Best Rails Open Source Projects

David Lawrence
• Thursday, 14 January, 2021
• 8 min read

A multisite CMS with liquid emulating Scenic adds methods to ActiveRecord::Migration to create and manage database views in Rails.

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Ports is an authorization server and a user interface for the next generation of the Docker registry. A team is a group of users that have read and write access to a certain namespace.

It uses Ruby's built-in Coverage library to gather code coverage data, but makes processing its results much easier by providing a clean API to filter, group, merge, format, and display those results, giving you a complete code coverage suite that can be set up with just a couple lines of code. In most cases, you'll want overall coverage results for your projects, including all types of tests, Cucumber features, etc.

Simpleton automatically takes care of this by caching and merging results when generating reports, so your report actually includes coverage across your test suites and thereby gives you a better picture of blank spots. For example, I'm trying to integrate HTML template to a Rails app, with multiple JavaScript plugin like Owl carousel, jQuery, particles.js etc.

I tried something like this (I guess it's not the best practice, but I'm just training for backend development, I will look for front end after) : e.g. For jQuery, I was forced to install it with yarn, by write it in package.Jason because I didn't find the solution if I want to load it via file.

I want to stay focused on back end development and webpack is not very intuitive for beginner, it's one of the reason I switched to Django, because I find assets pipeline less intuitive for me (I had some issues with turbo links and jQuery). N.B. I made a starter kit for Ruby on Rails framework with pre-configured PostgreSQL, VueJS components, Tailwind CSS, FontAwesome icons, Turbo links, I18n coverage on Rails views and VueJS components.

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I like looking at opensourceprojects by good developers and how they structure their models, helper functions, controllers, etc... but the apps are quite simple. I'm wondering if you know more complex and complete apps (like with 20+ models), deep nested relationships, caching, integrations with other services, web hooks handling for different events, different concerns, etc to learn more how more complex stuff is organized/managed.

Such applications make great candidates for both AWS Lambda & Aurora Serverless using our Lamb gem. I am familiar with, and currently using, NPM and integrating third party JS libraries via node_modules as well as using web packer.

Previously I have used Sinatra, Rails (and even Hawaii) to develop web applications. KNO is a service for pass wordless authentication, it handles sending emails, so you don't have too.

However, it seems quite messy to access information put into the rack env from a view. This makes a few things clearer for Rails but, I assume, has no support for other frameworks.

So my question is; Should I abandon trying to make a rack integration that works across all frameworks and instead just optimize the rails experience? Find a villa for your next vacation, watch Deadpool from your couch, and share your software projects with others.

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These are just a few examples of what Web applications built on Ruby on Rails can do for you. As popularity rises, so does the number of cool projects done using Rails.

Airbnb allows its users to look for cheaper accommodation in the location they want to visit, set up the price range for their own property, the dates they want to rent it out and a whole range of quirks and instructions about the place. Last year, Airbnb improved their large scale payments systems with Rails.

As a result, they managed to have payment systems that have strong transactional integrity, a robust audit trail and very predictable failure behavior. Hulu The success of Hulu is built on a simple concept : Provide Americans the ability to watch cable and network TV shows as well as movies legally and for free.

The role of a version control system is to keep these changes (revisions) and store them in a central repository (storage). This way, developers can work together to make changes and upload the latest revision.

Now enter GitHub, the ‘social networking’ of software developers. As a contributor, there is a project on GitHub where you can help Hockey create new lessons, or update existing ones.

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Diaspora Decentralized, freedom and privacy are the three philosophies at the heart of this online social network. Unlike sites like Facebook, Diaspora does not store its data in huge central servers.

When it comes to software development, their rich features even top the enterprise edition of Magento, the world’s biggest e-commerce platform. Other good news is that the backend of Spree is built upon simplicity, which means the options offered are not cluttered and overwhelming for developers.

With simplicity in mind, it’s going to be easier for developers to keep your products updated and current. Credit: Allen Burt/Blue Stout Spree Backend Built on Rails, Spree is easy to develop, handles server requests faster, and takes fewer lines of code which speed up the website loading time.

As a final consideration, Spree's code receives a low grade for quality from Code climate, and its poor readability means that you need skilled specialists to properly work with this platform. At Ruby Garage, we’ve launched a few online stores built on Spree: Artery, Mission, Med shop Express.

For example, you can customize your site’s design and categories, add additional fields, filters, and payment gateways. Moreover, Share tribe is great solution you can use to build a minimum viable product to test out your business idea.

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Thanks to the active community of contributors, Refinery’s code is constantly maintained and updated, and comprehensive documentation is available. Fat Free CRM lets users automate their sales processes by handling lead tracking and managing contacts, quotes and customer databases.

Fat Free CRM’s dashboard allows people to collaborate, track the progress of tasks, view recent activity from users, and view individual and company accounts and ‘opportunities.’ Opportunities are deliverables, which are specified for each campaign and can then be tracked by state (“proposal,” “negotiation,” “final review”) and assigned tags. Red mine is an open source project management and issue tracking application mainly used by software development teams.

Red mine is especially popular with teams that work according to Scrum/Agile methodologies since it offers a Kanban board, a Gantt chart, and a calendar to visualize, manage and track tasks. Red mine lets users create project roadmaps by defining key stages and setting milestones and due dates.

This feature helps Scrum masters and team leads keep in touch with project development and get a sense of the overall progress. You can also start a chat straight in the issue tab to discuss details of a problem with all relevant team members.

Other essential features of Red mine include the Blog, where you can post announcements for the team, congratulate people on their birthdays, or share any sort of information. Discourse is an open source platform for discussions, mailing lists and chat rooms written in Ruby on Rails.

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Discourse was created to streamline the process of internet discussions by implementing features such as infinite page scroll, real-time (and desktop) notifications about mentions in threads, and quick polls. One of the founders, Jeff Atwood, claims in his interview to INAMI that while all these features are pretty basic, Discourse actually has no competitors that offer the same functionality.

In fact, Discourse models itself on social networks to offer an effective discussion platform for closed communities. This approach means you can build forums with engaging features such as Emojis (standard and custom), likes, automatically generated avatars, badges (given for certain activities such as filling out your profile), and private messaging.

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