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Maria Garcia
• Saturday, 05 December, 2020
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Over the past decade, Rails attracted a huge deal of attention among developers and with it came plenty of new titles on Amazon’s virtual shelf. Having programmed with Ruby on Rails since December 2004, I have read quite a few Rails books over the years (and even wrote one of my own at some point).

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Substantial changes were introduced in each major version of the framework, starting with a serious rewrite in Rails 3, so learning with obsolete material will be an exercise in frustration. For e-books (in PDF, pub and Mob formats) you’ll need to buy a copy.

The book also comes with a series of optional screencasts, which are not cheap but worthwhile since they give you the feeling of watching a Rails pro in action. It’s worth noting that the author, Michael Hart, has launched a subscription service called the Learn Enough Society, which includes this Rails book, as well as other programming resources.

This is the latest edition of the classic Agile Web Development with Rails book. It’s an excellent tutorial for intermediate and experienced developers, particularly if you like Agile methodologies and would like to gain a deeper understanding of the framework.

As you become more experienced as a Rails developer, you’ll start to realize the importance of testing your code base, so that you can change it and improve it over time with some degree of confidence. Spend enough time in the community, and you’ll hear all sort of random terms like Spec, Cucumber, Capybara, and even factory_girl.

These are all excellent tools to help you test your code base but navigating these waters can be tricky if you are new to Test-Driven Development (TDD). Noel Rapping wrote the definitive guide on how to test Rails code and build much more robust projects as a result.

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Again, Rails 5 but the testing approach hasn’t really changed with the newer version, so most of the information is still very much relevant. Alternatively, if you are already a programmer, you might find Agile Web Development with Rails 6 a more apt starting point to get up to speed with the framework.

This way you’ll be able to gain practical experience with Rails that is backed by a solid theoretical foundation. It’s all subjective, of course, but I and many other developers in the community have reached the conclusion that Ruby on Rails 6 by The Pragmatic Studio’s duo Mike and Nicole Clark is very hard to beat.

The story slips through unexpected and sometimes dark personal places, wraps itself around strange historical facts and ends with the mysterious fish revealing itself to the author in the most surprising way. To address this inequality, editors Adana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine K. Wilkinson put together a book of essays and poems to raise female voices.

But Volker’s book is more than just a chronicle of the struggles of a family impacted by mental health issues; the journalist also traces scientists’ efforts to understand schizophrenia. As he shares the family’s evolution over several decades, Volker details the effort to treat schizophrenia, from institutionalization to antipsychotic drugs, and to understand the causes of the disease, from environmental influences to genetic factors.

And years before that, after moving to the Yukon in 2009, Holland started casually navigating her fears of heights and falling; she picked up climbing and hiking to meet friends in her new home. At times, she is a test subject; she jumps from an airplane to confront her acrophobia and intensely unpacks a moment frozen in panic while descending a mountain.

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Throughout the book, Holland guides the reader through complex neuroscience, such as when she introduces a team of scientists trying to disconnect traumatic memories from fear using a single pill. In his book Clean, author and physician James Hamlin explores the history behind the human obsession with cleanliness and the colossal industry driving our current desire to scrub every inch of our bodies.

Trillions of microbes cover our skin, creating a flourishing microbiome of good bacteria, and every time we lather up, we kill those little helpers en masse. These massive die-offs create room for harmful bacteria to set up camp, which triggers our bodies’ immune response in the form of nasty-looking, undesirable inflammation or irritation.

Flowers, who has been called the Erin Brockovich of Sewage, ” puts a spotlight on long-standing issues in Appalachia, Central California, coastal Florida, Alaska, the urban Midwest and on Native American reservations in the West. His reaction to total devastation piqued Miller’s interest, and she set off on a personal quest to untangle Jordan’s motives and discover why he seemed so unflappable in the face of difficulty.

The author, a material scientist and science writer, details how clocks, steel rails, copper telegraph wires, photographic film, carbon filaments for light bulbs, hard disks, scientific lab ware and silicon chips changed modern society. Reading a book about material science might sound dry or overly technical, but Ramirez brings these innovations to life with expert storytelling and nuanced scrutiny.

Whether you need a push to pursue a professional ambition, you’re looking to navigate a career pivot, or could benefit from the lessons of women who’ve courageously accelerated progress, each of these books offers a slice of powerful insight and motivation. Put more simply: If you read any one of these top books, you’ll head into 2021 better prepared to conquer the inevitable challenges at hand and seize the opportunities they present.

