Best Purebred Cat Breeds

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• Tuesday, 29 December, 2020
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From the WebMD ArchivesWhen people think about getting a dog, many consider a purebred pup. Cat breeds range from the commonly known Persians and Siamese to the less familiar breeds like the Occam and the Turkish van.

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Tetris Miller, DVD, owner of the Cat Clinic of Norman in Oklahoma, says people looking at purebred cats should ask the breeder about common health issues with the breed and if any of those problems run in the breeder’s line. If you are thinking about getting a purebred cat, below is a list of the six cat breeds the CFA says were the most popular in 2009.

The list includes information about their personality traits, grooming needs, energy levels, and health issues. The list is compiled from interviews with CFA’s Joan Miller and DRS.

The most popular breed for years, the Persian is known for its long hair, flat face, and laid-back nature. Happy as indoor lap cats, Persians are quiet, people-oriented, and sweet.

Continued Kidney and heart problems are prevalent in some lines, and their flattened faces can cause breathing and eating problems as well as eye and teeth issues. It has the same body build as the Persian, but with a short, dense coat that makes grooming much easier.

The Maine Coon tends to be larger than most breeds, with males sometimes topping 20 pounds. A one-time barn cat, they are known to be friendly, outgoing, playful but not hyper, smart, and easily trained.

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Because they are long haired, Maine Coons should be groomed weekly, and they do shed quite a bit. Common health problems include heart disease and hip dysplasia.

One of the oldest breeds, Siamese cats are long, lean, and athletic and have a high energy level. They love to climb and observe the world from high places, so perches or cat trees are a must.

Continued Health issues include teeth and eye problems, but they tend to be healthy and long-lived, the veterinarians say. These large, semi-longhaired cats are calm and gentle with a strong need for human contact.

They are good with children and train easily, including learning tricks and walking on a leash. Abyss are very high-energy cats that need room to run and climb.

Their sleek, short coats mean little grooming is needed, but they do shed. With all the choices available, Kent says you should take your time and choose your new pet based on how its personality and needs will fit into your lifestyle.

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But with a little research, people can find the perfect cat for their home and family.” Sources Joan Miller, vice president, Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc., San Diego.

Jo Williams, owner of three Siamese seal point cats, Marietta, Ga. Else Kent, DVD, ABP, owner, Westside Hospital for Cats, Los Angeles.

Smaller associations also exist, such as the Southern Africa Cat Council. These breeds may have grown in popularity due to a movie that featured one of their own, personality traits that are unique, or physical appearances that leave them hard to forget.

Popular since the 19th century, this breed of cat originated in Thailand (formerly known as Siam). The Siamese has helped create many other breeds, including the Oriental Short hair, Sphinx, and Himalayan.

The animated Disney film, “Lady and the Tramp,” featured Siamese cats singing a song and demonstrating not only their intelligence but also how vocal they can be. Also, lovingly referred to as one of the “smushed-face” cats, Persians have beautiful, long, fur coats.

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Some breed descriptions even state the nose is not allowed to protrude past the eyes when viewed in a profile. Persians have been seen in many movies, art, commercials, and homes throughout the years and have also been one of the most popular breeds of cats for decades.

Like many purebreds, they are prone to a variety of diseases, including renal and cardiac problems. Known for their large stature and thick fur coats, the Maine Coon is a cat that is difficult to ignore.

Many Maine Coons have extra toes, a trait referred to as polydactylies, which makes their already large feet even larger. This is a great feature to have when hunting in the snow since large feet act as snowshoes.

Their markings make them look more like they belong in the jungle than in your home, but they are domesticated cats nonetheless. Many colors are allowed on Bengals, but their approved patterns only include spots and rosettes.

Originally from Ethiopia (previously known as Abyssinia), the Abyssinian cat has a distinctive red/orange about coat. The about fur, which actually means it has bands of light and dark coloring on the individual pieces of hair, gives the Abyssinian its unique look.

In addition to the most common color referred to as ruddy, Abyssinian's can also come in cinnamon, fawn, and blue. Germans were used for breeding in the development of Rag dolls, so they look very similar but can have slightly different markings and personalities.

Oriental Short hair cats are prone to skin cancer and getting cold due to their lack of fur, so they are often seen wearing sweaters. Sphinx cats look unique due to their lack of fur and are very social, active, dog-like felines.

Himalayan's were bred from crossing Persians and Siamese to achieve their color points. Whether you are researching a purebred or mixed breed cat our cat breeds a-z profiles are here to help.

