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Night stalker Subterfuge Shadow Foreshadow Focus is the default choice for all Eve content. Soothing Darkness Cheat Death ElusivenessSoothing Darkness is the best choice for solo content as the sustain it offers is very good due to high uptimes on Shadow Dance and even Stealth inside Toughest.

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Night Terrors Prey on the Weakened on the Weak is usually the best choice on this row due to the minor DPS gain from it. Master of Shadows Secret Technique Shrike Tornado Pick either one of the recommended talents on this row depending on what you feel like you need.

Secret Technique offers more AOE which will make it easier for you if you are able to pull multiple mobs at a time. It will make the last boss in each layer slightly easier, which is often the hard part of a Toughest run.

While the recommendations here are made only for Toughest, make sure to check the Covenant page for full details on everything this system has to offer. Choosing the right one can be difficult and should not be worried about too much as big part of the fun in Toughest is testing out the different Animators and figuring out different combinations.

Jack of All Trades Distracting Charges First Steps Secret Spices The Last Blade You can gain access to additional talents from Tier 1, 2 and 3. This page will guide you on your journey as you ascend Toughest, Tower of the Damned, on your Outlaw Rogue.

Elusiveness 40 Dirty Tricks Blinding Powder Prey on the Weak 45 Loaded Dice Alacrity ? Quick Draw Ghostly StrikeWeaponmaster is the highest DPS option in this tier and improves both your AOE and single-target damage.

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Deeper Stratagem Marked for Earmarked for Death is the best choice due to the frequent resets you get when fighting even small groups of enemies. Dirty Tricks Blinding Powder Prey on the Weakened on the Weak is the best choice here.

While Dread blades is a strong burst cooldown which would drastically improve your damage, it is offset by the loss of HP whenever you use a finishing move. Waiting for cooldowns to recharge is always a viable option in Toughest and Killing Spree will allow you to maximize your DPS whenever you choose to engage a group of enemies for short periods of time.

As using Vanish might often reset enemies you are engaged with, using Mark of the Master Assassin is not recommended. You can find out more about which legendary powers are viable for Outlaw Rogue in general by following the link.

As you start to ascend the Tower of the Damned, you will quickly realize that Toughest plays very differently to Mythic+ or Raids. You have a lot of different tools at your disposal, and as there is no time limit for Toughest, you can safely wait out any potential cooldowns you might need for the next group of enemies, Elites or the floor boss of your run.

Some enemies can detect stealth, so it is advised to run away far enough from them in order to successfully vanish from sight. As there is no time limit it is always recommended waiting until you can use Blade Flurry before engaging a new pack of enemies.

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Pistol Shot allows you to slow a single enemy at range, and while it is lower DPS than fighting an enemy in melee, you can slowly kite and shoot at a single opponent to play things extra safe. Thanks to your increased melee range when Valentine Acrobatic Strikes you can hit most enemies without them being able to retaliate.

You can weave in and out of melee between Kidney Shot casts to avoid taking extra damage, at the cost of being a bit slower to finish a pack. Use these to isolate individual enemies, kill them, then Vanish and wait for your cooldowns to recharge before initiating another combat.

Evasion, coupled with the Finesse Conduit Prepared for All is particularly powerful in Toughest when pulling multiple enemies at once. Taking it slow is a perfectly viable approach, and there is no shame in waiting out your defensive and offensive cooldowns before jumping into the next group of enemies.

As resurrections are limited, it is always advisable to not risk dying and instead use Vanish to leave combat and try again once your cooldowns have recharged. Throughout Toughest you will find Animators inside chests, puzzles, or after killing particularly dangerous enemies.

You will oftentimes be presented with multiple choices, and while it is a lot of fun to try out different combinations and builds, some of these powers are simply too good to pass up. In this section we will discuss some of the most powerful Animators as well as highlight a few interesting combinations that can make your journey much easier when put together.

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Half the fun of Toughest is combining individual powers so do not feel limited to the selection of Animators that are listed here. Jack of All Trades gives you access to both Vendetta and Shadow Blades whenever you use Adrenaline Rush.

This significantly boosts your priority target damage and makes fighting elites or the final boss much easier. The increased Combo Point generation will also greatly boost your AOE damage during Blade Flurry and combined with Evasion you should be able to dispatch of large groups of enemies at once while all these cooldowns are running.

If you also happen to gain a Broadside buff this significantly boosts your ability to use finishers, leading to a much stronger cooldown reduction via Restless Blades. These low-health enemies can be found multiple times on each floor, and while the health increase might not seem like a lot at first, it will stack up quickly and drastically improve your survivability.

Especially during your cooldowns this damage will lead to some powerful cleave on top of the already strong Blade Flurry AOE. Reverberating Strike changes your Echoing Reprimand to instead function as if your finishing ability was used with 20 Combo Points.

Due to the high Combo Point generation Outlaw has, you will always be able to benefit from the full 30% Haste bonus once your stacks are consumed. When Disney purchased Lucasfilm back in 2012, Star Wars fans were thrilled to learn that the adventures of the Skywalker Saga would continue with an all-new trilogy, though this acquisition also came with the reveal that standalone adventures would be developed for the franchise.

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In this regard, the spinoff films could be considered an even bigger gamble than the sequel trilogy, as Lucasfilm couldn't rely on the success of sci-fi's most iconic heroes. Leaving behind the ways of the Jedi and the Sith, yet still immersing the audience in the objectives of the Rebellion, viewers hit the front lines of one of the most important missions in the saga as Jon ESO, Caspian Ardor, and other unlikely allies uncovered the plans to the Death Star, ultimately allowing Luke Skywalker to destroy it.

