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Danielle Fletcher
• Wednesday, 09 December, 2020
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Bike riding is an excellent pastime if you want to get plenty of exercise and spend time outdoors in the fresh air. You will need to take some equipment with you, but bicycle saddlebags are the perfect solution for your bike storage issues.

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Some are waterproof and some even come with some handy tools so that you can deal with emergency repairs when you are out and about. Thanks to the adjustable Velcro strap, it is very easy to attach it to your bike and take it off again.

The safety features include a Scotch lite reflective trim and a taillight hanger so that you can attach a light to the bag. The strong zipper will keep your cell phone and wallet secure as you ride.

The medium and large sizes even expand so that you will always have enough room for all your things. It comprises a 600D polyester bag with a zipper and adjustable straps to fix it on.

It fixes neatly below the seat and has enough room for all your cycling essentials including tire tools, keys and cell phone. You will be able to access your belongings easily thanks to the wide zippered opening.

It is made out of PVC and will protect all of your valuables from both water and dust. Thanks to the welding technology, this durable bag stays water-resistant and is easy to clean.

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This useful bike bag has reflective tape on both sides for improved safety and has a hanger for securely fixing a taillight. Thanks to the aerodynamic design, it does not interfere with the natural airflow around the frame.

It secures at the top by rolling over, and you can adjust its length to suit your needs on each ride. This composite bag has three layers, so it is both waterproof and resistant to oil.

To clean this MTB saddlebag, you just wipe it over with a damp cloth. For nighttime safety, there are reflective strips and the bag acts as a fender to guard your body from splashes of muddy water.

This strong bike bag is made from jacquard nylon which is tear-resistant. Because it has a double layer, it is 100 % waterproof and all the hidden compartments are also completely sealed from water penetration.

It’s very easy to put on using a Velcro strap which attaches to the seat post using two durable snap-on buckles. For your safety, there are large reflective pads on each side of the bag and on the front.

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There is even a hook to hang a bike taillight for nighttime rides. Thanks to the 600D nylon fabric and coating of 0.1 mm CPU waterproof film, no water can make itself inside and spoil your items and the bag is strong enough to maintain its shape.

Inside it, there is a larger compartment with a key clip and a useful mesh pocket. There are also two further small side compartments so that you can neatly organize your smaller items and locate them quickly.

It has a durable construction and is made from 100% polyester which is both weather resistant and keeps your belongings safe. You can fix it on your bike in seconds using the snap-on design and the two Velcro straps which are adjustable.

For added safety when cycling in low light conditions, there are reflective strips on three sides of the bag and a loop to which you can fit a taillight. The zipper on this bag provides a practical design that is very easy to open.

It comes with durable straps and buckles so that you can fit it on easily and take it off again quickly. The total capacity is 1.2 liters so there is plenty of room for you to store your cell phone as well as your money and your keys.

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It is made from an attractive PU leather and 600D polyester, so you get an exterior finish that both looks good and is highly durable. Inside, there is a net case which helps you to efficiently organize the storage space.

There are also bright reflective stripes for safety when you are cycling at night and in low light conditions. Whether you use your bike to commute, run errands or take longer trips, you’ll need a way to carry essentials, from a small repair kit to full-on camping gear.

These clips wrap around your bike's frame tubes and accept the lower mounting bolt. It is a secondary option after a rear rack as it adds weight to the bike's front wheel and can affect steering and balance.

Front racks are popular mostly with touring cyclists who carry large volumes of gear. A standard rack (also called a “top mount”) maximizes gear capacity as the load can be carried above the front wheel as well as hung off the sides.

A low rider rack accepts bags only on the sides but holds that weight closer to the ground for better balance. A trailer gives you lots of storage space for carrying heavy loads in town or on long-distance tours.

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Some riders prefer the feel of having the weight off of the bike frame and therefore choose to pull a trailer rather than carry everything on front and rear racks. Best for carrying everyday essentials, extra clothes and camping gear on bike commutes, urban rides and long-distance tours.

Named after the French word for baskets, panniers offer roomy storage, protection from weather and the ability to quickly disconnect from a rack on your bike, so you can take your gear with you. Small items tend to get lost in large panniers, so consider using stuff sacks to get organized.

