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Carole Stephens
• Sunday, 20 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Find a trusted Aqua Professional Horseman that fits perfectly with you and your horse. The Aqua Professional Horsemen Association makes it easy to find qualified trainers who can help you and your horse establish a productive relationship and achieve success.

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Only professionals who have met the qualifications of the Aqua Professional Horsemen and who have agreed to be bound by its code of ethics are eligible for membership. Most importantly, these individuals share as much a passion for their work as they do for the American QuarterHorse.

Aqua is dedicated to helping horse owners find the right trainer for their specific needs, from general training assistance to specific disciplines, such as cutting, barrel racing, western pleasure, working hunter and racing. If you're just getting started, use this checklist to ensure you are had all the information you need to make a wise choice.

Before you search for the perfect horse trainer, ask yourself a few questions: No matter what your goal, you should ride at least one time per week, possibly more.

Once you've found a prospective horse trainer or riding instructor, ask him or her: Standing An own son of Drifts Chip and a Mammoth Jack.

Training Beginner, Bridle, Equitation, Hunter, Hunter Jumper, Lesson, … Services Training Breed(s) Arabian, Moral, Italian, Quarab. Dressage training and lessons specializing in rider fitness, mobility.

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We are a non-profit organization working to instill values and responsibility for at risk youth through horses and mentors. Training English Pleasure, Evening, Halter, Jumping, … Services Training, Lessons, Clinics, Horseback Riding.

Services Training, Lessons, Horseback Riding Breed(s) Frisian, Hanoverian, Holstein er, Thoroughbred, Warm blood Training Advanced, Dressage, English Pleasure, Evening, Equitation, … Raise cows, horses, pigs, sheep, rabbits, and chickens.

Services Training Breed(s) Paint, Percheron, Pony, POA, QuarterHorse, Other, Unknown Training Breaking, Ranch Work, Western Riding, Working Cattle The round pen is his tool and the horses he trains and transforms are his happy works of art.

The horse community here in Florida is fortunate indeed to have Ronnie Ford available to us mow, as he has been for many years. I’ve been fortunate to see Ronnie in action at one of his clinics, and it was a revelation of what one man can do with a horse in a short span of time.

I recently spent a fascinating two-hour lunch speaking with Ronnie before he hit the road to share his knowledge and training talent with the rest of the country. Born in Lakeland from an old ranching family, like many trainers, Ronnie has spent his life around horses.

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He told me he never planned on being a horse trainer and in fact was in the construction business for himself at one point in his life. Throughout our conversation, his philosophy came through in a single statement he made, “to make life better for the horse, you have to first go through the human”.

Like a lot of trainers who have come to prominence in the past 10 years or so, Ronnie is what is now called a Natural Horseman. Great horseman like Ray Hunt put this training on the map, and many people have been doing this for years, unsung not even realizing it had a “name”.

Ronnie has been practicing this art quietly for years in his home state of Florida with much success and the clients he’s helped; well they usually turn into friends as well. I asked Ronnie what he thought about the current popularity of the whole Natural Horseman philosophy and his response was that if it made things better for the horse then that’s good, but if it is just for the ego boost of the owner, well then chances are they missed the point.

When you watch Ronnie Ford at a clinic you will notice a lack of any fancy equipment, tools, etc. I mentioned this during our lunch and with a typical Ronnie Ford response, he said “The best treat I have is at the end of my arm, and I haven’t figured out yet how to sell that”.

With just his hands, voice and the occasional kick of dirt from his foot, Ronnie gets done the job that needs to be done. If you attend a Ronnie Ford clinic expecting to see a show and be sold some equipment that will get you the same results, then you might be disappointed.

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In working with him in the round pen at one point, Pistol became distracted by a nearby mare and turned his frustration on Ronnie, picking him up by his shoulder and shaking him like a toy before dropping him. He could attempt to roll away from Pistol and hopefully make it out of the round pen without the horse following him and doing more damage.

Ronnie dragged himself up, all the while trying to figure out if he still had his arm attached to his shoulder and nursing some banged up ribs. Ronnie lost Jo in 2012, and it was clear when he spoke of him that this was his equine partner in heart and soul.

While speaking with Ronnie, he let me know that Jo has some issues with his legs that have to be worked on, and he is hoping for the best. It was clear to see he was worried about this last living connection to his equine soulmate and praying for a good resolution.

A testament to how well respected and loved this man is by his clients / friends is a story that I know of regarding an incident that occurred involving our unpredictable Florida weather. The Lord must have looked down on Ronnie that day, because the horses all survived in good order.

People offered trailers, barn space, and labor and whatever else was needed to get Ronnie back up and running. I don’t know many people who elicit that kind of response, but Ronnie Ford seems to bring out the best in horses and their folk.

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For years now his clients, friends and loved ones have been urging him to “take his show on the road” and let the rest of the country know how good he is at what he does. For just as many years, he has been content to just stay local” and work with his horses here in Florida and states nearby.

I asked Ronnie for his itinerary, and at this point he is headed to Atlanta, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and on into Washington and possibly California. My advice to anyone who would like to see a consummate professional and a compassionate advocate for the horse would be to contact him for his schedule or better yet find out when he will be in your area to go and see him.

If your horse is having a problem with their human, contact Ronnie for information on how to get a clinic in your area. With over 30 years experience as a riding instructor, Karen is passionate about developing beginners into confident riders and compassionate horse owners.

Her ultimate dream would be to see the US Equestrian Team mounted on these great reclaimed athletes. Sue and Jeanne Wolfe are incredible equestrians with decades of experience.

Heading to ELS each weekend is the highlight of my week and my riding continues to...” read more I have taken lessons from several other places, but Bracken hollow stands out far above the rest.

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Julie B. said “My horse and I have been at Grateful Pine Farm for almost 6 months. I really enjoy coming here the workers are so nice and helpful and care about all of us and our horses.

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At Bus you can bet from your home computer, mobile or tablet at any of these trainers. Feel like a VIP with an 8% horse betting rebate on horse bets, win or lose, paid to your account the very next day.

Leaders lists are limited to horses with at least one start in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico. Leaders lists are limited to owners with at least one start in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico.

Leaders lists are limited to horses with at least one start in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico. Fred Fisher is one of Arizona's Premier Aqua Professional Horsemen.

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Fred landed, literally, on the path to becoming a Professional Horseman when he was 13 years old in Chandler, Arizona. Fred waited the 6 weeks until he got his cast off, took his first riding lesson, and the following weekend he competed in his first horse show.

Whether it’s training Quarter Horses and Paint Horses for showing in Aqua or Alpha in Western and English disciplines including Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, Trail, Western Riding, Ranch Riding, Reining, Hunter Under Saddle and Equitation; In-Hand events including Halter and Showmanship; or for just having a calm and safe trail horse, Fred teaches horses of all breeds the same basic skills. Fred’s patient and subtle methods have produced success with all ages and types of horses and their riders, at all levels, in nearly all disciplines.

Showing-show ring behavior/improvement of existing skills/learning new skills Listening to the rider's cues in any situation Trailer loading and unloading Standing tied Standing calmly for the farrier Ground manners in any situation Grooming issues Confidence (horse &/or rider) Respect for people Long ago, Fred decided that he, himself, could best determine the shoeing needs of his horses based on his expertise in assessing their movement from a training aspect.

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