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Later on, the manufacturers come out with a single-piece design, which removed these errors. Because the U.S. Army wasn’t satisfied with the products already on the market, they put together a team which should develop a better mounting solution for all kind of optics and accessories. This is the rail we know it today, and it was designed in conjunction with weapons specialists like Aim point, Beretta, Colt firearms, FN Herstal, and Heckler & Koch.

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Whatsoever, the following rifles have the same dimension of the receiver, so the same Pica tinny rail fits them all: ERA-TAC is a tactical line of products from the company Rectangle, which is well known for their high-quality hunting mounts and accessories.

In our comparison, only ERA-TAC and Contest had the Torn/hex key included, which is a small benefit if you want to mount the rail on the rifle alone. The rail has 109 grams, is 160 millimeters long and is made of steel.

The finish is black anodized for great wear resistance. The edges of the rail are nicely rounded, and throughout the entire length, a rounded groove is cut out in the middle to provide a good aiming possibility for iron sights.

Also, this Pica tinny rail is not an exception since it has one of the nicest looking finish. The finish is a more glossy matte black and has great wear resistance.

On the bottom side, the inclination is engraved, in our case 0 Moas, and an arrow for the mounting direction. They produce optic mounts, rails, bipeds, moderators, and many more.

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Whatsoever, because it is made of aluminum, the finish can get more quickly damaged if you put the optic often on and off the rail. The rail comes in a small plastic box, with screws and mounting instructions included.

LAW is one of the oldest manufacturers of rifle scope mounts on the planet. It is made of steel, and the finish is a brighter black compared to other products.

I don’t think this has some pros and cons, but it sure looks nice on a luxury rifle. The edges are all nicely rounded, and all the surfaces where the mount touches the rail are very smooth.

Between the bulges, there are light traces of the milling tool, but this doesn’t affect the quality of the mounting. On the entire length is a rounded groove cut out in the middle to provide a good aiming possibility for iron sights, in-depth very similar to ERA-TAC.

All other manufacturers have 2 higher surfaces where the rail gets mounted on the receiver of the rifle. LAW, on the other hand, has the smaller radius of the front mounting surface milled through the entire length, until the surface rises for the rear part of the receiver.

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Between the bulges on the upper side, there is also an LAW logo engraved in the rail. There is also a 20 MOA rail available from this manufacturer, and both come packaged in a thick plastic foil with mounting screws included.

Like previously said, ERA-TAC is a German manufacturer of high-quality mounts and other rifle accessories. This rail is made of high-grade aluminum, so it is extremely durable and resistant to hits and other influences.

Exactly the same as on the steel rail, it has a roundly milled inner surface through the entire length, to provide good aiming capability with iron sights. It weighs only 37 grams, which you won’t even notice on the rifle when mounted.

Also in this packaging, the Torn key and the mounting screws are included. The following 3 Pica tinny rails are made for short action Remington 700, because, at the time of delivery, our colleagues from Optics-Trade.EU didn’t have any long action rails on the stock from these producers.

But whatsoever, we think that the quality and materials of the rails used are the same, so the only difference is in the length and weight. Rusan-Micron is a Croatian company that started to produce products under their name in the year 2005.

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Whatsoever, they produce very high-quality gun parts like muzzle brakes, triggers, firing pins, and many more. The finish of the rail is really shiny and smooth, and there are no traces of a milling tool.

Susan has the biggest cut-out in the middle of the rail, through the entire length, for great visibility of the iron sights. What stays are bulges on both sides of the rail, and the material in the middle is removed.

The company is called Appear and is specialized in the production of high-quality mounts, muzzle brakes, Pica tinny rails, and some other accessories. In the box are mounting screws, and the Pica tinny rail that is made of steel.

On the upper side, the rail looks very similar to the Susan rail, since, through the entire length, the middle part is milled out for the best view of the iron sights. This cut-out is more precisely made than on the Susan rail since you can’t notice any difference in height.

The edges on the upper side of the bulges are all chambered and not rounded like on other rails. The edges on the bulges on the 45 degrees part are, on the other hand, not chambered, and because of that a little sharp on the touch.

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The quality of all rails is on a very high level, but they differ in the design and a little in functionality. The main difference between the rails is in the materials used and on the surface finish.

We want to thank the Optics-Trade online shop for providing and enabling us to test these 8 Pica tinny rails. This comparison was made because of our own interest in optics, mounts, and accessories, and provides an objective opinion of tested Pica tinny rails.

When it comes to upgrading the front end of their AR-15, many shooters focus on their muzzle mounts, with what goes on over the barrel often coming as a secondary concern when weighed against the rest of the gun’s parts. However, hand guards and rail systems can define the gun’s look, feel and functionality, so it’s best to take care because choosing what’s best for your rifle means that you’re ultimately going to be choosing what’s best for you.

A hand guard is simply a way to protect your hand from the heat generated by the barrel as you fire the gun. Much like a regular hand guard, a rail system also serves to protect the hands from heat generated along the barrel when the weapon is fired.

Whether you use a regular single-rail system or one that includes attachment points along the sides and bottom, using a rail system is one of the quickest and easiest ways to build your own custom AR-15 hand guard. Free-floating hand guards, so named because they “float” around the barrel of the rifle without actually touching it.

rifle creedmoor p3 proof frame 1500
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They’re held place by pressure from the hand guard cap and delta ring assembly, which means they have more points of contact than a free-floating hand guard, resulting in less weight. While drop-in hand guards are not as popular as free-floating ones, they are a much more plentiful, much more cost-effective option, especially for the budget or novice shooter.

Since there’s such variety in the choice of custom AR-15 rail systems you can use when designing our gun, so to do they have a large selection of parts to choose from, with a huge number of companies making after-market parts in any style or combination you could think of. Founded in 2013, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and quality merchandise, whether you’re here looking at parts for your first rifle or your fifteenth.

As any professional AR operator can tell you, a customized gun is nothing like the prototype. Experienced operators need to customize their weapon to adjust them to their style, needs, and body-type.

On our site, you can find just that: very high quality AR-15 rail systems to adjust onto your weapon and attach your equipment onto. The quality of the AR-15 rail system is extremely important because the stability and durability of all the accessories you add onto it depend on that every level of design.

This is why we have chosen out of a wide array of AR15 rail systems only those that will undoubtedly satisfy our very demanding clientele. Browse through our inventory, and you are sure to find the rail system you need and want, made only from the best military grade materials and following designs handpicked by experienced producers.

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