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• Friday, 06 November, 2020
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This park-focused deck features asymmetrical shaping that improves your heel side turn initiation and control for all-mountain freestyle fun. This is especially useful in the park and works with the board's playful flex and Squeezebox™ Low Core profile to make a forgiving, lively ride that handles great on jumps and rails.

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Rider Profile: Intermediate Flex Rating: Medum-Soft Shape/Profile: Pre-op Camber Pairs Nicely With: Burton Malaria Bindings Featuring a true camber profile and carbon fiber struts underfoot, this board packs the pop and response needed to handle jumps, pipe walls, and side hits with ease.

Tuned to the needs of Forest Bailey, this board features a responsive C3 camber profile that packs control, precision, and a serious amount of pop. From jumps in the park to rail lines in the streets, the Headspace is a freestyle ATV that is durable enough to stand up to anything you throw at it.

Made to stand up to the demands of expert-level park riders, the Ultrafear is lightweight and durable thanks to a Dual Blaster Ash pop Core™ with added Kevlar/Tit anal Body Armor™. The Riders Choice asymmetric twin shape and medium flex provide a ride that is ideal for navigating the park or cruising the whole mountain.

Rider Profile: Intermediate Flex Rating: Soft Shape/Profile: Flat Camber Pairs Nicely With: Union Force Bindings Designed with stability and precision in mind, the Huck Knife features a responsive camber/rocker profile that provides enhanced pop and edge hold.

Rider Profile: Intermediate Flex Rating: Medium Shape/Profile: Twin/Camber with Rocker Pairs Nicely With: Salomon Trigger Bindings Tried and true, the DID Rat is a forgiving and durable board that is built to take a beating the park all season long.

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The K2 Bottle Rocket is an easy to ride freestyle board that packs the stability and response needed to turn the whole mountain into your playground. Featuring a full rocker profile and pop enhancing carbon forks, this board is loose when you want it to be and precise when you need it the most.

Rider Profile: Beginner to Intermediate Flex Rating: Medium Shape/Profile: Twin/Flat with Rocker Pairs Nicely With: Union Contact Pro Bindings 30th September 2020The lines between park and all-mountain riding continue to blur, so it can be hard to pin down exactly what makes the best freestyle snowboard.

But final tweaks and finishing touches all add a certain “JE né said quo” to the snowboard, so there are a handful of key things consider before splurging your hard-earned cash. Snowboards in this category are almost exclusively true twin shapes, meaning the outline, stance, flex and profile is completely symmetrical if you cut it through the waist.

They’re designed to be ridden in switch as easily as regular and feel completely balanced in the air. Most freestyle decks will strike a balance between sending the rider skywards when it’s time to pop and carving a line up the transition of a pipe wall or kicker, while still keeping the contact areas relatively forgiving and easy to press on.

Riders: Henry Jackson and Fin Brenner (Pic: Ed Bloomfield) Construction This is where the field starts to really open up. Stiffening up the nose and tail can increase a boards pop, but reinforcing the center of the snowboard instead keeps the ends more playful for pressing on.

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Base Not just a big factor in determining a board’s price, but also its speed, durability and ease of repairing. Extruded bases are the cheaper option and, although not as fast, will run well if you keep them waxed and are much easier to repair if you catch a loose screw on a box.

As ever, a protective lid is a personal choice, but with so many affordable and freestyle specific helmets available this year, there’s really no excuse. Rome have completely redesigned and rebuilt their boards, boots and bindings collection from the ground up for 2021.

A pretty bold move, for sure (we’re picturing some late nights and Pepe Silvia moments), but it looks to have massively paid off. Their original park board gets a complete facelift and stomps right in to claim the White lines Choice top spot as the best freestyle snowboard of the year.

The Kilroy 3D is an innovative all-mountain freestyle deck, that takes features from its Twin sibling and morphs them into a more versatile all-terrain package. The weapon of choice for Anna Gasser, the Burton Talent Scout can take you from your first front board all the way up to stomping triple corks.

Everything about the Talent Scout has been specifically thought out to make it a premium park destroyer- twin shape, poppy camber profile and tough as old boots. Gnu have taken their all-mountain freestyle snowboard, the Riders Choice, and turned it up to 11 by giving it their aggressive C3 camber profile.