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As we grapple with a year of unrest and the desire to address some of the world’s most pressing issues with an urgent sense of action, Novogratz shares her playbook for activating solutions that uplift all. The founder and CEO of Acumen, a non-profit venture fund that uses an entrepreneurial approach to tackle the most challenging poverty issues, Novogratz draws on decades of experience to distill salient leadership practices for those seeking to harness their changemaker potential.

In Our Time Is Now, Abrams lays out a blueprint to push for progress through her voting rights advocacy organization Fair Fight Action and encourages others to tap into the power of their voice. For anyone who feels like they’re drowning in domestic workload or wants to say goodbye to arguments set off by whose supposed to empty the dishwasher, Rod sky offers a fresh, compelling guide to tackling these inequities.

As one of the few black women to have risen to the highest ranks in Silicon Valley, Rochambeau takes you through her compelling career journey and how she learned to chart a course that was uniquely her own. Hers is a story not just of breaking barriers but one that offers practical advice on turning your differences into a competitive advantage, unabashedly owning your personal and professional ambitions, and harnessing the power of your voice to create opportunities for others.

But the tidying-expert’s message around organizing your workspace and taking greater control of your digital life resonates all the more now that we’ve traded open floor plans and quiet offices for makeshift desks in noisy homes. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with endless Zoom meetings, messy papers, and unnecessary tasks, applying the Ontario method to your work life will not only declutter your space but also boost productivity and free up your mind to set clear goals and spark success.

In Untamed, beloved author and activist Lennon Doyle chronicles the latest chapter in her journey of self-awakening, including the breakdown of her marriage and finding love with her now-wife, soccer legend Abby Wabash. With never-before-seen photos and memorabilia from Parton’s archives, she chronicles the backstory behind her career-defining songs such as “Jolene” and “9-5” that propelled her to pop-culture icon status just as much for their catchy lyrics as they did for their ability to give voice to the experiences of women that traditionally went overlooked.

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Rapine delves deep into the experiences that shaped the grit and fortitude essential to her success on and off the field and how she strengthened the muscles needed to become an effective force for change. Rapine’s memoir helps inspire anyone looking to take a stand and the hard work and tenacity required to face critics, fight for your beliefs, and press for progress.

In a year of reckoning around race and culture, this groundbreaking cookbook plays a critical role in expanding the conversation around cuisines often overlooked or conflated by the U.S. food industry. HAWA Hassan spoke with “ibis,” or grandmothers, from 8 countries both to learn their recipes and to provide a journalistic account of the diverse cultures of the East African coast.

It is without a doubt one of the most used frameworks today, especially in a list of startups and technology companies. Whatever type of web applications and solutions you want to build, there is no doubt you can probably offer it using Ruby on Rails.

Some of the best sites using Ruby on Rails are Basecamp, Twitter, Shopify, GitHub, LivingSocial, Groupon, and Yellow pages. We put this series together as a concise and to the point program for learning how to advance Ruby on Rails from the ground up.

The course does not assume any prior knowledge of Ruby or Rails and is best suited for beginner and intermediate web developers. This series was created by our in-house experts and focuses on real and practical use of technology and covers the latest specifications.

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I asked them to go through the feature list and add the skill set they look for when hiring Rails developers. However, it often happens that courses that simply walk through building a project ignore important concepts.

These guides select the most difficult topics from each section and give a detailed overview of the concept so that you can fully understand how to work with the key features of the Rails framework. This course has been designed to walk you through a real world approach to full stack coding.

This includes: backend development with Ruby on Rails, front-end coding with HTML / CSS / JavaScript / jQuery, as well as advanced ways to use SQL for database management. This course has been designed specifically for coding boot camp students who aim to become professional developers.

With that in mind, we’ll take a step-by-step approach to understanding how data enters a Rails application and how you can build features that use the process. One of the hallmarks of a modern Rails application is the good integration of JavaScript functionality.

This book teaches you how to use Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern and combine it with REST architecture to structure it. Test Driven Development is a cornerstone of Rails development and this book focuses a lot of time on testing your Rails code properly. Michael Hart has written the best Ruby on Rails book for beginners in 2021.

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Rails Beginner to intermediate developers will find this reading book very helpful. If you are an experienced developer, you will find the information you need for the latest version of Rail On Ruble.

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