Caution: Make sure your heel does not contact the bag during your normal pedaling rotation. Too-large panniers (or those improperly mounted too far forward) can cause this impact and an unsafe riding situation.

Rack trunks are smaller than panniers but larger than seat bags, making them a happy medium for carrying extra clothing, bike tools and lunch. Many have plastic sheets to reinforce the base area and retain the shape of the bag.

Most frame bags attach to the top tube of your bike and are sized to keep food, phones, tools and other essentials within easy reach. Larger frame bags for bike packing and touring can hold hydration reservoirs.

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If you're an all-conditions rider who doesn't shy away from rain and road spray, look for a bag rated as “waterproof” instead of “water resistant.” Waterproof bags are made from a rubberized material to keep the contents dry even in a downpour.

Don’t worry, we’ve compiled together a list of the top ATV Bags available, so you’ll have no problem selecting the right storage for your quad. Black Widow’s Locking ATV Cargo Box is equipped to provide riders with sturdy and stress-free journey.

You can basically ride your ATV without the fear of any luggage being stolen or ruined thanks to the simplistic locking latch system. This sought-after ATV bag with its over 9,800 cubic inches of storage space is designed out of high-density polyethylene to protect your equipment when riding on tough terrain.

A large portion of its success is due to the comfy padding that a rider can lean against when riding. If you can’t stand the thought of a difficult ATV Box set up, this model easily attaches to tubular and composite racks due to the four U-bolts and sealing washers.

Simple black design allows ATV Bag to successfully blend with your vehicle Win Ten’s Deluxe ATV Pack is ideal for the average desert rider who wants to enjoy a few cool beers when he or she stops for the night.

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This ATV bag is manufactured from reliable polyester pack material and is covered by numerous storm flaps to keep unwanted moisture from creeping inside. You’ll never have to listen to zipper pulls clanging against your pack again as Win Ten has made sure to include deluxe quiet-riding zips into its design.

Win Ten’s ATV Deluxe Padded Seat Racking is designed to bring comfort into your passenger’s life and happiness into yours. Regarding the latter, backseat riders have raved about the additional comfort and security the padded seat has given them while on the road.

What’s more, the peace of mind you receive knowing that your loved one is safe will be sure to make your own ride a lot more enjoyable. The three spacious compartments are able to accommodate substantial amounts of gear and, thanks to the adaptability of the soft fabric, squeezing in small, awkward items won’t be a problem.

Added security thanks to storm flaps and deluxe zipper pulls With its three padded storage compartments, two water bottle holders, and the possibility of an extra seat, it’s impossible not to love this versatile product.

The Related Camo Pattern design is classy and certainly won’t be spoiled by a bit of rough weather. If you can’t be bothered with the endless hunt for what seems to be the perfect ATV bag, you’ll find everything you desire in Collins’s product.

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If you’re going on a three-day ride or just a family trip down to the lake, the 2.02 cubic feet of storage space will do the trick. And you can guarantee that whatever storage you bring along will be protected along the way thanks to the integrated padding inside.

One could argue Raider’s ATV Rear Rack Storage Bag fits that bill. Made from incredibly durable polyester and designed to withstand adverse weather, this ATV bag is ideal for hunting trips in both summer and winter.

It will secure nicely to your ATV by using a front, side, and rear strap system. However, our favorite feature has to be the integrated topside bungee tie-down system, allowing for extra gear to be attached to the top of your bag.

It takes far too long to peel off every strap while on the trail when all you want is a quick drink of water. Thanks to the ‘Dusk Gasket’ seal, your precious electronics will be protected inside this ATV bag from any adverse weather.

ATV bag opening facing the rider provides easy access when on the trail Although prospective customers may take one quick glance at the price of Black Widow’s ATV Rear Lounger Storage Box and run for the hills, we ask you to think again.

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High comfort levels ensured thanks to backrest and cushioned seat Last but certainly not least, the American Trails ATV Fender Bag is truly the ultimate design for the modern rider.

Ever fancy a snack while on the go but can’t for the life of you access your stuff due to the annoying zips? Available in black and a mossy oak design, your items have guaranteed protection when on a bumpy trail as there is a generous half an inch of insular foam padding.

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