Best Rails Skate 3

Christina Perez
• Tuesday, 01 December, 2020
• 11 min read

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The long rails leading down from the Library are great, I can hop on with a board slide, go make a sandwich, and come back and watch myself land the trick. I wasn't sure about the industrial area before I got the game, but it has so many great spots. There are some sick spots on the rooftops if you look for them, Hastings is a great skate park, and the vert park at the end of the spillway is great for getting huge airs.

“My brother and I struggled with finding a place to rent some skates for the event for season ticket holders at Levi's Stadium Outdoor Series.” In 12 reviews. “It's tastefully decorated with fireplaces, wooden furniture, and small lights (take a look at the photos).” In 23 reviews.

554 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA “The rentals are cheap and although it can get a bit crowded, it's a great way to have some good of family fun.” In 22 reviews.

750 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA “ Na's is an excellent teacher- patient and yet pushes the kids just the right amount to get over their inertia.” In 6 reviews.

9925 San Pablo Ave, El Merritt, CA “Go to Quad Republic, meet Stephanie and buy something cool, in person, instead of from an online store.” In 5 reviews.

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4 Embarcadero Ctr, San Francisco, CA “Charming location because it is near the Ferry Building and great for the view of the Bay Bridge as well.” In 16 reviews.

“I fell a few times, but both, my good friend and some random strangers went about helping me up or checking up on me.” In 3 reviews. “Speaking of butts...if you want a bingo round Kim Kardashian booty, skate 3 times a week, and you'll get ONE!” In 24 reviews.

Fresh Pizza wood & accessories have landed from their summer 2018 lineup! For her birthday this year she only asked for like three things, one of which was a Star Wars Storm Trooper long board.

“I really want a Yoda drop deck long board,” she says, “But I can't find one. What I found was that there isn't really what I would consider a good Yoda design drop deck skateboard out there.

I bet I can make a custom design that she'd like way better than that stupid Storm Trooper board! Turns out, customizing your skateboard can be fairly simple and easy.

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The example I show here is a Star Wars themed long board, but you could use the techniques I employed to make any sort of design you can come up with. I would estimate that for this project, including the cost of items I already owned (like spray paint), I spent around $200, perhaps a bit more.

I build a lot of things, most of which range in appearance from, “that looks functional but sturdy” to, “that looks like it's falling apart”. The main deciding factor on this one versus similarly priced boards with similar ratings ended up being the color of the wheels--they matched the color I pictured for the Star Wars logo.

You'll also need spray paint, both a primer and color(s) you like, and a clear gloss. For this design I only needed black for the background in addition to the primer and clear gloss.

Beyond this you'll need some adhesive backed vinyl in the colors you like, painter's tape, a small amount of clear adhesive laminate, a hobby knife, a range of sand papers, various screwdrivers and wrenches to disassemble the skateboard, paintbrushes, a sponge, and a toothbrush you don't plan on brushing your teeth with. For this Yoda/Star Wars theme I pulled together a pretty wide variety of resources from across the internet.

I wanted the main design to have cut-outs that showed off the space background. I also decided I wanted to cut out a small portion of the grip tape on top of the board and have some sort of design there--I've seen some pretty awesome decks that use that technique.

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First, for the space theme, I watched a bunch of “galaxy” painting tutorials on YouTube. The pedant in me wants to shout about how people usually mean “nebula” when they say galaxy, but I'll shut him up for now because these are pretty cool designs that are easy for a beginner such as myself to replicate (after some practice, more on that in a bit).

In fact, on the very first skateboard I ever customized I made a Hogshead stencil and painted it on the underside. I've never been good at getting spray paint not to leech out under the edges of stencils and painters tape.

I couldn't find much pre-cut, but the technique for custom decal making is very similar to that of old-fashioned screen printing, which I did a bunch of back in high school. I'm sure there's somewhere you can buy a blank deck with no finish and all the hardware for a reasonable price, but I couldn't find it.

First, remove all the hardware, the trucks and wheels, and set them aside (in a box or bag, so you don't lose any pieces). I didn't take a picture of it, but since I was going to paint the trucks I also put painter's tape over the threads and wheel seats so there wouldn't be any issues in reassembly.

I lightly went over the deck in gray primer three times, before adding three coats of flat black. I eventually tracked down something close, and a little work in Paint.net resulted in the final image I wanted to use.

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I printed everything out at a size I liked, grabbed a piece of scrap wood and my tools, and went to work! You won't succeed in completely avoiding that, which is why you want a cutting board or scrap wood to protect your workbench (or kitchen table, as the case may be).

Pay special attention to corners, those are easy to miss and have a tendency to rip later on when you remove the unused parts of the vinyl. Once you've completely carved the vinyl decals, carefully remove the template and use the hobby knife or a sharp pair of tweezers to gently take out all the bits of vinyl that aren't part of the final image.

Once the decals are carved and negative space vinyl is removed, there are a couple more steps. I'm not sure if this is 100% required, but I didn't want to start peeling and find a couple little chunks of paper I had to pick off the back side of the decal.

As I mentioned I watched a lot of YouTube videos (including this one and this one) about how to paint a galaxy. Before attempting the skateboard, I painted a piece of scrap wood black and tried out the technique.

Basically, you mix up three or four colors to use as swirly nebulae, and either use a paintbrush or sponge to apply them to the painting. In a few places, add large white stars, and mix them in with the surrounding color a bit to make a sort of halo effect.

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Since this is a long board used mostly to skate to and from school, I figured a small section of the top without grip tape wouldn't be a problem. Colored grip tape is available, and I've seen very cool designs added to the top of skateboards.

Then, using an exact knife that I'd already broken the fine tip of, I cut a circle of grip tape out of the board and carefully removed it. The actual painting process was basically the same as with the underside of the deck, but with more painter's tape.

One thing I made sure to do was leave a little of bare wood between the painting and the grip tape, to kind of mirror the bare wood between the bottom of the deck and the grip tape. With a project of this magnitude and intricacy, and with fingers as clumsy as mine, it was inevitable that I'd make at least a couple of mistakes.

The first and most simple was just a little piece of the Yoda decal that started to peel up while the clear coat was drying. To fix it, it was fairly simple to use a toothpick to apply some crazy glue to the underside and stick it down.

Once it was dry, I painted more nebulae over the fingerprints, flicked new stars, and added a bit more clear coat. It's possible at this point for the thick paint to stick to the tape and start lifting off the board, but if you're careful all should go well.

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