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• Monday, 04 January, 2021
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These bits are sturdy, versatile, and the titanium coating with the tapered web design gives them the extra durability they need to handle a wide array of projects from wood, to metal, drywall, and lightweight steel. Sporting the newest technology, Drill Hog is proud to release these bits that are made from Cobalt M42 steel, which has a melting point of a whopping 2853 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Constructed out of High Speed Steel (HSS) with a titanium coating, these drill bits will deliver tough durability and a longer service life that will endure through multiple uses. Our Verdict With a titanium coating, these are packed with ultimate durability and will provide a longer service life through multiple uses without dulling.

Always a trusted name in power equipment, Dealt delivers high quality to these bits that are coated with titanium to provide more durability and a longer life span when driving into non-ferrous metals. They have a tapered web to reduce breaking, and are ideal for boring in wood or plastic for both residential and commercial applications.

Why We Like It Titanium Pilot Point Starts on contact No spin shanks 30-day money-back guarantee Featuring titanium pilot points that start on contact, these heavy-duty bits are made to prevent walking, and the anti-spin no-spin shank is a treat.

Our Verdict These industrial-grade high-speed steel bits have an 8% cobalt alloy providing better heat and abrasion resistance. Having cobalt alloy is worth the investment and ensures that you can complete the harder material tasks.

These titanium-coated bits are roller-forged from quality high-speed steel that can be used in high-powered stationary presses, and the roller-forged and sharpened edges deliver fast, clean penetration that is ideal for automotive, industrial, and construction. Our Verdict These bits are specifically made for wood and designed to bore into softwoods quickly and accurately.

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These Dealt bits have a black oxide finish that provides better longevity and greater protection from wear. The rugged case container has a sliding soft-grip lock that secures and prevents lost bits.

Why We Like It Easy to use Durable black oxide finish Slip and walking reduction Soft grip lock for security Drill America features their 29-piece, 1/64-inch incremental bits that are constructed to perform in a wide range of materials specifically in the iron and steel families.

The gold oxide finish helps reduce friction and creates coolant pockets near the cutting edge that make these ideal for drilling in tough, hard metal materials for maintenance, construction, or portable work. With a heavy-duty spiral fluted design for faster chip ejection and a 135-degree split point tip for easy penetration, these tools are versatile and durable enough to use on a wide variety of materials.

Why We Like It Durable cobalt steel Spiral flute design Faster chip ejection Torque reduction cutting lips Our Verdict Made with the super-durable 5% cobalt M-42 alloy, these bits are ready to tackle the hard stuff with features that include a heavy-duty spiral flute design to bore cleaner and faster, and a 135-degree split point tip for easy penetration.

For the price, this set delivers high quality and durability in its drilling, countersink, and counterboring detailing. The Snappy brand is known for its durability and long life countersinks, and this set has received many rave reviews by satisfied consumers.

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Allow the tool to do most of the work while you continue to apply steady pressure that is directly parallel to the bit. These are special with a pointed end that is self-centering, allowing the bit to make the initial hole and bite right into the wood, rather than sitting all around the surface like others would do.

There is also a set of cutting spurs on either side of the point which will slice the wood fibers upon contact, allowing for a smoother, cleaner hole. These are HSS bits that are heated up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit that creates a black oxide finish, resisting rust and corrosion, and reduces friction that helps speed up drilling.

They are well suited for steel, copper, aluminum, brass, oak, maple, pine, PVC, polycarbonate, acrylic, nylon and composites. Carbide (Carb) bits are the hardest of all and are primarily used in production with higher equipment, not to be used in hand drills or presses.

Our Pro team has extensive experience using these bits in just about every type of setting. Milwaukee uses what they call Red Helix variable-width flutes to eject chips better than standard designs.

They also go with a 135° tip to help cut in more quickly and reduce a bit walking on metal. They also have excellent chip ejection and don’t heat up as quickly as other bits we’ve used.

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The Akita Impact Gold Titanium drill bits come in a set that almost seems too good to be true. For a basic drill bit set, you get some decent features in Dealt’s DW1177 kit.

The coating doesn’t do much to reduce heat or friction, but it does keep the bits from rusting as easily. Finally, Dealt puts 3-flat spots on the shank to better lock into drill chucks.

We also wanted to include the excellent Bosch 60-piece Black Oxide Index Drill Bit Set. Just like their titanium bits, they have the Red Helix variable flute design.

They also have a 135° Rutledge Tip that helps it drill much faster than other cobalt bits we tested and still keep the walking to a minimum. Milwaukee updated these bits with Enhanced Tapered Web; a new core design that strengthens it with better flute durability.

Their primary goal in life is to drill well in thicker, harder metals. When the tips on these bits dull, consider sharpening them since cobalt runs throughout the steel.

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We love the build quality on the Dealt 29-piece cobalt pilot point drill bit set. It has a tapered core that gradually adds stiffness to the bit as it gets closer to the base.

The carbide tips on the Daredevil Multi-Purpose Drill Bits are tough enough to cut through almost any material. When you know you need to drill into brick and cinder block alone, having a dedicated set of bits makes sense.

In this case, we feel one of the best drill bits for brick comes under the Dealt brand. A threaded tip and wave design give the Bosch Daredevil an advantage over most of its competition.

It cuts more smoothly and leaves a relatively clean hole compared to other spade bits. As we mentioned above, if speed is your #1 priority, consider the second-generation Irwin Speedboat spade bits.

They beat out Bosch Daredevil when we tested using 1-inch bits in 2x material and 3-3/4 inches of layered OSB. Among the standard auger bit benefits, you’ll find that Bosch looks specifically to enhancing performance with cordless drills.

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The head to keep you in high speed, so you’re drilling faster and the tips help improve your runtime and durability. Our team reaches for an Irwin Unibit Cobalt Step Bit when thin metal drilling is on the menu.

It seems like a small thing at first, but Irwin laser etches the measurements on the inside of the flute where they won’t wear off over time. Diablo’s step bits start with a 132º tip that prevents walking and drills incredibly fast in our testing.

Milwaukee also targets walk-free starts and fast drilling with their Shock wave step bits. Taking a step up from black oxide, they use a titanium coating and have a hex shank in case you want to use your impact driver.

It’s a good general-purpose design that’s suitable for wood, softer metal, plastics, and composites that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The downsides are that they don’t stay sharp as long as some other twist bit options out there, and you lose the benefits as the coating wears off the cutting edges.

Titanium nitride is a coating you can use instead of black oxide that does the same job of resisting corrosion and friction. The added benefit comes from increasing the surface hardness and creating a thermal barrier that reduces heat buildup.

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The result is a drill bit that lasts longer than black oxide. You’ll want to look elsewhere for concrete/masonry, and you’re better off using your inexpensive black oxide bits for plastics and composites.

Because the cobalt is part of the steel blend, its benefits run through the entire bit instead of wearing away like a coating. With a much higher price tag than black oxide and titanium, you’ll want to go the sharpening route to save money.

Twist bits work best for drilling in a myriad of materials when the target is a hole diameter of 1/2-inch or less. They’re great for moving beyond your standard twist bit sizes and eliminating the need for a punch for holes up to 1-1/4 or a little more.

Our Pro reviewers work in the trades and have the skills and experience to know whether tools can perform well in the field. Our team will put our hands on hundreds of additional tools at media events and trade shows throughout the year.

We consult with innovators in the technology and design of tools to gain a broader grasp of where these products fit and how they work. We work with more than two dozen professional contractors around the United States who review products for us on real job sites and consult with us on testing methods, categories, and weighting.

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