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Keep in mind that sometimes horses from a racing bloodline may actually excel as other events, like cutting or rodeo, and vice versa. The Driftwood bloodline began all the way back in 1932 with a stunning bay stallion named Speedy.

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True to his name, Speedy became a successful match race winner at a young age. Years later, when he was purchased by a new owner and registered with the American QuarterHorse Association (Aqua), Speedy’s name was changed to the now famous Driftwood.

He became known as a tried and true sire to produce quick, even-tempered Quarter Horses that excelled in the rodeo world. From barrel racing to roping, the Driftwood bloodline continues to produce quality, successful horses that dominate the competition.

Originally registered as Appendix based on his lineage, Go Man Go was bred to be a racehorse. A cross between a Thoroughbred stallion and a mare registered as Appendix, the colt was not considered a true QuarterHorse at the time he was born.

After years of fighting and determination by his owners, this gorgeous roan horse was added to the main Aqua registry largely thanks to the stunning features of his first offspring. He was finally officially considered an American QuarterHorse, and he would go on to sire countless race champions including Duplicate Copy and Hustling Man.

He is well-known in the racing world and to obtain a horse that possesses this lineage certainly increases the likelihood of succeed on the racetrack. Born in 1961, Two Eyed Jacks was a stocky sorrel stallion whose lineage can be traced back to Joe Hancock, another popular QuarterHorse bloodline.

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Today, Two Eyed Jacks holds the top position in the all-time leading sires of Aqua Champion horses. A dominating force in the cutting horse industry, the Peppy San Badger line is arguably the bestQuarterhorse bloodline in the discipline.

His sire was Mr. San Peppy, a famous and dominating cutting horse and a champion in his own right. In his lifetime, Little Peppy sired an impressive 2,325 American Quarter horse foals who combined would earn over $25 million.

A chestnut QuarterHorse stallion born in 1956, Doc Bar was originally meant to be racehorse, but his true potential lay in halter events. While he struggled on the racetrack, Doc Bar excelled in halter events, winning an astonishing 9 grand championships in only 15 shows.

Beyond that, Quarter Horses today with the Doc Bar bloodline tend to be calm, easily trainable and full of potential in a variety of sports and uses. There is no question, one of the bestQuarterHorse bloodlines for ranch work and cattle wrangling is Doc Bar.

Born from a half-Percheron mare, Joe Hancock, the horse, did not fit the ‘desired’ Quarter horse standards of 1923. He would go on to sire numerous well-built Quarter Horses with calm demeanor as well as marked abilities inside and outside the arena.

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His offspring include many successful roping horses such as Red Man and Roan Hancock, the latter of which was a favorite of famous ropers Shoat Webster and Everett Shaw. If you are looking for a successful roping horse, look no further than a lineage that includes Joe Hancock and his infamous bloodline.

Proper training and adequate riders can often deter a Hancock horse that displays a penchant for bucking if you happen to come across one. While not every single horse will have an exceptional downline, there are many that continue to impress and dominate their competition.

The truth is, there are a lot of excellent bloodlines in the QuarterHorse breed, but Driftwood, Doc Bar, Go Man Go, Peppy San Badger, Joe Hancock and Two Eyed Jack rank at the top of their respective fields. These bloodlines withstand the test of time and their descendants continue to represent them as the best of the American QuarterHorse breed.

Ranchers have bred for the ideal working ranch horse for more than a hundred years. Around the turn of the 20th century, Thoroughbred stallions in the U.S. government’s Remount program improved bloodlines of ranch Remus throughout the West.

And in the heyday of match racing, famous stallions known for their quick bursts of speed and athleticism began influencing the breeding programs of many working cattle ranches. In the mid-1900s, horses such as Driftwood, Bert, Hollywood Gold, Grey Badger III, Sugar Bars, King, Polo Buena and Leo added another layer to the foundation of the breed.

