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• Friday, 18 December, 2020
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Pants: Pretty Pink Jeans Racing on SSO should be a fun and rewarding experience if you are willing to put in the effort to be competitive at it.

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When I find something I enjoy I strive to learn it and do it well, there is no halfway for me. Yet I also know that certain things take time to accomplish, and it would be unrealistic for me to think I can just start winning races like the seasoned players there as if I was a prodigy playing the piano for the first time.

There are so many factors involved in being successful in the races on SSO that many people I see making comments in the game chat or on their Facebook pages about it fail to realize. This in my opinion is overlooked by a lot of people, mainly those that enter a Champ without any tack on their horses and expect to bring home a ribbon.

Stats is the level of your ability in a certain area, such as Riding on you player or Strength in your horse. Which equipment you choose will add to those stats increasing you and your horses' ability.

This is one reason to try to buy the best equipment you can for your level if your goal is to be competitive. To get the best bang for your buck out of Clothes and Equipment for racing you want to get clothes with the highest stats in Riding and for your horse the highest stats in Swiftness you can find.

The higher the level of horse or rider the better your racing performance will be. As you achieve higher levels your ability will grow as will your horse's.

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If it has a dark red frowny face your horse will perform quite poorly, while if it has a Green Happy face your horse will perform to the very best of its ability. Your Ability to Navigate the Track ~ Some tracks take a while to learn how to run them, where the fastest route is and where to slow down if needed.

Running the tracks at top speed is not always the quickest route and neither is jumping an obstacle. Also, there will be times when it will be quicker to slow down a bit beforehand to make a turn at or after a jump.

There are many shortcuts in most of the races you can take to knock seconds off your times. It took me a while to teach myself to do this; but all the aggravation I pushed through was more than worth it in the long run.

If you are getting a lot of lags with your graphics then your computer is working very hard to run it. My horse would make sudden stops so frequently I was about to just give up playing because it reached the point of insanity and made the game no longer any fun.

For me, I was fortunate enough to be able to upgrade my computer altogether as I needed it for work anyways, but I know not everyone can do this. So now you know that there are a lot of factors involved in racing on SSO then you thought and what the main ones are.

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Racing in game has become pretty darn competitive, so if you enter to win you need to bring your A game and run that race to the very best of your abilities. I have many times, and I'm pretty sick of it which is why I'm adding this in here, as I have been accused of it by other players who haven't even got a clue.

They are racing in the best tack they can find, are practicing the courses, know how to handle their horse well, and have done a lot of work to get to that point. Some people enjoy being successful at running a pixel horse race, whatever their reason is doesn't even matter.

What does matter is that a lot of people have absolutely no sense of Sportsmanship what so ever? Honestly I don't care if it was their first or their hundredth ribbon, they got that ribbon because they ran the race well enough to make it across the finish line before the rest of the other players and that is no crime.

Really, if there is a way I don't want to know it nor do I really care because people who have to resort to actually cheating on an online horse game in order to win are seriously low. They are winning without honor and not with effort and skills, which doesn't make them better than anyone as they are the worst kind of player this game would have to offer.

I personally do not think all the work I have put into my horses or the money I have invested in the game is worth the risk of losing it all over trying to win races. I know Haters gotta Hate as it is what they do and seem to love doing but unless you have rock solid proof that the person you are calling a cheater is in fact one then you need to start thinking before you speak.

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I can't honestly speak for everyone as I have seen some really amazing times on the score boards that make me wonder how they did it that I simply cannot touch no matter how much I practice a race. When you call those people cheaters you are only showing everyone you have a serious lack of sportsmanship.

It may be easier to do if you are sitting at a computer typing hurtful things, but it does not remove the pain that your cruel words can cause someone as we never really know who we are talking to online or how it impacts that person. To get better at racing and championships isn’t all about good horses and speed, it’s also about what you are wearing whilst doing it.

Cool Jeans, 70-Star Coins, (Cape West Fishing Village) Stats: Riding + 4 This light and pretty style is not only elegant and stylish, but good quality and perfect for racing.

It’s for tomboys, but has a slight girlish hint with the pink flower decoration and maroon sweater. I present, my personal guide to training in SSO.

There are multiple methods of training your horse in SSO. The best method, because it rewards the player Jarvis shillings, is using daily races.

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NPCs all around Jarvis offer players a race they can complete once a day, for no charge. After completing the race and returning to the NPC, the player is rewarded with JS and horse XP.

I personally recommend only using the horse trainer for the last 3 levels, because they require the most XP to complete. 1) Complete daily races on the horse in training, and collect the XP.

2) Using one horse (usually of a higher level), complete daily races without turning them in to the NPCs. This means you will complete the race without collecting the XP on that horse.

Then call home, mount the horse in training, return to the races completed, and collect the XP. Note that the second form is especially helpful with training ponies, who naturally run slower than horses.

MEANING: it takes exactly 5 days without buying any levels to max a horse. It’s possible in one day to get an extra 325 XP for your daily horse training if you complete the Icelandic Race (New Hillcrest) and Pony Race (Fort Pint).

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If you have a lot of horses you need trained, Fort Pint is the place to be. With access to ferries and a trailer right by the home stable, you can be anywhere in Jarvis within seconds.

It minimizes the time spent running between races, which makes training easier. Not only will this shave seconds off your high scores, but it will save you time in the long run.

Fastest depends on what your personal racing weaknesses are, but there are general rules when choosing racing tack. If you want to have a racing edge, make sure your discipline stat is 21 points or more.

With 21 pts discipline, you move from walk>canter immediately. If you’re bad at timing jumps (like me), find tack that also has strength points along with +3 swiftness.

If you’re bad at timing turns, find tack that also has agility points along with +3 swiftness. You’ve got your horse tacked up and ready to go, but it won’t help too much if you’re not dressed yourself.

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Lucky for you, racing clothing is not only given in quests, but it’s easy to find too. TIP: It’s a good idea to make your secondary focus stat Command.

You’ll start faster that way, for the same reason as Discipline in horses. Located in Silver glade Village, it’s a pair of black jeans limited to level 13 players and up.

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