Best Quarter Horse Breeders In Texas

Bob Roberts
• Tuesday, 01 December, 2020
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A steady stream of champion performance, race and ranch horses bred and produced by the Four Sixes TM and our clients are often featured in the news. The Four Sixes is known worldwide, not only as a historic Texas cattle operation but also for producing top quality American Quarter Horses for racing and ranch work and are consistently ranked among the best in the breed.

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The ranch’s resident veterinarian and Horse Division Manager, Dr. Glenn Bridgett, directs the award-winning equine breeding program. Dr Bridgett has cultivated a steady stream of champion performance, race and ranch horses produced by the Four Sixes and our clients.

“The horse here is the vital component of our everyday operation of the ranch from gathering the cows to sorting the calves and calf branding time. The ranch stands some of the most popular stallions in the QuarterHorse industry, and modern technology allows for semen to be cooled, frozen and shipped almost anywhere in the world.

Fourteen pastures make up approximately 10,000 acres of annual grain crops, improved grasses, and native rang eland, which are managed primarily for horse production. “Back when the ranch was established, four Wheeler didn’t exist, so necessity transcended over the years into having these wonderful cow horses to do the work.

“This is the best broke, big remedy of 75-100 saddle horses that I have ever seen as far as every one of them,” said longtime Four Sixes Ranch Employee Boots O’Neal. Over the past 100 years or so, certain “mare families” have proven to deliver desirable traits in their offspring.

In 1982, Bridgett became the resident veterinarian and manager of the horse division at the 6666® Ranch, Guthrie, Texas. The ranch’s foundation stallions included Joe Hancock, Hollywood Gold, Grey Badger II and CEE Bars.

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The Cannon mare, Partition was one of the top 10 horses entering the show pen at the 2020 World's Greatest Horseman on Saturday, Feb 22nd, and she did not disappoint! Partition piloted by Jake Tel ford, scored a 220 in the Herd Work, putting them in first place.

We take pride in raising color as well as quality horses that have the bloodlines that can be taken in any direction. We are standing three stallions at this time, Aqua BLACKS LITTLE Taxi, an own son of BLACK LITTLE LENA, & Alpha Locos Drifting CACTUS, Great Grandson of Polo DELL & CACTUS BEN.

We stand at stud and raise quality quarter horses that have a lot of the top cutting bloodlines in the industry. At this present time, two outstanding stallions are available for breeding to outside mares: Aqua Bobs Sod buster, Coal and NCAA money earner, is an own son of the fabulous Bob Acre Doc; and Alpha Smart Little Crimson is a sorrel Tobago own son of Smart Little Pistol.

Providing East Texas with the best quality American Quarter Horses around. Broodmares: Bugs Alive in 75, Oklahoma Fuel, Martha Six Moons, Hancock, Sak Em San, Driftwood, etc.

Our goal is to produce offspring from quality and proven cutting, reining, and halter bloodlines. We have Quarter Horses with pedigree foundation bloodlines that go back to Doc Bar, Leo, Flit, Polo Buena, King P234, just to name a few.

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The end product is a horse that can work all week then show on the weekends. Bloodlines include: King234, Blue Valentine, Two Eyed Jacks, Polo Buena, Doc's Prescription, King Fritz, Sun Frost, Raise a Native, Depth Charge, Sugar Bars, Citation Bars, Rightfully, Johnny Dial, Abdullah, Dash For Cash, Jet Deck, Mr. Meyers.

2008, PEPTOBOONSMAL x BOON SAN KITTY, HIGH BROW CAT THE BOON (LTE $76,156) (Peptoboonsmal-Boon San Kitty, by High Brow Cat) is an eight-generation descendant of OLD SORREL.

Linens MOON is a son of former King Ranch stallion, A son of Rites SWEET BADGER who was known for siring a calm, polite horse with unparalleled ability including COKES DRY (Aqua point-earner), LUNA BADGER (finalist Rhea Top finalist). Sire of 14 Aqua point-earners, including MS Mary MERCEDES ($9,553: Abilene Western Non-Pro Cutting Futurity Reserve Champion).

MARSALA RED was born, bred, and broke on King Ranch. Rolando Singer, who used to serve as King Ranch’s Readers (wrangler) for the horse operation, would demonstrate MARSALA RED’s polite demeanor by saddling MARSALA gathering the stallion’s own mare band.

MARSALA is almost a mirror image of HIRED HAND, a top son of OLD SORREL. MARSALA is utilized to put more size and substance on thin boned, fashionable bloodlines of today.

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MARSALA RED is the sire of PLAY ADA MARSALA (Aqua point-earner: 9th Congress Pole Bending Junior Youth), A Oil BIT O FLASH (6th Aqua Cow town Showdown Ranch Horse Open). MARSALA RED is a son of PLAY RED, $136,088: split 4th NCAA Super Stakes Open Classic; 5th Polo Ranch Cutting 4-Year-Old Open Derby; Abilene Spectacular Non-Pro Classic Co-Reserve Champion; finalist in the NCAA Non-Pro Derby; El Cid Cutting 4-Year-Old Non-Pro Co-Reserve Champion.

Sire of 45 RGP money-earners, 14 Aqua point-earners, including PLAY RED SALLY ($5,184 and 16 Aqua points: and 14 novice points: Aqua World Level 2 Amateur Barrel Racing Reserve Champion), ROYAL RED PLAY ($90,820: NCAA Western Nationals Non-Pro Champion). EL REY Hides is an eighth-generation descendant of our foundation sire, OLD SORREL.

This horse is the last son of proven King Ranch sire Aquino SUGAR (CJ SUGAR x Pepys Aquino, PEPPY SAN BADGER). “El Rey” is a great cross of a daughter of a top son of Little Peppy (HAIDAS LITTLE PEP), a top son of CJ SUGAR (Aquino) and foundation King Ranch blood.

El Rey is descent of the King Ranch running horses DEPTH CHARGE and BOLD VENTURE (Kentucky Derby Winner and producer of ASSAULT, 1946 Triple Crown winner). He has great motility, and we froze a limited number before he could come back to work at King Ranch.

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