Best Purebred German Shepherd Breeders

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• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
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We have listed out details such as their breeding processes, facilities, and health guarantees for each of the breeders below. Health Guarantees: All of their puppies’ parents are X-rayed and have good hips and elbows as certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OF) or the Vain fur Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) in Germany.

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Located in Harvard, Illinois, Com Reign is owned and operated by a licensed veterinarian, Natalia Bank. Facility: This breeder has a small kennel and only offers a couple of high-quality litters a year.

Health Guarantees: All dogs are DNA tested and have OF or FCI certified hips and elbows and rich colors. They also have three shady, half to one-acre lake runs that allow dogs to exercise and swim.

Ruskin House of Shepherds is AKC inspected and approved and offers puppies in all colors and coats. Their shepherds are large-boned, straight-backed, and have long, standard, or plush coats that come in combinations of various colors, such as black, liver, red, silver, sable, tan, blue, panda, or simply solid white and solid black.

Health Guarantees: All of Ruskin’s pups are AKC registered and are healthy (neither inbred nor line-bred). There is a written guarantee that says any puppy bought from Ruskin is free of any severe congenital defects for one year from the date of sale.

Facility: Ruskin offers basic training classes with a certified trainer at no additional charge, so you can get to know your new family member better. The facility is moderately large, and dogs have a lot of space to run around and play.

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Located in Southwest Michigan in the Grand Rapids area, Glenda Kennels is dedicated to breeding and producing purebredGermanShepherd puppies. If the dog develops crippling hip dysplasia before the age of five, Glenda Kennels will assume the risk if confirmed by x-rays by a licensed veterinarian.

The company encourages you to visit the kennel, so you can interact with the puppies and their parents and see the overall looks and conformation of the breeding dogs. Breeding Processes: All the puppies’ parents are either European imports or bred on American soil.

Health Guarantees: None, as far as the website is concerned, but dogs are fed a healthy diet and encouraged to socialize and run around. Located in Spring Grove, Illinois, this breeder specializes in producing world-class German Shepherd puppies.

Dogs from this breeder are known for their gentleness and attentiveness and are perfect for families and people with special needs such as autism and Asperger’s syndrome. On her Otto German Shepherds is located in Rockwell, Texas and specializes in breeding puppies produced by the world’s best studs.

They are also hips and elbows certified, AKC registered, and breed surveyed in Germany. They are a popular breeder, and you should contact them or fill in their form to reserve puppies.

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There are two fenced-in play yards, which boards can use during training courses and visits to get to know the dogs. We hope that this guide has helped you locate the bestGermanShepherd breeder in the USA for you.

Nadeau German Shepherds is a world-class German Shepherd breeder located in Northern California. We breed to the world standard, adhering to the rules of the Vain fur Deutsche Schäferhunde (aka, SV or German Shepherd Association).

Our breeding program has earned the highest level of accomplishments that a kennel in the United States can achieve. All of our German Shepherds come with a written guarantee and have been vet-checked, socialized, vaccinated to date, temperament-tested by a professional dog trainer, and above all, have been very much loved.

We are so grateful for our stunningly beautiful and incredibly smart pup. My vet said in his 40 years of working with GS’s he’s never taken care of one who has such a great disposition.

I actually put money down on a dog but when I went to their location and listened I knew I could only buy from them. I listened to Traci, and she said you start training them when you bring them home.

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Tracy has also been there for me throughout the entire process and responds quickly to my relentless questions. I literally can't go 2 feet without being mobbed by people going nuts over this puppy.

“I got my puppy from Nadeau in January and flew him back to Wisconsin with me. “EVERY time we have taken either of our dogs out we get stopped and get complimented on how beautiful they look and how well-behaved they are, even our 6-month-old puppy.

“We got our handsome guy, Rambo, from Nadeau German Shepherds. In addition to being absolutely gorgeous, he has amazing temperament and is a hit with kids and adults.

Traci has always answered our questions when we were unsure of things, and has always been responsive!” “We have welcomed a total of 3 amazing German Shepherds into our family from Traci.

People think we are crazy for driving 2+ hours to board our dogs, but I wouldn't trust anyone else with them.” Top Shepherd Kennel is a Family Owned & Operated professional training & breeding facility specializing in Pure Breed German Shepherds from imported German lines and genetics.

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Each of our GOD's is an early warning alarm system that is always on and a fully loaded defensive weapon ready and willing to defend their pack! Buy a German Shepherd Puppy to Serve You as a Protection Dog or Family Companion.

In the 1890s Captain Max von Stephanie started a breeding program to perfect these herding dogs. I am estimated that 50% of these were German Shepherds on both sides of the conflict working for the Red Cross and troops.

These dogs sniffed out the enemy, found wounded soldiers, delivered first aid, messages and protected both their handlers and the men in their troop. The German Shepherd excelled in helping wounded soldiers off the field of battle.

At the beginning of WW2, The US Army Quarter Master established training programs for 32 breeds of dog. Strong heart was the World's 1st Movie Star Dog, bring audiences to tears as He performed on screen.

Our Top Shepherd kennel is situated in Temecula’s beautiful wine country. We have learned a lot through our vast experience spread over a span of 25 years, which is why we would be your best choice when it comes to selecting the best puppy as your family companion.

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Our direct imports from Germany help focus us entirely on better genetics and healthier dogs. This speaks volumes about our dedication to quality, and our focus has been to breed beautiful, healthy, and easily trained dogs.

Along this journey, we are also continually improving ourselves with feedbacks from our present and past customers. German Shepherds have a lot of energy that must be utilized in a good amount of exercise and powerful training.

Special food requirements, brain-boosting activities, a good bath, and proper care would go a long way that your dog stays fit and healthy always. We have many things to discuss, come and buy a training package for your German Shepherd puppy and see how your pet learns and grows better.

As the saying goes “work hard, play harder”, make your pet’s routine joyful. Just let your pet make its own rules, it soothes its animal instincts.

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