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Judith Headline, more affectionately and widely known as Judge Judy, has been laying down the law on daytime television for 23 years. So when she debuted a gasp small clip-in ponytail at the nape of her neck in April, some fans objected to the look.

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In a New York Times interview, Headline, 76, explained that after decades on the air, she wanted to give her hair a break from styling. It got us thinking about the power of a ponytail, and how radically it can change your appearance without having to do all that much work.

We can’t guarantee that use of a clip-in will bestow you with Judge Judy-levels of sass, but these 10 options, which come in a range of price points, textures and colors, are a perfect way to switch it up. It’s as easy as finding an episode of “Judge Judy” to watch in the middle of the day.

Seen on celebs like Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Taken, and Selena Gomez, the low, sleek pony is a polished look that can be worn at the office and formal events. Getting the height and length for a fountain pony calls for extensions, which can be tricky to use.

A favorite of Bella Hadid, this look features a deep side part and flipped out ends for medium to long hair. This tutorial shows you how to get that precise part (a tail comb) and a slicked-back look (a ton of hairspray and brushing).

For the finishing touch, pick up your flat iron and use a flick of the wrist. If you have thinner hair, this tutorial is perfect for achieving thickness with extensions and a few ponytail hacks.

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Fill in sparse areas with eyeshadow and use a tail comb to add extra volume. Wet hair works best for a sleek pony with natural curls.

Turn your ponytail into a tight braid and attach your extensions to the end. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

Susana Khan is a fantastic celebrity in Bollywood who has achieved a lot of fame and has come a long way in her profession. Susana Khan is seen styling her hair in a ponytail and braided hairstyle, and she looks sizzling hot.

She has long hair which makes her look fantastic and gives us major hairstyle goals. Check out some braided and ponytail hairstyles of Susana Khan and stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com.

Just like the man bun, this style can be worn by a diverse set of men with different hair types. Here’s a tip: If you want to lay flyaway down, you can use a flat iron to straighten your hair before you gather it into a ponytail.

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Refresh your box braids style with this man ponytail. Have an undercut with some LoCs? Pull your LoCs up into a high ponytail to update your look.

This neat and simple three-strand braid is a great place to start. Go to product We love this thick low pony on textured hair.

Photo credit: indigitalimages.this hairstyle is so versatile that it’s making its rounds on the runway. A casual style for any day. Secure the ends of your ponytail with a simple loose braid.

It doesn’t matter if you have thick curly hair, LoCs, or even stick-strand strands: The man ponytail is a great style to sport if you have slightly longer hair and would love to try out a chill, low-key look for every day. Then today, I bring to you 5 easy to do ponytail hairstyles for your everyday look.

Besides, it elevates that school girl pony to a chic and elegant look. As a matter of fact, I love this hairstyle because it stays secured with 2-3 bobby pins.

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Additionally, It is that chic that you can wear a dress for a night out and everyone will think you have spent hours for the hairdo. 2-3 bobby pins or 2 clear elastic bands depending on your hair length and thickness.

Brush the left hair in the back and create your low ponytail using an elastic band. With one hand, gather one section from the front and wrap it around and under the elastic band.

In order to keep the hair in place, secure it with a bobby pin. Take the other section, then wrap it crossing it over the other side and around the elastic band finally, Secure with bobby pins.

This double braid pony is chic hairdo for your busy morning. Then take one big strand from the front of one side and divide into three sections.

Finally, Punch your hair at the ponytail to give volume. Optional: I started by parting my hair from the arch of my eyebrows and I took a small section to make a small bump on the forehead and secure it with bobby pins.

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Bobby pins to secure the bump and any fly hair. Take two large sections from your hair from the front and pull them back as we do a half undo.

Take another section from the front and repeat 1 and 2 till you create 4 Topsy tails. Gather all the left hair in and secure in an elastic band.

Then message the Topsy tails to give volume and finish off by leaving hair from the front for a more feminine look. Note: this hairstyle looks hard but I promise you it will take no time from you.

Second, put the first section into a ponytail using a clear elastic band. Finally, gather the second the left hair with the braid and put in a ponytail.

Release the elastic band from the braid and punch your ponytail. As in the half braid pony, you will need to part your hair horizontally.

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Release the clip from the up left hair and put in a ponytail. Push your hair from the front to give volume with your hand.

Finally, Wrap a piece of hair from the ponytail around the base of your elastic to hide the band. Let me know which one you like the most in the comment below or post a picture of your recreation tagging Chez_rama on Instagram and do not forget to follow me here, so I can reshare it.

They're also a bestseller at Sephora, with tons of reviewers commenting that because of their non-hair-damaging grip and full transparency, they're totally worth the hype. This product stretches, so you're not breaking your normal hair ties while trying to wrap them around your pony so.

If you're looking to spice up your spiral hair tie game, then these multi-colored ones should def be on your radar. Anthropologist Mini Coiled Hair Tie Setanthropologie.everybody loves a good neutral.

Not only are the spirals in this set shaped a little differently than most, but they also come in tons of gorgeous colors that are per for matching with your workout sports bra and leggings or every day 'fit. Invisible Scrunchies Holy Cow That's Not Leatherette.this ponytail holder is the best of both popular hair accessory trends right now: the scrunchies and the spiral hair tie.

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You can get 10 spiral hair ties in a range of shades for just six dollars! This article is part of Women’s Health’s 2020 Activewear Week.

So yeah, the coil-like nature of these little bands will make you want to swap the stretched out black piece of elastic that's currently around your wrist for one of 'em, real fast. TBH, when you see how cute these alternatives are, you'll definitely want to upgrade your hairband game.

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