Director Gareth Edwards had to find a way to capture the magic of the sci-fi series, yet deliver a much grittier and more grounded point of view, culminating in a tragic finale. Luckily, the film's setting allowed Rogue One to embrace the familiar iconography of Stormtroopers, the Death Star, and the Rebellion's headquarters, while also flipping this iconography on their heads to highlight iconic elements in unseen ways.

Let us know in the comments below or contact Patrick Kavanaugh directly on Twitter to talk all things Star Wars and horror! Unable to have human contact of any kind without dire consequences, she will always be somewhat isolated.

Rogue’s touch results in the absorption of a person’s energy; their memories, their psyche, and in the case of other mutants, their powers. Either by force or invitation, Rogue has absorbed the energy of pretty much all of her teammates and, of course, plenty of bad guys.

Rogue has borrowed the abilities of fellow teammate Bobby Drake, aka Iceman, multiple times. His incredible ability to create and manipulate ice is one that Rogue has been able to utilize in a variety of ways.

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This power has been used not only as a weapon, but also as a tool to rebuild during the events of Avengers vs. X-Men, in the X-Men’s ill-fated attempt to use the Phoenix Force to their advantage. Aside from Iceman, Rogue has also gotten the chance to literally play with fire after stealing the Human Torch’s abilities in Fantastic Four vs.

It is true that the Thing’s powers aren’t necessarily the coolest, but it was a sweet scene shared between two people who are both very many prisoners in their own bodies. The revelation that they too were mutants, drew Rogue even closer to them, allowing them to easily warp her teenage mind.

Although she has not been seen absorbing Irene Adler’s precognitive powers on-panel, it is safe to assume that she had physical contact with Destiny when they lived together. During that time, she manifested Destiny’s power, meaning they must’ve shared contact at some point.

Even still, seeing events before they come to pass is a pretty handy skill, and one that Rogue was able to use to her advantage when hunting the villainous Vargas. Without the added edge of knowing his moves before he made them, Rogue might never have been able to confront the man who murdered Locke.

Of course, in order to take full advantage of the Big Green Guy’s powers, Rogue had to get pretty angry. Aside from Bruce, Rogue also managed to steal powers from his cousin, Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk.

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The first time these two women met, they fought and Rogue stole the weather witch’s powers. When Storm transferred her powers to Rogue, they enabled her to see beauty in what had, up until this point, been an ugly world, and also helped her to begin to trust in someone.

Sure, Rogue started a crazy hurricane, but she didn’t zap more of her friend’s power while Storm was incapacitated, even though she wanted to. Of the many powers she absorbed that day, the coolest was easily gaining the abilities of the God of Thunder.

Aside from granting her the strength of a god, absorbing his energy also made her completely invulnerable to attack. Kitty’s ability enabled Rogue to become intangible and walk through walls, floors, even objects.

As stated above, Rogue has borrowed Nightcrawler’s amazing ability to teleport in conjunction with several of their teammates' skills, in order to turn herself into an unbeatable super-mutant. While Nightcrawler has struggled over the years both with his appearance and the fact that he is a mutant, his powers were one area in which he never had to work to gain acceptance.

However, an unconscious Locke wound up being the perfect power source and Rogue used her telekinetic sword to cut into his spirit. Rogue has absorbed and used not only her telepathic sword, but also her telepathy, telekinesis and penchant for projecting illusions.

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When she absorbed Locke’s powers in X-Men (vol 4) #4, there was a serious mess to clean up and yet, there was Rogue, having an absolute blast! This one may be a bit of a stretch, because while Rogue did absorb these abilities, she didn’t actually get to use them.

It wasn’t until Uncanny Avengers #2 that we learned what exactly would happen if Rogue attempted to wield the most frightening reality warping powers possessed by anyone ever. However, not everyone should be a parent and Mystique choosing to raise Rogue in her own image is ultimately what drove them apart.

Although Rogue's allegiances vacillated early on in her comic book career, she has proven herself to be one of the most valued members the X-Men. The Step ford Cuckoos, Emma Frost, Jean Grey, and Professor Xavier have all granted her telepathy at some point.

Absorbing the abilities of the world’s most powerful telepaths is a tricky business, and it hasn’t always gone smoothly. Borrowing power from the Step ford Cuckoos was particularly difficult, as it gave her three different perspectives inside her head.

In Uncanny X-Men #175, Mastermind had all the X-Men convinced that Cyclops was Dark Phoenix, returned from the dead to wreak further havoc. Cyclops was forced to take out his teammates one by one, eventually knocking Rogue unconscious with poppies from The Wizard of Oz (guess you had to be there).

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Professor X was also down for the count, but Rogue was able to absorb his powers in order to convince the other X-Men that they couldn't trust what they were seeing. She has always had a penchant for absorbing abilities with a kiss, probably because this is the only physical contact that she is ever allowed, and she desperately craves it.

By Uncanny X-Men #173, Rogue was still on shaky ground with the X-Men and a mission to Japan with Wolverine began to really change all of that. Although Rogue was able to absorb Magneto’s incomparable magnetic abilities, he remained unaffected; so great was his power.

It is tragic that the most badass set of powersRogue ever absorbed managed to destroy what little semblance of self she had, and also put Ms. Marvel in a coma for years. During Rogue’s villainous beginnings, she fought Carol Dancers and held on for too long, making the absorption permanent.

Not only could she put down a bad guy with a single touch, but also the girl could fly, had super strength and was nearly invulnerable. Despite getting her English degree years ago, she can’t seem to leave her job at the comic shop.

Her crushes include Michael Fassbinder, Night wing and the cartoon fox from Robin Hood. She takes far too many pictures of both her dog and her horse, and prefers spending time with them to hanging out with actual human beings.

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