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It facilitates the use of JSON or XML for data transfer and HTML, CSS and JavaScript for web page display and user interface. An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a software application for computer programming.

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IDE provides comprehensive facilities to programmers for development of software. The next part is the build automation tool that mainly compiles the codes by the programmer.

The third part is a debugger whose main task is to test or debug the program for any errors in the code. The IDE design helps programmer by maximizing the productivity by providing tight-knit components.

An IDE also keeps the view of files, errors or warnings and source code on the same screen that make programmers work easy. Now, after knowing about the Ruby on Rails framework and IDE, lets now know about some of the best known Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Ruby on Rails web application framework.

Jet Brains is one of the leading and familiar programming language development tools name. Rhyming works well with most of the major frameworks such as Ruby 2.4 and Rails 5, Puppet, AngularJS, RubyMotion and many more.

Rhyming also provides support for JavaScript, ERA, HTML, SASS, Less, Coffee Script and others development tools. It also provides support for code refraction, debugging and unit testing.

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Rhyming also offers seamless integration to some other systems such as Git, Mercurial & SVN, SQL or database and many others. NetBeans allows users to quickly and easily develop desktop, mobile and web apps with Java, HTML 5, PHP, C/C++, etc.

Its popularity is mainly among the developers who love to use the keyboard (no mouse) for lightning fast coding. VIM is a free to use IDE, and it is available under the open source software license by GPL.

Users can easily convert it into a powerful Ruby development environment through right customization and configuration. The next IDE on our list of 10 Beside for Ruby on Rails is Astana Studio.

It is available as open source and free to use for Ruby development. It is a faster, easily customizable, and comes with some new features to help developers to boost productivity. Sublime Text 3 is one of the most powerful cross-platform lightweight code editors available for programmers.

Sublime Text 3 core is a lightweight, configurable and feature rich IDE. There are various plugins available that users can use to transform the text editor into a full featured Sublime IDE for Ruby programming.

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Many companies such as Heroku, SoundCloud, Mailchimp and Mozilla are some of the popular users that are already using Cloud9. Users can easily access the commands in the Cloud9 development environment for Ruby on Rails.

User will have to just open the command and then type the program name following ruby. Although it is a commercial product, but it also offers an open source free version by the name Komodo Edit.

The fully featured Komodo IDE is offered free of cost to qualified educational institutions. Atom is one of the highly configurable text editor that comes from the house of GitHub folks.

Developers can use various plugins that are available to turn it completely into a Ruby editor for Windows or macOS. Most of the Ruby on Rails projects does not need a resource heavy and full featured IDE for development.

Arcadia has some very good features such as script editing, running and debugging support. It also includes support for source browsing, syntax highlighting and code completion.

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It is also often compared with Python in terms of readability and ease of understanding the syntax. Just like Python, Ruby is also a very popular programming language for learning among the beginners candidates.

However, it this article I hope that readers will find an appropriate IDE for web development using Ruby on Rails. Let’s take a closer look at the Ruby on Rails concept and IDE available for web development.

Integrated development environments (IDE) are intended to maximize programmers’ productivity by supplying tight-knit components with parallel user interfaces. An IDE generally contains at least a debugger, a source code editor, and build automation tools.

Some IDEs, like Eclipse and NetBeans, comprise the essential interpreter, compiler, or both; others, namely, Lazarus and SharpDevelop, do not. The border between an IDE and other portions of the wider software development setting is not defined; occasionally a version control system or several tools to streamline the creation of a graphical user interface (GUI) are incorporated.

It is a model-view-controller (MVC) framework, supplying default structures for a database, web service, and pages. It reassures and simplifies the usage of web standards like XML or JSON for data transfer and CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for user interfacing.

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The procedure of programming is faster than the rest of the languages and frameworks, partly due to the object-oriented trait of Ruby and the massive collection of open-source code accessible within the community. This enhances productivity, as there is less requirement to write out distinct documentation, making it simpler for the developers to pick the current projects.

Rails is wonderful for rapid application development (RAD), as this framework makes it easy to accommodate any alterations. Rails and its libraries are open source and so dissimilar to other commercial development frameworks.

It gives thorough support for the languages like CoffeeScript, Ruby on Rails development, ERA, JavaScript, CSS, HALL, and SaaS. Features: Graphical user interface debugger for JavaScript, Ruby, and CoffeeScript, and the capability to set breakpoints to debug the code.

It has formatting suggestions, code completion, syntax and error highlighting, and unified integration with version control systems. Atom editor, from GitHub, now a subsidiary of Microsoft, is an open-source IDE that has extremely customizable traits to simplify code development.

VIM is an open-source, free to use text editor for Ruby on Rails that is considered to be rich in features. Plugins that present a choice to convert this text editor into an influential Ruby development environment.

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It is one of the most prevalent text editors due to its beautiful user interface, performance, and the capability to add plugins, which can turn it into a fully-featured IDE. It has the capability to divide edit, the ability to select and change the text in several places at once, and promptly switch projects without having to save.

Astana Studio is one of the most favored open-source IDEs that aids to make dynamic and programming web applications. Features: Its filter nodes are utilized to view collections to match the patterns.

Supplementary packages to further augment Emacs for Ruby comprise names like ruby-tools, rubocop-emacs, rake, RVM, ch ruby, bundler, and Ben. It is functionality outside of text editing, containing tutorials for project planners, new users, and a debugger interface.

It is quickly becoming popular amongst medium to big enterprises and companies like SoundCloud, Heroku, Mozilla, Mailchimp to name a few are already employing Cloud9. You will get the hosted development setting of Ruby on Rails in Cloud9 and retrieving the command is like how you will do it on your own workstation.

You get practically all the characteristics that you require for Ruby on Rails development including a text editor, file manager, Unix shell, preview, and chatting for team collaboration. Features: It supplies a browser-based editor that makes it simple to write, run, and debug your projects.

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It encompasses the integrated panel debugger that aids to breakpoint, check variables state and steps through code. You can employ NetBeans to quickly and easily develop desktop, mobile, and web applications using Java, PHP, HTML 5, C or C++.

Features: It is reliably the first IDE to support the newest versions of the Java EE, JDK, and JavaFX. It delivers smart outlines to aid you in comprehend and manage your applications, containing excellent support for popular technologies, namely Maven.

Consider inbuilt characteristics that enhance your productivity like auto-complete, code snippets, and clean design that does not get in your way. These were some of the best code editors for Ruby on Rails that can increase developers’ productivity in building applications.

It comprises tree-structured code representation and can easily inspect variables, and control execution. Ruby is a universal-purpose programming language that is frequently compared with Python when it comes to an easy understanding of syntax and readability.

A fully-loaded feature IDE namely Eclipse for Java is not actually needed for the maximum of the projects. Contact Concocted, to get the suitable IDEs and editors that will avail you of fruitful web development.

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