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Best for: Riders wanting to get as loose as the Lobster crew in the park and rest of resort PRICE: €460 But rather than the Helga son bros taking a full Bogdan approach to this season’s facelift, they’ve kept the tweaks subtle enough that the Stomper retains its original all-mountain freestyle nature, albeit with a couple of exciting new features.

You’re currently thinking, “Hang on, haven’t we met before?” at the sight of this fresh-out-the-factory for 2021 all-mountain freestyle board, aren’t you. But get down and dirty into the molecular spec of this charger, and you’ll soon find the superior DNA strain that sets the Sensor Plus apart from its close relative and, ultimately, what cements it to our holy White lines 100 list.

Best for: Female park riders who want a Huck Knife of their own PRICE: £400 / $450 BUY DIRECT FROM SERFDOM Brand new for this season the Salomon No Drama is set to take women’s freestyle riding up a notch. Taking inspiration from Salomon’s award-winning Huck Knife, the No Drama is a dynamic and lively snowboard that packs one hell of a punch.

The term ‘bang for your buck’ gets thrown around a lot but when you encounter a snowboard like the Slash Happy Place, nothing else quite hits the mark. New for 2020/21, the Dicey is your friendly neighborhood freestyle snowboard that’ll take you from zero to 360 heroes in no time.

Those who are looking to dip their toes into the daunting waters of park riding would do well to check out this playful little party stick. If you’re aiming to dominate, both in the park and out on the mountain, then get ready to go full send because the Greats will tick boxes that you didn’t even know you had.

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Hardcore powder lovers usually appreciate a wider nose and tapered tail to help prevent drag while waist-deep in the white. Novice boarders are often best served with a versatile, all-mountain board that’s easy to control and performs well in just about any snow-covered environment, from powder to hard-pack to ice.

Whatever type of carving, cruising, or freestyling you’re into, here are our picks for the best snowboards to bomb the slopes this winter. A buttery soft flex guarantees this snowboard is easy to steer, while Arbor’s Grip Tech provides stability and control on packed snow.

The Flight Attendant Camber’s bespoke abstract artwork by artist William M Stevenson is dreamy, ethereal, and beautiful. The stiff, aggressive design is best for intermediate and expert boarders who prefer powdery slopes.

It’s an all-mountain board with a park-friendly, asymmetrical twin shape design and Hybrid Rocker profile that provides plenty of soft flex for freestyle-minded carvers. It’s a technological marvel that combines the world-famous brand’s best engineering feats into a single premium board.

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With solid medium flex, it’s ideal for steep terrain, big jumps, and rail sections. A poplar-filled core saves weight, while integrated carbon rods maximize Ollie power and absorb hard landings.

The stiff flex, directional shape, and well-balanced construction provide near-instant control into quick turns in almost any condition. Rhino Rack amazon.comparing off your gloves in the frigid cold to mount or remove your skis or snowboards from the car can be quite uncomfortable, if not annoying, so with this roof rack you don't have to.

It's made with an easy release and key locking mechanism that allows you to open and close the carrier even with gloved hands. This ski rack from Thule is made with ultra-soft rubber arm grips to prevent any scratching.

Rage Powersportswalmart.comrade with universal mounting clamps that make it fit for most vehicles with rectangular crossbars, this roof rack can hold up to two snowboards or four pairs of skis. Quarter.commenting your equipment to head to the slopes is a breeze with this rack, thanks to the slide-out feature which makes it simple to load and unload.

If you're worried about durability, the rack's metal outer shell makes it very sturdy. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

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I mean, the trunk area of your car can only fit so much, and you don't want to risk ruining the entire FAM's equipment forcefully squeezing it into an awkward space. So, do what you should've done a long time ago: invest in a roof rack for your snowboards and skis.

Most roof racks aren't crazy expensive, so don't worry about breaking the bank, but you should make sure what you do buy is of good quality and compatible with your car. To set you off on the right foot, here's a list of the best ski and snowboard roof racks of 2020, according to user reviews.

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