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Bob Roberts
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
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We all love travelling by train is a bliss of its own kind. We have a lot of trouble in calling at the railway’s stations to book a ticket or inquire about something.

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IR CTC allows you to check your PNR status, seat availability, ticket booking etc. Use the app according to your language and explore the map for the trains.

You can check out the timetable of the trains, also includes berth calculator and also provides you with the information related to the trains in between. Android users can download this app and enjoy.

You will love this simple app where you can know about trains and their timings and another inquiry if you want to know any. The smooth functioning of the app which allows you to book your ticket from it.

Very good railway app where you can do total booking and ladies Iota and senior citizen booking. 5. Where is my Train: Indian Railway & PNR Status android / iphone.

Android users are very lucky to have this app for free and can download it easily and then use it to its best. You are just one click away from downloading this amazing app on your devices.

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It gives you the permission to contact the agent and know about the train’s status. You can even book bus tickets and find hotels near the station.

Apart from this you can easily book the train ticket and reserve your choice of seat. You can even apply for food through this app and check the PNR status of the trains.

It also provides you with the live status of the train and the diversion of there is taking place. 9. Indian Rail IR CTC, PNR Status android / iphone.

Indian railways search the trains for you and you can have the best experience from it. Online things are wonderful and easy to access and so are these apps.

Apple has around 775,000 available on its App Store (300,000 of which are iPad dedicated), while Google Play offers around the same amount. Used by many UK and global train operators, the apps are free, run without ads and offer a handy ticket-storing system.

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Sailplane covers Europe-wide train travel with up-to-date pan-European timetable information and detailed city and country maps. Find your closest railway station with the handy inbuilt reality function, and enjoy extra benefits such as free and discounted boat and ferry trips, hotel and museum discounts (for Pass holders only).

It was created by Bacon, a leading European developer that has already designed apps for Deutsche Bahn and Austrian Railways. Dividing your train journey into two separate tickets can save you hundreds of pounds a year.

Perfect for UK rail users and commuters, you can locate your next train, its platform and any delays instantly. Powered and approved by Network Rail Inquiries, the information is live and up-to-date for travel within the next two hours.

It’s worth noting that not all rail networks release platform information, for example Virgin Trains from Huston. The map is now cleverly synched with Bus London and trains, making cross-capital travel just that much easier.

The genius behind Tube Exits, developer Lance Stewart created this, his first app back in 2008, and now has a dedicated start-up team. Not only does this app tell you which carriage to board, but also provides platform exit information for all Tube, DLR and London Overground (New) stations.

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Fairbanks’s creator is a admitted member of the 240,000-plus group of fare dodgers, or ‘black riders’, who pass through the Prague public transport system each year without purchasing tickets. “It struck me that an app that could share the location of inspectors would be extremely useful to some people.” If you’re a dodgy customer too, you’ll be pleased to know that Fairbanks is also available for Berlin, Bratislava, Paris and Vienna.

Still in its infancy, Mo is only in use around Munich, but the technology could well spread to other parts of Europe, meaning fewer cars on streets and a quieter environment. Simply download the city you’re visiting and plan your route via bus, tram, tube and train.

The UK’s Association for Train Operating Companies (ATOM) has for the first time made its database of rail fares freely available to website and app developers, as part of a push for governmental data transparency. For the 2012 Olympic Games, London’s transport network transformed itself from a rickety liability into a transit powerhouse.

Related Companies Highly Innovative Passenger Management Software for Rail This is best Train booking app Android/ iPhone 2021.you are allowed to book IR CTC tickets and this app will also provide you feature of railway ticket inquiry NOTES.

Thus, this app helps you to know the chances of your PNR confirmation and will also help you to know your platform and coach position and provide you information related to live train status and will also provide you uninterrupted entertainment on your journey with low network connectivity. Here in this application, users are allowed to view the status of e- tickets booked via authorized online travel agents.

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1 India’s travel portal to get best deals on flights, hotels and rail booking. Here in this application, you can search for all available trains, and it is one stop point for railway ticket booking.

This app provides you feature of IR CTC railway ticket booking (Both general and total) on all major routes present in India. This application is official IR CTC partner app for booking train tickets, and will also tell you about the best available seat.

This is great app by Center for railway Information system, and it is Indian railways official app to book unreserved suburban train tickets. In this app, you will get feature of QR Booking and here you can cancel ticket anytime.

This is trusted travel app to make your IR CTC, flight, Hotel, Bus, cab and easy train booking. Here in this app, you can search for Indian Railways train tickets and book them.

Here in this application, you can search for all available trains, and it is one stop point for railway ticket booking. This app provides you feature of IR CTC railway ticket booking (Both general and total) on all major routes present in India.

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