We hope you find this approach fun and informational and of course we would love to hear your feedback! Without registration papers from a breeder however you won’t be able to prove the actual breed.

A domestic cat (also known as a moggy thanks to our British friends) is just a wide stroke brush used to describe all purebred, mixed, feral cats whether they live in a house, farm, elsewhere or are toughing it out on the streets or countryside. If you want traits like a predictable personality, a certain look or energy level then purebred may be the way to go.

Of course, purebred cats are known to have more health problems than their mixed breed counterparts. Remember the most important thing is to love your cat unconditionally irrelevant of any breed or pedigree.

Size: Medium, 8 to 16 lbs Coat: Short and thick with about or ticked bands. I’m a high-spirited stunner with looks that rival the sacred cats portrayed in Egyptian murals.

Coat: Medium-length, very dense, springy, resilient and fairly stiff to the touch. Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Very patient, tolerant, and calm with sharp hunting instincts.

Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Very affectionate and loving, highly intelligent, needs to be always showered with attention, extremely vocal and clingy to their owners. Admittedly, I can be a bit of a chatty cat, but my very affectionate, devoted nature also makes me an invaluable friend.

Coat: Short to medium yet very lush and thick, with prints similar to a leopard’s and other wildcats. Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Very smart, craves constant attention, talkative and extremely playful.

And like them, I can be a lot to handle with my super high energy levels, exceptional athleticism, and an abundance of smarts. Size: Medium, 7 to 15 lbs Coat: Long, silky and doesn’t mat.

Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Extremely playful, inquisitive, very intelligent and craves constant attention. Curious, trusting, and very playful, I am the social butterfly of the feline world with no sense of boundaries.

Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Quiet, very sociable, highly intelligent and has a fondness for climbing. I am officially the preferred gray cat breed of great writers and thinkers.

Coat: Short to medium, with a fairly rough overcoat and soft undercoat. Child Friendly: No Personality: Very active, inquisitive and daring, highly intelligent.

I’m clever, too, which means I’ll be able to navigate to the highest, most out-of-reach spots around the house…better stash away those valuables. Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Extremely affectionate and social, very vocal and always craves for attention, loves to play, highly intelligent, aloof to strangers.

Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Very playful, smart, loyal, extremely affectionate and loves to interact. Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Daring, very playful, likes to interact with people and animals, extremely active and has a fondness for jumping and climbing.

Being curious and affectionate, I’ll pour my energy and love into making myself a big part of your life. Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Affectionate and playful, loves climbing and jumping, extremely smart, not fond of strangers and other pets.

Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Smart, playful, wants to have a say on everything, easily adjusts to new people and environments yet constantly craves attention. They’re the main motivating forces in my life and everything I do from snooping on everything you do around the house to engaging you in lively banter is all a means to a most desired end: a long, pampering session of rubs and cuddling.

And that’s both for my looks and my personality, which strikes the ideal balance between the Persian’s gentle nature and the Siamese’s affectionate playfulness. Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Highly confident and adaptable, intelligent and sociable, but also enjoys solitude.

Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Fairly calm but curious, love being around my humans and clambering up high places. Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Loves being the center of attention, craves constant companionship and can get jealous of other pets.

With bobbed tails as unique as human fingerprints, I’m a special cat. True to my wildcat looks, I’m not opposed to some rumbling and tumbling fun like hunting and going for swims, but despite my powerful appearance, I have the gentle, loving disposition of a kitten, and I’m easy to get along with.

Coat: Short to long, with an overall shaggy look and plush and soft texture, can come in any color or pattern. I may be vertically challenged, but my shortness never prevents me from enjoying life to the fullest.

Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Very clever and sociable, territorial, can master tricks and go on walks, fond of water and quite canine-like. I’m also highly sociable, protective of my home, and enjoy a game of fetch as much as your average canine.

Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Very people-oriented, loves to snoop, intelligent and unabashedly affectionate. I’m a mini cat with super short legs and a mostly hairless body, I am truly one of a kind.

Add to that my easy mingling with both humans and other pets, unabashed affection, and high intelligence I’m quite the feline catch. Coat: Short to long, thick and dense, all patterns and colors accepted.

Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Very playful, inquisitive, people-oriented, loves running and chasing, likes to be handled, fond of shiny things. I’m every bit as genteel and reserved as my dignified looks suggest and prefer to save my love for just one or two special humans rather than everyone.

I’m easy to love back since I’m fairly low-maintenance and quiet, but just keep in mind that I’m a sensitive cat and my affections need to be reciprocated. Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Very patient, smart, easily gets along with humans and pets but independent.

