Best Put A Finger Down Questions

James Lee
• Tuesday, 12 January, 2021
• 8 min read

This game is played best with 3+ people. Everyone holds up ten fingers and each person takes a turn and says something they have never done before.

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Never have I ever shoved stuff under my bed because I was too lazy to put them away. Never have I ever fallen off a bike.

Never have I ever liked someone’s picture on Instagram whilst stalking them. Never have I ever left the door open while going to the bathroom.

Never have I ever lied that my parent said I can’t hang out because I didn’t want to. Never have I ever walked into a screen door.

Never have I ever cracked my phone screen or someone else’s phone screen. Never have I ever picked a wedgie in public.

Never have I ever got caught smelling your armpits to make sure they don’t smell. Never have I ever got caught picking my nose.

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Never have I ever taken something out of my dirty laundry to wear. Never have I ever talked to my pet as if it were a real person.

Never have I ever pretended to be texting, whilst you’re really just waiting for someone. Never have I ever tripped on the stairs and then looked around to check if anyone saw.

Never have I ever been confronted for spitting on someone whilst talking. Never have I ever played a prank on a teacher.

Never have I ever walked into the wrong classroom. Never have I ever eaten a whole pint of ice cream by myself in one sitting.

Never have I ever walked around with a stain all day without knowing. Never have I ever walked around with toilet paper stuck to my shoe.

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Never have I ever started sweating from eating something too spicy. Frequently used as a party icebreaker, this highly verbal game helps people get to know each other and also have fun.

The first player stands in the center of the circle and says a simple statement beginning with, “Never have I ever. This individual takes the place in the middle of the circle also tells something they have never done.

A player is not allowed to take the seats of the two people to their left and right. This rule forces players to be careful and not mention silly or impossible questions.

Since certain questions can make others feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, agree to limit or omit any topics before beginning the game. For example, you may wish to omit sexual topics, legal problems, or anything that may cause an argument.

Players sitting in a circle hold up ten fingers. As players put down all their fingers, they are eliminated from the game.

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The winner of the game is the last remaining player with a finger raised. It is fun to explore topics that do not typically come up in normal conversation.

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I’ve seen lots of times when it gets unpleasant when someone targets someone else with embarrassing questions (“never have I ever gotten so drunk I peed myself, Sarah…”) And people can get upset really quickly. Don’t target your friends with embarrassing situations that they might not want to reveal to other people in the group, and if you’re playing the drinking version, always drink responsibly and help your friends to drink responsibly.

…been able to hang out in a real life tree house, mine or a friend’s. …sneakily checked through someone’s texts or messages on their phone without them knowing.

finger put down never
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…gotten stage fright so bad that I forgot what I was supposed to say. …hated my job so much that I quit and walked out in the middle of the day.

…broken something expensive because I got mad and threw it (like a phone or a remote at a TV). …performed on stage (whether as a musician, actor, talent show, whatever).

…found something in public and didn’t turn it in to the lost and found. …gotten such a bad sunburn that I couldn’t even use hot water in the shower.

…tried to impress someone I liked and wound up falling flat on my face. …checked inside someone’s medicine cabinet in their bathroom without telling them.

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