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In every breeding industry there are a number of incredibly influential bloodstock that make their mark on the stud book. These are the stallions and dams that dominate QuarterHorse news and have made such a huge impact on their breed that they are known almost as household names. From the Halter Horse show ring to the fastest quarter mile at the track, in addition to cutting, reining, and working cow horse events, these stallions cut out their place in the American QuarterHorse Association’s books as influential and leading in their disciplines.

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In 1974, he earned the first ever World Champion Open Aged Halter Stallion title. He sired 2,250 horses in total, and made a name for his bloodline in halter after his world championship.

Originally crossed on Thoroughbred bloodstock, his get immediately started excelling in a variety of disciplines. The American and Australian Quarter horse breeders have produced an amazing horse capable of all round work and versatility.

Top Deck never made it to the track himself, and neither did Go Man Go’s mother, a little mare from Louisiana named Light foot Sis. But both horses were beautifully bred, and it’s a shame that Top Deck was injured as a yearling, and Light foot Sis was blind in one eye, because we’ll never know how fast they could have been.

I mean, just flat ran off with me.’ On another day, Go Man Go ripped off half a shoe but still set blistering training times. Go Man Go got fed up, threw his jockey in the stalls, then broke down the gate and set off down the track.

Ferguson wanted To Go Man Go back, and when Green made him angry by saying his latest expensive purchase, Double Bid, was the fastest in his stable (faster than Go Man Go), Ferguson took action. Go Man Go went on to win so much that near the end of his career it was hard to find horses that were willing to race against him.

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Best of all, Go Man Go had a lot of foals you can find his name in thousands of racing quarter horse pedigrees. Go Man Go lived to the ripe old age of 30, passing away in 1983, but he still finds a place on the Aqua leading broodmare sires list even now.

Ranchers have bred for the ideal working ranch horse for more than a hundred years. Around the turn of the 20th century, Thoroughbred stallions in the U.S. government’s Remount program improved bloodlines of ranch Remus throughout the West.

And in the heyday of match racing, famous stallions known for their quick bursts of speed and athleticism began influencing the breeding programs of many working cattle ranches. In the mid-1900s, horses such as Driftwood, Bert, Hollywood Gold, Grey Badger III, Sugar Bars, King, Polo Buena and Leo added another layer to the foundation of the breed.

After interviewing top ranchers and leading horsemen, and analyzing registration statistics and production sale records, Western Horseman editors and staff members cast their votes for the ranch- horse bloodlines that have had the most influence on today’s working strings. Photo by Katy Peaked by “Old Man” Childless of Silverton, Texas, and foaled in 1932, Driftwood emerged from a relatively unknown pedigree.

Under As bury Shell, one of several of the horse ’s owners and a top rodeo hand, “Speedy” became a famous rope horse and later was well-known throughout Arizona and California as a top sire of rodeo mounts. At age 11, Driftwood was purchased by Channing and Catherine Peace of Lompoc, California.

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Mel Potter of Marina, Arizona, is largely responsible for keeping the Driftwood line alive. “Whenever someone came to look at , Howard threw me on him bareback with just a halter on him,” Brink man recalls.

The 1961 sorrel earned a Superior in halter and Aqua points in a wide variety of events, including reining, working cow horse and Western riding. A photo taken in Oklahoma, probably about 1927, shows the famous horse in racing shape. Joe Hancock’s history is filled with approximation and uncertainty.

This unusual cross gave Joe Hancock his stout conformation, calm yet tough disposition, speed and cow sense. After a colorful match-race career, during which he stood open to race any horse for three-eights of a mile, Joe Hancock retired virtually undefeated.

Tom Burnett paid $2,000 for the horse, and retired him to stud on the Four Sixes/ Triangle Ranches. Today, rodeo competitors, ropers and ranchers appreciate Hancock-bred horses for their big, stout conformations, grittiness and cow sense.

