Best Purebred Dogs To Breed

Bob Roberts
• Thursday, 26 November, 2020
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When you’re at the dog park socializing with the other pet owners while your furry little buddies run around, the usual chit-chat ensues. Each year the AKC comes out with their newly recognized dog breeds and of course, these are all purebred pups.

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First bred in 1928, their main ancestors include the extinct Córdoba Fighting Dog and the Great Dane. All of these factors make the Dog Argentina one of the top ten most expensive dogs in the world.

Their long, curly, dense coat covers them from head to tail and keeps them warm during brutal winters. The Barber actually became dangerously extinct after World War II, but resurged as an official breed in 2007 when they were first recorded.

The breed has also contributed to the French language because Barber loosely translates to “very, very muddy.” While Golden doodles have been a recognized cross- breed for quite some time now and aren’t necessarily ‘new’, their recent rise in popularity still cannot be ignored.

Poodles are a prominent hypoallergenic breed, therefore, that is why you see them bred with other dogs so frequently. The best way to celebrate these unique dog breeds is through competition, however as mentioned before, only purebred dogs recognized by the AKC can compete.

The Westminster Kennel Club is the oldest organization in the United States dedicated to the sport of purebred dogs. More than 3,000 dogs from around the globe travel to NYC each year to partake in Westminster Week.

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Last year’s Best in Show winner, the most prestigious award bestowed, was a little Wire Fox Terrier named King (see below). Purina plays a large role in these different purebred dog shows around the states.

While there are pros and cons of both, generally, I promote purebred dog breeding. The main reason for this is because you are working toward breed preservation and are guided by rules and breed clubs that help ensure the health and well-being of your dogs and the puppies you produce.

It should be emphasized that there are many factors that go into breeding, which are covered throughout this website. It can be very easy to overextend yourself when dogs become available, or you keep back your own puppies for your breeding program.

Right from the beginning, know the limits of your home, schedule and own abilities and stay focused on that number. Enjoy quiet days at home with a lapdog, then a definite companion breed is probably the best option.

Have a small home; don’t choose a giant breed that will make it seem even smaller. These ties back to your lifestyle but when you choose a breed, you want to decide on the activities you will do with them.

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Some breeds are very low maintenance and don’t require much more than basic training. You can do other activities such as conformation showing or obedience rallies but that will depend completely on what your goals are as a breeder.

For instance, some lines of Labrador Retrievers are still working dogs through and through. In fact, don’t base size on activity needs with a breed.

There is a huge list of activities that you can do with your purebred dog for titles but the most common are: The dog who most closely conforms to their breed standard will win the competition and Best in Show.

Rally Similar to obedience competitions, the dog works with his owner to complete a variety of freestyle exercises and commands. Regardless of which breed you choose; you should try to spend time on one of these activities as titled dogs show that they are doing more than just hanging out in a kennel.

I suggest narrowing it down to a group of ten breeds that you really like and then spend time visiting breeders and dog events to meet them and the people in that breed. You will quickly begin to dwindle down that list as well as possibly add a few to it.

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They are there for emergencies and to also help you navigate through the world of breeding purebred dogs. In addition, find a mentor who is open to new innovations in the dog world.

I’ve had mentors around the globe from Brazil to Germany and parts beyond. Each of them offered advice and while they couldn’t come and physically help me, they offered lots of help with tips and even accessing dogs over photos and videos.

And that is another way that having a great mentor will encourage your success as a breeder for purebred dogs. Although you can start a breeding program without a mentor, it is definitely an invaluable resource that I recommend everyone have.

It is a plan that answers one simple question: What are your breeding goals? Instead, if I was breeding Ship Tau’s, I would be focusing on temperament and health with my companion dogs.

However, while you should always keep an eye on that conformation, you can have different breeding goals for your dogs. For instance, I want to produce healthy mastiffs with excellent bone and movement.

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Dog breeding isn’t cheap, and I’m not talking about the initial investment of your dogs, which can be a very large investment depending on the breed and the lines. Often, when you are creating a breeding plan, it is good to look for other breeders who are pursuing the same goals that you are.

Once you have a breeding plan figured out, it is time to start working toward those goals. Remember that you want to constantly evolve your plan as you go along and your business builds.

Obviously, if you are planning on breeding purebred dogs, you need to purchase dogs that have full registration in a kennel club for your country. If you aren’t sure what that is, the kennel club is a governing body for purebred dogs.

They keep track of pedigrees and will send out registration papers for puppies when you file them. Although the rules are different in every country, in Canada, where I reside, a dog is not purebred unless he or she has papers through the Canadian Kennel Club.

Apart from selecting your foundation dogs, you will want to really focus on the traits you desire in your purebred dogs. Very few people start with exactly what their breeding goals is, however, choosing foundation dogs from health tested, and champion parents will ensure that you are starting on the right foot.

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Honestly, the answer is that most people rarely start with one of each for many reasons. Litters are rarely available at one time, so you may have a bit of a wait to get a male and a female.

Outside stud dogs can be hired to produce your first litter when the time comes, and you can expand on your own foundation line by keeping a puppy. With males, it can be difficult to get him hired by reputable and established breeders.

In addition, keeping a puppy back from a stud service in led of payment means that any puppy is directly related to your male, preventing you from breeding back to him. This helps them pinpoint the exact due date range that they can expect puppies.

The following list consists of purebred dogs and a few dogs that are in the latter development stages of becoming a purebred.

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