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Earl Hamilton
• Monday, 07 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Frequency 4 posts / quarter Blog.arkency.com Facebook fans 671 Twitter followers 1.3K Domain Authority 41 Alexa Rank 212K View Latest Postage Email Contact United States About Blog Driving Ruby Screencasts, DRS, is a collection of tutorial videos and documentation for accomplishing functional concepts.

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While these videos are not designed for beginners to learn Ruby or one of the accompanying frameworks, it does provide use cases that are commonly found when architecting and developing your application. United States About Blog Goals screencasts are here to fill in the gaps, explain the confusing pieces, and give you an understanding you can't find elsewhere.

Frequency 2 posts / week Blog apidock.com/ rails /notes Twitter followers 146 Domain Authority 46 Alexa Rank 24.4K View Latest Postage Email Contact About Blog Bainbridge is working to make tech more diverse and welcoming by teaching programming, connecting human beings, and listening to people's needs.

They organize and teach free workshops on Rails, Ruby, and HTML & CSS in cities all over the world, targeted at groups of people that are underrepresented in tech. Short, focused screencasts twice a week will introduce you to a wide variety of intermediate to advanced Ruby concepts and techniques, Object-Oriented design principles, testing practices, refactoring skills, and much more.

Frequency 14 posts / year Since Dec 2019 Blog hixonrails.com/ruby-on- rails . Twitter followers 42 Social Engagement 27 Domain Authority 18 Alexa Rank 486.9K View Latest Postage Email Contact. Chicago, Illinois, United States About Blog Chicago Ruby is a group of developers & designers who use Ruby, Rails, and related tech.

Frequency 3 posts / quarter Blog everydayrails.com Facebook fans 945 Twitter followers 1.1K Domain Authority 40 Alexa Rank 466.6K View Latest Postage Email Contact San Francisco, California, United States About Blog Jet Ruby is a Ruby on Rails and Mobile Development Company with seven-year experience in the business and satisfied clients from all over the world.

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Frequency 2 posts / year Blog jetruby.com/blog Facebook fans 49 Twitter followers 541 Domain Authority 39 Alexa Rank 1.2M View Latest Postage Email Contact Nearly 1 million live websites use Ruby on Rails now which is why companies like Stacking are starting to support Ruby with their solutions like Retrace to ensure no errors slip through the cracks as deployments get pushed into production.

There are plenty of sources such as online courses, tutorials, blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts, e-books, and development tools as well. You can easily find a lot of online communities created by the Ruby developers that generally answer frequently asked questions.

For instance, Stack Overflow is a platform that has around 280,000 questions related to Ruby on Rails. Similarly, GitHub is another place where you will find the answer to thousands of questions related to Ruby.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best and reliable online sources like blogs and YouTube channels in order to learn Ruby on Rails. So without wasting further time, let us start exploring such blogs and YouTube channels.

It includes topics like Introducing action text for Rails 6, Multi env credential support, Action cable channel unit testing, Read replica database configurations, faster parameter filtering, cookies with purpose etc. They have created their own blog that contains several Ruby tutorials and interview videos of experienced developers from all over the world.

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Reddit for Subsists is a Subreddit where you can get news about the Ruby programming language. Reddit is one of the most popular communities where millions of people post, vote, and comment daily.

You can share the content of your interest in the form of texts, videos, images, links, and stories. This blog is one of the most common and popular Ruby on Rails blogs and has more than 25,000 feed subscribers, 7,000 Twitter followers, and 240,000 page views per month.

It has Ruby and associated technologies including Rails, Sinatra, Ruinous, and Ruby. If you are already working with Rails, then you can opt to choose this blog as it will notify you in case of new security updates.

Developers and users from all over the world post content describing different concepts of Rails. It can be viewed as a good aggregator that has the ability to increase the cohesion of the Ruby community.

Apart from this blog, they have also created development platforms like IntelliJ, Resharpen, Rhyming, Tenacity, and many others. This blog offers different topics related to programming, careers, community, and Ruby.

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It is suitable for users of all skill levels including novice and experienced professionals. The videos are basically the recording of a panel discussing different topics of Ruby.

They have a strong expertise in Ruby on Rails, and JS Frameworks, and also produce their own digital products. Stacking’s blog is a great source of information, news, and tutorials on Ruby on Rails and other programming topics.

There are numerous online tutorials available on YouTube where you can learn and understand all the concepts of Ruby on Rails. Goals offers easy-to-learn and good-quality video content through which you can easily understand the confusing pieces of Ruby on Rails.

Thenewboston provides tutorials related to computer and different programming technologies. These tutorials are specially designed for beginners as well as professionals very easy to learn and understand.

Apart from Ruby on Rails, you can also learn about Node.js, Angular, Java, PHP, JavaScript, and Python. Here you can easily learn about languages like Ruby on Rails, Docker, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and CoffeeScript.

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Apart from programming languages, it also provides a better quality training platform for web development, Startup Tech, how to start a company. It contains some amazing and widely accessed video tutorials especially designed for Ruby on Rails.

Not only tutorials, but you can also find some interesting Ruby Roundtables discussing games, along with machine learning and software consulting. This is an ideal place to start your journey as a developer of Ruby on Rails.

You can learn all the basic and advanced concepts of Ruby on Rails with the help of a step-by-step guide. You can go through the video related to how to master the technical interviews, how to get and manage your client projects, and how to communicate effectively as a programmer.

In addition, you can also learn about JavaScript, iOS programming, PHP, CSS etc. The YouTube channel Chicago Ruby is designed by a group of Ruby on Rails enthusiasts and producers of WindyCityRails.

This YouTube channel offers easy-to-learn and understandable tutorial videos for both novices and experienced developers. It has a great collection of videos related to not only Ruby on Rails, but also to JavaScript, Blockchain, Ethereum, classes, and subclasses.

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