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After interviewing top ranchers and leading horsemen, and analyzing registration statistics and production sale records, Western Horseman editors and staff members cast their votes for the ranch- horse bloodlines that have had the most influence on today’s working strings. Photo by Katy Peaked by “Old Man” Childless of Silverton, Texas, and foaled in 1932, Driftwood emerged from a relatively unknown pedigree.

Under As bury Shell, one of several of the horse ’s owners and a top rodeo hand, “Speedy” became a famous rope horse and later was well-known throughout Arizona and California as a top sire of rodeo mounts. At age 11, Driftwood was purchased by Channing and Catherine Peace of Lompoc, California.

Mel Potter of Marina, Arizona, is largely responsible for keeping the Driftwood line alive. “Whenever someone came to look at , Howard threw me on him bareback with just a halter on him,” Brink man recalls.

The 1961 sorrel earned a Superior in halter and Aqua points in a wide variety of events, including reining, working cow horse and Western riding. A photo taken in Oklahoma, probably about 1927, shows the famous horse in racing shape. Joe Hancock’s history is filled with approximation and uncertainty.

This unusual cross gave Joe Hancock his stout conformation, calm yet tough disposition, speed and cow sense. After a colorful match-race career, during which he stood open to race any horse for three-eights of a mile, Joe Hancock retired virtually undefeated.

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Tom Burnett paid $2,000 for the horse, and retired him to stud on the Four Sixes/ Triangle Ranches. Today, rodeo competitors, ropers and ranchers appreciate Hancock-bred horses for their big, stout conformations, grittiness and cow sense.

Some Hancock's are known for their buck, big feet and plain heads, but staunch supporters say few foundation bloodlines produce such hardworking horses. Pedigree: sired by John Wilkes, by Peter Occur, and out of an unregistered range mare.

Doc Bar When Tom and Jack Finley of Gilbert, Arizona, bred AA running horse Dandy Doll to AAA racehorse Lightning Bar, they hoped to produce a sleek speedster. The 14.3-hand, 1,000-pound chestnut stallion won only $95 in lifetime racing earnings; however, he went on to excel in halter competition and sire a cutting- horse dynasty from 1960 to 1978.

His get dominated cutting competition with their cow sense, athleticism and graceful, sweep moves. These qualities make Doc Bar’s blood popular with today’s working ranch- horse breeders.

“He was a prolific sire, and he was very proponent; he passed on his cow sense and athletic ability to his offspring.” Little Peppy will forever be linked to the legendary King Ranch and famous horseman Buster Welch.

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High Brow Cat looms large on the list of all-time leading NCAA Futurity sires. The show, as usual, will feature well-bred entrants sired by the best stallions in the Western performance horse world.

Pedigree : 99S, (High Brow Cat x She's Pretty Smooth x Wheeling Peppy) Progeny Earnings : $3,511,155 Earners : 245 Top Performers : RankSireTotal NCAA Futurity $$$6 Peptoboonsmal $3,170,8247Peppy San Badger$3,164,1928Dual Pep$3,148,2989Freckles Playboy$2,131,89710Doc’s Hickory$2,111,23511 One Time Pesto $1,876,83312Doc O’Lena$1,617,54413 Dual Smart Rey $1,281,48814 Woody Be Tuff $1,273,43515CD Olena$1,197,099 Updates: This story has been updated with the correct pedigree for Dual Rey.

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0:44.60 EISTI, Idle Thoughts, It's Okay to Hurt, Overlord I, Traffic Express 4 furlongs. 0:46.88 Giveloveabadname, Maggot 4 furlongs.

0:54.00 Satellite 5 furlongs. 0:55.60 Better Talk Hawaii, Crackgoesmyheart, Dreamscanbereal, Island City II, Or Verde, Rookie I, Schilling II, Singlikeyourealone, Soul Patrol, Soul dance II, Starryeyedsurprise I, Starsontheline II, Storm Chasing II, Stunt Pilot, Taiwan, Testimony II, Vatican City 5 furlongs.

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1:20.98 Insectivore 7 furlongs. 1:22.05 Acquittal, Matador, Pentium II, Red Lights, Take a Hike II, Three of Stars, Washawaytherain II 7 furlongs.

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