Sweet, nurturing and affectionate, I love everyone unconditionally and when I’m not romping through the house to work off my high energy, I’ll be making my rounds to cuddle anyone and everyone in my path. Coat: Short, fairly silky, smooth and lies close to its body.

Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Affectionate and calm, people-oriented, patient, easily gets along with other pets, not too demanding when it comes to attention. Even in this day and age of frenzied cat fancy, I am still one of the rarest breeds you can get your hands on.

Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Attention-hungry, active and very smart, loves to talk and extremely devoted to my human(s). If that doesn’t work, you’ll hear my vocal cords ’til you acknowledge my very acknowledge-able presence.

Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Very zen-like, quiet and gentle, loves to lounge and affectionate yet undemanding. I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve officially been the most popular cat breed for, like, forever.

Coat: Very short to totally hairless, with a peach fuzz feel when touched. Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Very intelligent, gets along easily with people and other pets, playful but not demanding.

Sort of like a canine, which I admit I do share similarities with such as my devotion to my humans, high activity levels, and easy-going sociability. Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Laid back and very gentle, loves to lounge, not so fond of climbing but likes water, will go limp when picked up.

I’m a calm, elegant, strong, big bodied kitty with heavy bones, long tail and a plush coat. Child Friendly: Yes Personality: Quiet and introverted, prefer gentle affection over rough play, devoted to my humans and wary of strangers, stickler for cleanliness.

Gentle and introverted, I tend to be shy around strangers and wary of noises and crowds. I prefer the tender affection and comfortable familiarity of just one or two humans with whom I can spend a quiet and full life with.

Coat: Short to medium with bold stripes and spots. Personality: Extremely energetic, demands a lot of interaction from humans but reciprocates with affection, loves the water.

Personality: Sweet-tempered, easily warms up to people and other pets, doesn’t crave for constant attention, curious, loves to play. With my huge eyes and droopy ears, I am possibly the cutest cat on cat breeds a-z.

Personality: Extremely gentle and mellow, likes to socialize with people and other pets, very laid back. With a curly coat that’s thicker and plusher than the La Perm’s covering my large, heavy-boned body, I’m a very abundant feline.

Personality: Very loving and friendly, likes to play, an avid climber and extremely intelligent, fond of water. Physically, I’m built to survive in the rough, cold forests of Siberia, but emotionally, I thrive in the warm company of my humans.

Not shy at all, I’ll jump and pounce my way into the center of all household affairs. My elegant facial markings and fancy white paws make me appear a lot more dignified than I actually am.

Coat: Short, dense and very close to the body with an African tabby pattern. Personality: Extremely attentive to and sensitive to the feelings of my humans, intelligent and playful, sociable but needs time to warm up.

I’m one of the rarest cat breeds in the world, blessed with a truly unique African tabby pattern and of high intelligence. Once comfortable, I bond closely with my family and even have an uncanny ability to pick up on human emotions and act accordingly.

Personality: Very active and playful, clever and curious, wants to be involved in everything around the house, likes water. Yes, I’m a clever cat, the smartest on cat breeds a-z I’m sure, and I use my smarts to investigate every nook and cranny of the house, learn how to open closed cabinets, and knock various objects off high places to see how they land.

Personality: Loves to show gestures of affection, very inquisitive, intelligent, has a fondness for playing, fairly active, easily gets along with people and other pets, likes to be the center of attention. Highly sociable and unreservedly affectionate, I know no shame when it comes to begging for attention.

I’ll greet you when you get home, follow you wherever you go, talk to you endlessly, learn to play fetch, so we can bond further, and even snuggle up to sleep with you. Coat: Short and dense, in tan and orange, with prominent black stripes and tiger-like patterns.

Personality: Fairly active and loves to socialize, easily gets along with other pets and tends to follow my humans around. I love to mix and mingle with humans and other pets and my friendliness makes it easy for me to adapt to new situations.

Coat: Medium to long, fairly thick and silky, mostly white with splashes of lilac, caramel, blue, black, silver and red. Personality: Active and very smart, inquisitive and playful, loves the water and an excellent swimmer, very affectionate, but not a lap cat.

I am a marathon runner on ground, a master at scaling heights, and so good at swimming, I’ve been dubbed the ‘Swimming Cat.’ But despite my high-flying ways, I have a sensitive side and bond very closely with my humans so make sure you can commit for the long-term before inviting me into your life.

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