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James Lee
• Wednesday, 04 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Being away from your animals is not easy, and you will also need to find a way to take care of them when you’re going. Yes, horses can present a big logistical problem for travelers, but there are many great solutions for it.

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It’s a 12’x12’ horse corral made of a steel frame that is resistant to corrosion and rust. But probably the most useful feature of this portablehorsecorral is the universal cover that can be placed over the horse’s head.

This cover is waterproof and UV-treated, which helps you protect your horse by blocking the direct sunlight, rain, tree sap, and much more. That’s a crucial feature for a portablehorsecorral, especially when you’re on the go constantly and want to provide maximum protection for the least amount of bother.

Why This HorseCorral Strong portable horse corral with steel panels. It’s very similar to the above-mentioned horse corral, but we think that this one is slightly more complete, and it thus deserves the title of the best overall choice.

In essence, it offers similar features to the ShelterLogic corral shelter under point one. The durable and strong steel panels on the side make sure that the whole structure is rigid and stays intact even through the harshest weather conditions.

However, the big advantage of this product is that it has panel covers that protect the horse from the adverse weather conditions from the side as well. You’ll only need a few minutes to get it set up, as you can install it easily with the lacing rope that comes within the package.

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It enables a sturdy build that will do well against adverse weather conditions. Why This HorseCorral Side panel covers that protect the horse from the sun and wind.

The Affordable Portable Products portable corral is a great budget option if you’re looking for something that’s easy to set up and use. But at the same time, this horse corral is more than good enough to keep your horse safe and sound.

You’ll get the materials and equipment to set up 8 panels altogether, forming a 12’x12’ enclosure for your horse. That may not be a lot, but it should give your horse enough to keep it safe when you’re resting.

The corral is made from durable PVC, keeping the pen safe and sound even during harsh weather conditions. Strong and durable fence that will keep the horse safe.

It is perhaps one of the more lightweight options on the list, as it can be fitted into a relatively small bag that you’ll be able to carry around with no fuss. Why This HorseCorral Simple horse corral that’s easy to set up.

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Keep in Mind The batteries will drain fast, so you will need to purchase some extra. It’s excellent for horses, although you will need to purchase additional doors for the side entrances if you will want to create a full enclosure.

It offers a full canopy protection over the animal’s head, meaning that the animal stays safe and away from rain, sun, wind, and other weather conditions. Overall, a very good shelter, albeit slightly small and would still need a few adjustments to be perfect.

This lightweight product offers you 14 panels that will allow you to set up a horse corral that is 4.25ft tall. The fencing is made from PVC which is durable enough to withstand the pressures of weather conditions and from the horse.

However, this one is also slightly taller than the other two, which makes it a great portablehorsecorral even for larger horses. With the steel fencing, you’ll ensure a good level of sturdiness and rigidity to the structure.

And to protect the horse completely, you’ll also get a fabric to cover up the corral and ensure the horse is safe from rain, sun, wind, and other adverse weather conditions. The design of the corral features the Shelter Lock stability, which connects the panels together strongly and tightly, making sure that everything stays still and in place even under pressure.

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To secure the enclosure completely, you’ll want to purchase additional gates or place a barrier at the front to make sure your horse doesn’t escape. There’s a good amount of great choices, so you’ll have to narrow it down slightly to pick the best one for you.

The best way is to take a look at some features of the horse corrals on offer, and analyze which one would best suit your needs. Some larger corrals on our list might be slightly heavier and substantial, but they do provide a better quality, too.

Another key factor when it comes to horse corrals is the sturdiness and the build quality. You’ll want to have a corral that’s safe to use and won’t get blown away by the lightest of breezes.

And wasting additional time for setting up the horse corral can be costly. However, if you want to make sure your horse is comfortable, you’ll need to set up the corral properly.

It should fit your horse perfectly and also be easy to use so that you can get it set up quickly. You can jump straight to our recommendations by clicking on any of the links in the quick navigation or read on for the buying guide.

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Whether you’re taking your horse to a show, on a camping trip, or rotating the grazing space in your pasture, you will likely find yourself in need of a portablehorsecorral. If you have a horse that is liable to shift around a metal or plastic corral will work, or maybe an electric netting fence is the way to go.

This doesn’t include an energizer or extra support poles to put up anything other than a curve or straight line, so you’ll need to factor those costs into your budget. One note, you need to make sure the energizer you provide uses only low or wide impedance intermittent pulse.

While a fully charged battery can last for several days, you can also purchase a 12-volt DC fence charger that includes a small solar panel. Vertical plastic breakaways are spaced every 2 feet for the safety of a horse that tries to break through.

If you’re looking for something a little sturdier than an electric fence model, the Apple Picker Portable Travel Corral is exactly what you are looking for. Four 12-foot-long panels that are made of 19 gauge, steel fabricated (powder coated), 1 and 3/8 tubing fold in half to be more portable.

Panels are large, heavy, and awkward to transport No brackets for mounting to a trailer No quick-release mechanisms for panicked horses This corral is perfect for the quiet horse who needs to stretch his legs during that weekend camping trip.

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The 6’ long and 4’ tall panels are made of lightweight PVC and only weigh around 8 pounds each. There are no sharp or rigid edges, and quick-release elastic connectors prevent horses from getting stuck.

Portable horse corrals are safe, affordable, and great to have when taking your horse on the road. When not working with horses he can be found backpacking or trying to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

Portable corrals are used by hundreds of endurance riders, team tenners, ropers, trail riders, hunting guides, horse trainers, barrel racers, show horses, rodeo horses and others who travel with equine and other hoofed companions. Simple hinge sleeves and full-length stainless steel pins make child’s play of setting up a freestanding portable corral or stall on any terrain.

Not to mention eliminating the annoyance of a horse jerking on the trailer all night. And you’ll rest easy knowing your horse is contained and won’t get out (as can with an electrical fence system).

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