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When the steel, coal and iron industries were booming in Pennsylvania, trains were used to transport goods from one town to the next along flat pathways crisscrossing the countryside. Turkey Hill Trail Washington Born, Pennsylvania Length: 6.0 mi • Est.

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Valley Forge National Historical Park Length: 4.2 mi • Est. Accessibility: The trail surface is a combination of paved and gravel sections, and it is typically at least five feet wide.

A beautiful, flat, 8ft-wide paved trail along the river to the White Cliffs of Convoy. Accessibility: The trail surface is paved asphalt, smooth, and typically at least eight feet wide.

The Coverage Recreation Trail is just over 5.0 miles in length and is nice and wide. The path is suitable for a number of activities such as: biking, running, walking, cross-country skiing, and horseback riding.

It is a very scenic route, as it runs alongside the Coverage Creek for the majority of the way, and goes through the Lancaster County farmland. Accessibility: The trail surface is crushed stone and eight feet wide.

Sahara Rail TrailSwatara State Park Length: 5.8 mi • Est. A peaceful paved and gravel rail trail that goes across bridges and by a historic cabin and a nice waterfall.

trails rails pennsylvania alltrails
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Accessibility: The trail surface is paved or gravel and typically at least five feet wide. There are some sections where there are crack and potholes in the asphalt that may make it uneven and difficult for equipment users.

A stagecoach road descended to the right on switchbacks to the town in the valley below. Continue straight into deep railroad cut through a spur of the mountain.

Trail proceeds along railroad grade through groves of hemlock and rhododendron. At 2.2 miles leave railroad grade and turn left onto North Trail, ascending Camelback Mountain.

The summit of Camelback Mountain is open and features picnic areas, benches, nature trails and a privy. At 5.4 miles pass junction with North Trail, continue straight.

Leigh Gorge State Park Length: 3.7 mi • Est. Great Allegheny Passage (gap trail.org) | Photo by Milo Batsman This blog has been updated from its original 2014 version.

trails rails pennsylvania alltrails
(Source: www.alltrails.com)

Special acknowledgments: Tom Sexton, RTC’s Northeast Regional Director; Katie Harris Check out this list of 10 of our favorites, which travel through major metropolitan areas, by some of America’s most treasured historical and cultural sites, and through the breathtaking wilderness and views capes that make the state a premier outdoor destination.

Built in the 1800s, the railway was used during the Civil War to provide supplies to Northern troops heading south. For an immersive historical experience, trail users can board a replica 1860s steam locomotive from New Freedom to Hanover Junction.

The pathway follows a rail corridor developed by the Allegheny Valley Railroad in 1872 to carry passengers, coal, and lumber to Pittsburgh and beyond. The trail also connects schools, soccer fields and rural areas to commercial and residential centers.

One of the first designees to the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame, the GAP helps host the 1,300-mile September 11th National Memorial Trail and the 3,700-mile Great American Rail-Trail™. In Cumberland, Maryland, people can link with the 184.5-mile C&O Canal Towpath for an iconic 334.5-mile journey between Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.

$26 will go to the state for processing and manufacturing of the plate and $60 is a tax-deductible contribution to Rails -to- Trails Conservancy. Knapp frequently writes about the impact of, and vast historical and cultural connections made by, America's rail- trails, parks and public lands.

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The Pine Creek Rail Trail passes through the gorge nicknamed the Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon as it travels 64 miles from Hillsboro Junction to Jersey Shore. While all of it is worth seeing, to get a taste of the canyon, I suggest starting at Darling Run, the trailhead just off of Route Six.

You will be in the protected portion of the gorge, looking up on the canyon walls and riding next to Pine Creek. Our ride continues to Four Mile Run, a seasonal waterfall that’s a trickle much of the year, and to the stairs on the Turkey Trail that go up to the overlooks at Leonard Harrison State Park.

They are a mile from the Darling Run and Antonia trailheads, and Route Six is flat with wide shoulders. Aside from crossing the road it's an easy ride, and good sense gets you across the highway safely.

The Great Allegheny Passage travels 150 miles from Point State Park in downtown Pittsburgh to Cumberland, Maryland. First, we’ll look at the historic Meyers dale train station, which is also a museum devoted to the Western Maryland Rail Road.

In two miles we cross the two thousand foot long Salisbury Viaduct, which soars one hundred feet above the Wasserman River. Then, we ride back, pass the train station, and three miles later, cross the Keystone Viaduct, another impressive railroad bridge.

trails rails pennsylvania alltrails
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We turn around, head back to the train station, and have lunch at the GI Dayroom down the hill. A portion of the Bertram Trail. During our ride we cross a railroad bridge, pass above a historic train station, cross the Appalachian Trail at Port Clinton, and dead end at an abandoned railroad bridge over the Schuylkill River.

The hills and railroad cuts remind me of western Pennsylvania rather than the flat eastern part of the state. Our turnaround is Indian God Rock, a large boulder on the riverside carved with Native American markings.

We can have a picnic lunch for us back at the car, as there’s no place near the trail to eat, or we can drive into Franklin. Although the trail is flat, there are stunning views of South Mountain and the rolling farmland of Cumberland County.

A portion of the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail. If we have the legs for it, the trail continues on to Shippensburg, ten miles distant. Back in Neville we unpack our picnic basket and enjoy the lunch we brought, or we can drive to Sheet outside of town.

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