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• Tuesday, 08 December, 2020
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Easy to use depends on how comfortable you are with installing Elasticsearch and going through the docs to understand how searching works. I would like to share with you my first ruby gem (still not published).

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Visit Join intend for this Subreddit to be used for questions and tutorials for Ruby gems. The open source community is what makes Ruby on Rails such a powerful platform.

Sifting through dozens of Gems to find the perfect fit can feel like a Goldilocks mission. Luckily, we’ve tried and tested our share of Gems while building Rails applications across a wide range of industries.

They’ve all been put through the ringer, tested, and come with an official Agonist stamp of approval. For years, Rails has lacked a simple bundling system for JS assets.

It’s a handy tool to familiarize yourself with, as this methodology is likely the future of how we serve up assets that were previously provided by Rails sprockets. This was a big help on a project where the existing import process was timing out on spreadsheets with large amounts of records.

Updates and fixes can leave your program with small security vulnerabilities that are hard to catch. Bundler performs a thorough audit of your application’s Gem version and produces a report of any security issues that need to be patched.

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In the discovery phase of an existing application, learning how different models in a project relate to each other can be a tedious and confusing process. Rails ERD generates diagrams of your ActiveRecord Models to help you visualize connections and dependencies.

New developers or anyone working on a large application with a complex data structure will find Annotate to be a lifesaver. On projects where the schema is kept in SQL format, Annotate will save you from looking at migration files or spinning up an instance in the console when you need to know about the attributes of a model.

Experts guess on new aspects of Google’s algorithm nearly every week, but there are a few staples of SEO that have remained integral for years. Metatarsi simplifies SEO by allowing you to easily set all the tags and descriptions you need for your web page.

Rails 6.0 comes with many new features and many improvements that can be beneficial for all small and bigger applications. It will be going to make creating, editing and displaying rich text content very easy in your application.

It includes the Trip editor that handles everything from formatting to list, to embed ed images. The rich text content generated by the Trip editor using gem “action_text” is saved in its own Richest model that's associated with any existing Active Record model in the application.

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Any embedded attachments are automatically stored using Active Storage and associated with the included Richest model. Active Storage makes it simple to upload and reference your files in cloud services, like Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage, and attach those files to Active Records.

It also provides a disk service for testing or local deployments, but the main focus is on cloud storage. This means that existing application models do not need to be modified with additional columns to associate with files.

Run rails active storage:install to create needed directories, migrations, and configuration. Optional: Add gem “google-cloud-storage”, “~> 1.3” to your Gem file if you want to use Google Cloud Storage.

GE Transportation has completed approximately 2,000 locomotive modernization in more than 24 countries, for 37 customers. The mod program includes DC to AC traction conversions, modern engine control packages, GTO (gate turn-off) to IGBT (insulated-gate bipolar transistor) propulsion control upgrades, installation of GE’s Trip Optimizer and DP (distributed Power) systems, installation of Positive Train Control (PTC) equipment or the gear to accommodate it (depending upon the customer), and overhauled prime-movers and traction alternators.

The locomotives retain their original power plants and truck frames, and typically receive a one-level EPA emissions-compliance upgrade. Left to right: Pascal Schweitzer, Same er Gaul, Doug Corbin and Mike Patton.

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“Our modernization program allows our customers the ability to extract more value out of their asset by bringing performance to the latest standards, and re-purposing them to reflect changed strategies,” says Pascal Schweitzer, GE Vice President Global Services. GE and Norfolk Southern conducted a plant tour on March 20 that showcased a completed NS AC44C6M, one of 100 units the railroad is modernizing.

We looked at acquiring new units vs. modernization, and decided to go with improvements that would increase productivity on our existing fleet. The NS program involves a combination of kits shipped to the railroad’s Altoona, Pa., locomotive shops and units transformed in Fort Worth.

“We call it a customized reboot, because we partner with our customers.” He refers to the multi-disciplinary, cross-functional team that develops each modification program as the “Mod Squad.” GE General Manager North American Locomotives Mike Patton said transitioning the GEMS Fort Worth plant from a new-builds-only facility to one that specializes in mods was “a complex undertaking.” It involved implementing a dedicated tear-down line with new shop processes for taking units in.

The GEMS Fort Worth facility, completed in December 2012, involved a $235 million overall investment. It employs approximately 500 assem­blers, maintenance technicians, machinists, welders, warehouse associates and support staff, the majority from the Dallas/Fort Worth Retroflex.

