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• Saturday, 23 January, 2021
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2 Barack Obama response to Sarah Pain’s quip that lipstick was the only difference between a Pitbull and a soccer mum. 4 Noel Gallagher (pictured right) talking about superstar singer Robbie Williams.

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5 Winston Churchill to the Lord Privy Seal after being interrupted whilst on toilet duties. 6 Frank Sinatra said this about Robert Redford, and it strongly suggested he considered the Hollywood actor a touch vain.

Flickr / Patrick Humphries Everyone who ever loved you was wrong. I’m jealous of all the people that haven’t met you.

I don’t have the time or the crayons to explain this to you. It’s been a pleasure to meet the poster child for the pro-choice movement.

Some drink from the fountain of knowledge; you only gargled. You are the result of a wet dream your mother rolled into.

From this day forward, I vowed to myself, I was in control of my life. From this day forward, I was my own person, to take what I would, when I would, and I would answer only to myself.

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You've probably never encountered it before.” Grace Green, Winter Destiny “You said blind Republicanism like hers was an inherited social disease, like syphilis.

Shutterstock Wikimedia CommonsComposer Ludwig van Beethoven, slapping another composer to the curb. Sir John Gielgud on Casablanca star Ingrid Bergman.

Shutterstock Wikimedia CommonsActress Mae West on a man she didn't like in Belle of the Nineties (1934). ShutterstockComedienne and television producer Roseanne Barr, on her ex-husband Tom Arnold.

ShutterstockWriter and filmmaker Billy Wilder, while listening to an actor sing in the movie Kiss Me, Stupid. Public Domain Winston Churchill, after being informed by Lady Astor that if she was married to him, she would have poisoned his coffee.

Put downs are the words spoken smartly to tackle an unpleasant situation in a firm and comfortable manner. Put downs provide you with a way to defeat the opponent under your decision with a charming style.

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Even a silly smile appears on his face with that innocent response of yours. Here I have compiled a list of top 10 best put downs.

You have to be polite to keep his heart but at the same time you have to be honest. And when some fashion psychos try to critique you with their statements about your dress, clothes you are wearing or commenting on your dressing sense.

Anything awkward you might feel with their statements then you can to give them back what they deserve. You can to make a sharp statement that will make their mouths shut, and they will have to think critically what they are saying and how that feels.

Here is it,” You know I used to think that tops like that made everyone look chunky, but it almost works on you.” And here I have compiled many more put downs that you can use in different situations.

I’ll forever cherish the initial misconceptions I had about you. Any connection between my reality and yours is purely coincidental.

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I am looking forward to the pleasure of your company, since I haven’t had it yet. So these were the top 10 best put downs that you can use with troubling or irritating strangers or the people who completely disturb your mental peace.

Just make a quick smart statement from any of the given above according to the situation, and you will walk away with a sense of satisfaction and amusement.

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