Some Hancock's are known for their buck, big feet and plain heads, but staunch supporters say few foundation bloodlines produce such hardworking horses. Pedigree: sired by John Wilkes, by Peter Occur, and out of an unregistered range mare.

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Doc Bar When Tom and Jack Finley of Gilbert, Arizona, bred AA running horse Dandy Doll to AAA racehorse Lightning Bar, they hoped to produce a sleek speedster. The 14.3-hand, 1,000-pound chestnut stallion won only $95 in lifetime racing earnings; however, he went on to excel in halter competition and sire a cutting- horse dynasty from 1960 to 1978.

His get dominated cutting competition with their cow sense, athleticism and graceful, sweep moves. These qualities make Doc Bar’s blood popular with today’s working ranch- horse breeders.

“He was a prolific sire, and he was very proponent; he passed on his cow sense and athletic ability to his offspring.” Little Peppy will forever be linked to the legendary King Ranch and famous horseman Buster Welch.

The American cowboy and his horse have become icons of the wild west. There are some breeds of horses that lend themselves more naturally to ranch work than others.

The QuarterHorse has secured its place in American history as the iconic symbol of the old west. They can work cows, hold the end of a rope and chase after livestock when asked.

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They are can be quiet enough for the youngest cowboys to ride and quick enough to get things done in a hurry when need to be. The Aqua was formed for solid horses whereas the founding members of the Alpha valued color and performance.

The fact is, many wild mustang herds were formed from ranchers turning out excess stock. Different herds may vary in type depending on what kind of stallions were turned loose in the area, but ranch-type horses are very common.

In the wild, mustangs frequently have to travel long distances between food and water. This helps them to grow accustomed to navigating difficult footing.

One of the best ranch horses I ever knew was a purebred Appaloosa stallion. This horse needed to be versatile enough to do ranch chores by day and pull a buggy by night if he was asked.

While not a “breed” of horse, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the use of mules on the ranch. While not every horseman can properly train a mule, their intelligence, sturdiness, and agility make them excellent for use on a working ranch.

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Mules can work a rope or cut a cow just as good as any other ranch horse. If, on the other hand, mom is a QuarterHorse or Paint Horse, you may be lucky enough to wind up with a super hardy partner.

The job you and your horse do will vary depending on the type of ranch you operate. It all comes down to what you want to accomplish and how much time you are willing to put into training your horse to do those tasks.

There’s always a winner, with bragging rights accompanying, forever never ceasing, and another in second place today. Certainly, big time horse racing is often limited to not necessarily kings and queens, but more affluent.

Little funds buy inexpensive horse and wins a big time race immediately enhancing fortune changing lives forever. However, nobody can argue horse racing is a major business generating revenue approaching record levels of all sports.

Getting into racing generally requires major investment, but backyard trainers still have their place generating good lifetime family livelihood. Interesting to all some facts about the world of horse racing given by an official at the American QuarterHorse Association (Aqua) in Amarillo, Texas.

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“The fastest horse in the world is the American QuarterHorse,” stated Janet Weinberger, chief racing officer for the American QuarterHorse Association in Amarillo, Texas.“Even then some Thoroughbred horse owners hate to admit it,” Weinberger added smiling. In QuarterHorse racing, the clock begins as soon as the starter pushes the button and the gates open, Weinberger clarified.

Horse racing has often been considered the “sport of kings.” Yet, nearly everybody enjoys the thrill of horse racing, making it one of the richest sports in the world. Although Thoroughbreds break from the gate like Quarter Horses, their timer doesn’t begin until they’re several strides from the gate. “The classic distance is 440 yards, a quarter of a mile, which is where the horse originally drew its name,” Weinberger said.

Most horse people have heard common racetrack terms, but few really know what they mean, Weinberger said. A horse that has a better race record is given a handicap (more weight) to even the playing field.

“Each racehorse is given a permanent tattoo on the inside of its upper lip before the horse ’s first race,” Weinberger said. After they are saddled and ready, the jockeys mount up, and the horses are led onto the track.

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