Best Restaurants In Corralejo Fuerteventura

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Map updates are paused. Holidaymakers may find the variety of cafés and restaurants in Corral along the beautiful coastline and promenade area of Corral and enjoy the local cuisine, traditional tapas, international dishes and fresh seafood.

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Rice and fresh sea fish are the basis of a culinary art offered with a thorough presentation. It is Logos’ balcony, the perfect place to enjoy a full day from breakfast to dinner.

Its kingdom: the beach, its richness: the different atmosphere that surprises at any time of day. In Waikiki, we can start the day with a hearty breakfast, enjoy a delicious meal with dishes like ‘Tartar Hat’, spectacular fish grills, meat cooked on hot stone.

Address : Called Aristides Hernández Moran, 11, 35660 Corral, Fuerteventura : +34 928 53 56 97 Web : http://www.waikikibeachclub.es Fuerteventura and Mediterranean cuisine reflected in dishes in which concessions are made to creativity.

A delicious gastronomic experience where product quality has a leading role, either inside, or opposite the beach, with allay service from the kitchen, ranging from breakfast to lunch and tapas. The 30 years its owners have spent at the stove attest to its fine cuisine, fusion Argentina-Italian with touches of Thai on several of their dishes.

Their pastas and meats, Argentinian, Uruguayan, Galician or from Avila, star on a menu drawn up each day working with outside sources, surprising and presented with an exquisite touch. Tender grilled meats that make up a menu in which aromas of Châteaubriand and T-bone compete, prepared with great expertise, along with the flavors of fresh fish and spectacular brochettes.

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Add to this: experience and know-how, and you get an exceptional menu in which seafood also plays a leading role. Homemade pasta, fresh seasonal products and Italian cold meats produce a simple menu that varies daily, with dishes cooked on the spot.

Meat, fish, vegetarian dishes… and carefully selected biodynamic wines, 100% natural. All kinds of red meat grilled and roasted, seasoned with know-how and tried and tested techniques.

The combination of hot Spanish blood, the sun, the sea and entertainment create a unique atmosphere where everyone can have a good time. There are many places to stay, many things to do, and, importantly, many good restaurants to visit.

The restaurant is situated primarily in the city center area, but soon will be moved outside of town, near the Mercadona supermarket, where it will have more space. The menu includes Scandinavian, European, international and Danish food.

The place has an excellence certificate, and you can find vegetarian-style food from Italy, Spain and the Mediterranean. The Sands Fuerteventura Restaurant was created to ensure a roper preparation of the dishes to avoid any gluten poisoning.

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Their attention is directed to diets such as : vegans, vegetarians and diabetics who require an equally rigorous attention. The restaurant is situated on one of the side streets and is attached to the Mall. The owners work alongside the other staff and the restaurant is well-managed, with clients being quickly served.

Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands, popular with visitors who come to enjoy its warm climate, volcanic landscapes, and beautiful beaches. We list the island’s top ten restaurants for a great holiday meal.

During the daytime it offers a wide range of coffees and snacks while the lunch and dinner menu contains international food. At night the bar hosts live music shows and broadcasts sports events.

A picturesque, renovated farmhouse that dates back to the 17th century, Casey Santa Maria sits at the historical center of Betancuria. The restaurant was named the most charming destination on the island by the Michelin guide, and serves up a variety of traditional recipes with a gourmet touch.

Just a stone’s throw away from the harbor of Corral, La Marques smells and tastes like the sea. Mainly for seafood enthusiasts, this is a restaurant worth a visit if you’re planning to travel to Fuerteventura.

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The menu includes fish soup, traditional paella, different rice dishes and all kinds of fresh seafood-based cuisine. Once here, try the popular option of escudos à la Sal, or fresh fish in salt.

The sunlit terrace overlooks the old harbor and is always crowded, so a reservation is highly recommended. At Restaurant Marabou a sunlit terrace is nestled among palm trees and is adorned with flower pots, wooden tables and white linens.

Located at the south of the island, this restaurant offers a menu that is purely local. Chefs use homegrown products combined with the simplicity of Mediterranean cuisine.

In the cellar, you’ll find a large selection of Spanish wines, champagnes, brandies and digestive liquors too. Located in Cal eta de Fuste, this restaurant offers a beautiful view of the harbor and the lighthouse.

The papas armadas (boiled potatoes), paella for two and pasta dishes come highly recommended, accompanied by local wines. Located in Corral, Cant ante is set on the beachfront, with its interior decor inspired by Cuban culture.

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This relaxed spot offers up a menu of international dishes accompanied by Latin tunes and a choice of 120 different types of rum, perfect for a sun downer before the place turns into a cocktail bar and live music venue at night. Hidden in the south wing of Fuerteventura, La Bodega de Jandia is a Spanish tapas restaurant.

Stone walls and open wooden windows, legs of ham hanging from the ceiling and a loud atmosphere create the ideal environment in which to indulge in inexpensive tapas, paella dishes and Canadian cuisine, such as ropey Vaisey (stewed beef with vegetables) and mousse DE Ohio. At the front of the restaurant, a few tables are placed in the narrow alley, perfect for a relaxing meal away from the busy seafront.

Puerto DAR mi opinion culinary sober l Gregorio El Picador Excellent Lugar para comer Mercado en Corral, Fuerteventura.

Restaurant Avelino DESE ester Lugar SE suede special la Islam DE Logos mantras SE labored UN been hero à la Blanca. Los Compares Para comer Bain y tranquil.

Es UN restaurant mariners y humble en El Que pieces pro bar leis typical cantatas arras, la pitas y Cactus Café, Corral, España La cafeteria Cactus cent con vistas à la called pea tonal done to-dos Los Lugano con UN polo “MAS” DE mode DE Corral.

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La CARTA Taine DESE picadillos, pasta tapas Como mantillas La Mamma Restaurant Argentino-italiano Buena Caliban precis y may been Erato.

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