“In general, the GPO system addresses about 80% of failures that can impact a locomotive,” says Services Operation Executive Vic Russo. “We cover the engine, propulsion, auxiliaries, computers, communications, crew interfaces and train control systems.

Experts issue about 300 ‘Rx’ instructions per day to the various field service teams. Having advanced notices allows shops to pre-plan labor, parts and locomotive placement, dramatically reducing unavailability.

Joined Dec 2008 Posts 11546 EE Offline Consensus will likely be Easel and the newer Alok BCM which has always had a great locking system.

Joined Dec 2008 Posts 11552 EE Offline Originally Posted By onthebreeze: 100% personal taste and what you want to do with it.

Originally Posted By Defender AO: 1st goal is locking system. I went lower price with the ALG EMR, due to light weight and ML OK.

Joined Feb 2004 Posts 12512 EE Offline There are over 1500 rails in the PhD to help you choose, if weight is a factor. Personally I really like SLR Rifle works and Midwest Industries.

Originally Posted By onthebreeze: I went lower price with the ALG EMR, due to light weight and ML OK. I went lower price with the ALG EMR, due to light weight and ML OK.

Originally Posted By BuckeyeRifleman: Been awhile since I have been in the market. I've handled/installed/owned Troy, Kinetic, ALG, SLR and Santa rails.

I've owned 10 Easel Rails, 4 Novene (NOR & NOR), 2 Troy, 6 Centurions, 3 BCM, DD RIS FSP x 2 and a host of others, yet I only have the Centurions in my small fleet. G rails make for fucking awesome pics to post on ARRCO and are built like a brick shit house, but I don't care for them.

I loved the BCM's but at that time it was KM only, so I'm shopping for the MMR for my final 556 rifles. I love the Centurion C4's and quads in general and my one CMR I have left is my favorite by far.

My point is only you can decide what's right so go figure out a way to handle all the ones you're considering, or you'll do like me and waste a shitload of money working through the non-stop trends of ARRCO. To be honest and yes it's like last decades flavor but the troy TAC Alpha can be had cheap and is tough as nails, feels great in the hands so good luck man.

Joined Aug 2005 Posts 3623 EE Offline Fantastic rail, and it is exactly what I wished I could have bought when I purchased a few Mrs a while ago.

I wanted the profile, the good attachment, and the quality, but held my nose on the Key mod. It won't happen, but it would be great if I could buy just the hand guard “tube” component of the MMR, pull off the existing KM hand guard, and put the MILK over the existing barrel nut.

Joined Aug 2005 Posts 3624 EE Offline But if you want beefy, and not necessarily very slim, the Easel Super Modular Rail MK8 MILK is a tank.

Originally Posted By Defender AO: SLR Rifle works is every bit the equal to MI Industries. Nah, SLR is quite a bit better than MI.

Midwest Industries Gen 3. The Alok and mod variants are quite lightweight and still strong. The setup uses a non indexing barrel nut torqued to ~60 lbs and an antirotation lock plate that seats behind the barrel nut.

Or if they wanted to change rails, a BAR system? In my 15 years here there have been about 10 different rails that were considered the be all, end all that couldn't be improved upon, ever.

The MI hand guard didn't fair well in the military key mod vs Alok tests. During the drop tests it rotated and even came completely off the barrel nut.

Through bolts to “pinch” the barrel nut and small anti rotation set screws. G won the Army's URG-I contract with this design.

I like the combination of small profile, barrel nut lockup and light wt of the BCM now with M-lock and in Aluminum. Add a V7 Weapons Ti barrel nut & hardware if you want lighter wt...

Originally Posted By HunterKiller86: I vote Hodge Wedge lock, pinned. Never heard of it, but it looks like a really solid rail, and good-looking to boot.

Both are very solid and use similar means to secure the rail to the nut, one just does it on the top, the other on the bottom. Easel rails of the above are the easiest to install.

Midwest Industries rails are garbage. I've seen more than one start to slide off the barrel nut, even when torque wrenches, degreases and copious amounts of glue were used.

Originally Posted By Marksman14: Midwest Industries rails are garbage. I've seen more than one start to slide off the barrel nut, even when torque wrenches, degreases and copious amounts of glue were used.

You can't just make it crimp and expect it to stay on. Easel, BCM, Santa and a few other companies have figured out a long time ago....

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