frame your face.

Getting this style to hold into place requires a little finesse and a lot of willing to let your hair flow free! Working with the curls helps you wrap your hair over and around the starting point of the ponytail, before adding it back in neatly.

Wrapping the hair properly around the high pony angles it upwards, to accentuate this pretty hairstyle and the beautiful, tumbling curls. In this case, a regular braid, whether rope or Dutch, makes a nice lead into the main high pony event.

For this particular look, the loose waves of braided locks lead into the lower ponytail, before wrapping around its base. A looser, more modern take on the classic milkmaid braid, this style draws attention from every angle.

The braid wraps around the ponytail tightly enough that it seems to be the real hair tie, and combined with the curls, it’s a look fit for any contemporary princess. Fishtail braids are under constant threat of loose strands and flyaway hair, something that works best with a natural and curly style like this.

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This high undo gives that historically regal feeling, coupled with waves and tumbling curls any fairy princess would envy. The lower locks make a great wrap around divider, but keep an eye on how sharp or soft you want your curves to be.

Ponytail Hairstyles tend to require a lot more hair, but adding upwards into a wispy mid-pony is easy, and adjusting the wrap around to get that high arch is even easier. It’s best with loose curls that can easily fall into shape, but this sweet and pretty style would look awesome on anyone.

This off-centered ponytail extends the maximum possible length of a hair sweep from one side to another and creates a curving, contrasting look. A gentle twist on individual locks of hair can make a big difference in the long run.

By clearly defining all the sections of hair that went into this ponytail, you’ll make seemingly minor things a lot more obvious. Instead of trying to manage three strands, gently twist two over each other, and create a brilliant new look that shows off highlights and colors alike.

It’s an easy fix that automatically elevates your look to VIP status, and can be easily dressed up or down, depending on your mood. One of our favorite things about ponytails is how easy it is to mix, match, and completely redesign absolutely any style you find.

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