Best Quarter Horse For Sale

Ellen Grant
• Thursday, 05 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Stud colt by Los dam is invested pine lady she is a multi world champion producer and multi ... 20-year-old aqua quarter horse.

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Persona is a 15-year-old bay AQH, standing at about 15. TRI colored paint mare 12yrs old been ridden on trails loads in any trailer and great with farrier ...

He's a super gentle curio minded colt with lots of bone and just built thick! 2008 Grey Broodmare, this mare is beautiful, and she wouldn't be for sale if she was in foal for ...

Gorgeous 2yr old red Dun mare we’ve raised from a baby, she’s by our stud RTR Doc Peppy San.... 11-year-old mare has been trained but not ridden much lately.

A steady stream of champion performance, race and ranch horses bred and produced by the Four Sixes TM and our clients are often featured in the news. The Four Sixes is known worldwide, not only as a historic Texas cattle operation but also for producing top quality American Quarter Horses for racing and ranch work and are consistently ranked among the best in the breed.

The ranch’s resident veterinarian and Horse Division Manager, Dr. Glenn Bridgett, directs the award-winning equine breeding program. Dr Bridgett has cultivated a steady stream of champion performance, race and ranch horses produced by the Four Sixes and our clients.

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“The horse here is the vital component of our everyday operation of the ranch from gathering the cows to sorting the calves and calf branding time. The ranch stands some of the most popular stallions in the QuarterHorse industry, and modern technology allows for semen to be cooled, frozen and shipped almost anywhere in the world.

Fourteen pastures make up approximately 10,000 acres of annual grain crops, improved grasses, and native rang eland, which are managed primarily for horse production. “Back when the ranch was established, four Wheeler didn’t exist, so necessity transcended over the years into having these wonderful cow horses to do the work.

“This is the best broke, big remedy of 75-100 saddle horses that I have ever seen as far as every one of them,” said longtime Four Sixes Ranch Employee Boots O’Neal. Over the past 100 years or so, certain “mare families” have proven to deliver desirable traits in their offspring.

In 1982, Bridgett became the resident veterinarian and manager of the horse division at the 6666® Ranch, Guthrie, Texas. The ranch’s foundation stallions included Joe Hancock, Hollywood Gold, Grey Badger II and CEE Bars.

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