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Liliana: -Helm: The Long Sight or Arms man's Tensioner or Long runner's Cap -Chest: Felon's Coat (This is THE best light chest armor) -Gloves: Gloves of Guile -Boots: Silver hammer's Taskmasters or Bard's Dancing Shoes or Wade's Superior Drake skin Boots Evan: -Helm: Long runner's Cap (You can get two of this) -Chest: Battledress of the Provocateur or Shadow of the Empire if you don't have Liliana's Song DLC -Gloves: Red Jenny Seekers or Pushback Strikers -Boots: Bard's Dancing Shoes or Wade's Superior Drake skin Boots The weapons are pretty simple: -Archers: Far Song (Best longbow in the game by far).

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If your PC is an archer, and you equip Far Song on him/her Marjolein's Recurve for Liliana, if you don't want to do the “bad choice”, Salon'Din's Reach although it sucks compared to Far Song -Dual Wielders: The Rose's Thorn and Dead Thai Shaker (Use tier 6 Thorn of Dead instead of the Shaker if you don't have The Stone Prisoner DLC) or if you prefer one full size weapon and one dagger: The Vehicle and any dagger mentioned above. In the main game I'd say “Shadow of the Empire(Drake skin)” is best but expensive, buyable in Grammar Commons(the merchant next to the entrance to the Deep Roads, I think) Alternative is “Wades Superior Drake skin Leather Armor which is the second set of armor he will make you out of Drake Scales.

(Wade is the crazy Blacksmith in Generic Market, he has a shop in the center) In the Add-on you get a “Black Blade Tunic” (with looks just like the Shadow just black instead of Brown/gray) with is better, but I don't remember where I got it. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to ask and answer questions.

If there’s one thing all DragonAgeOrigins (DA:O) players can agree on is that the race doesn’t matter. An important thing to note for both rogue builds is that you may focus on the right attributes, for instance, strength.

So, it would be best if you focused on getting as many ex points as possible, especially if you’ve chosen the dual-wielding rogue build character. Rogue archers benefit more from the hunting specialization as well as bard skills.

Once you’ve slain the six drakes from the Mountainside Cavern, you’ll take them to Wade at his Emporium. Then the next time you visit his Emporium, hand him the Dragon scale, and he’ll craft the superior drake skin for you.

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Again, you’ll have to hand over three more drake scales, but then this will give you the option of choosing either a massive, bulky, or medium version of the superior drake skin armor. You’ll need to kill him hen loot the crates lying on the north and east side.

You’ll find the Hammer’s stash box which has this long runner’s cap as well as gold. Getting this armor will cost you +17 STR but reward you with +1 stamina replenishment, which is going to come in handy during combat.

These gloves may also appear in the dark alley while the player is completing the justice quest. One thing to note is that these gloves are restricted to the rogue build characters and will require +20 STR.

This armor will clear your doubts about having bards as companions to complete your rogue build character. While at the party camp, you’ll find the Bodkin merchant and Sandal his assistant.

Once you get your hands on these shoes, you’ll receive +6 defense, which helps to avert hostility. You’ll find this smith at the Grammar commons where all dwarves conduct businesses.

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Once you get to tier 3, you can steal this dagger from Lord Answer when he goes to the American Thai. To get this dagger, you need to complete the Drifter’s Cache found on the Cardin’s cross.

If you happen to receive two drake skin and dragon scale armors from Wade, this Emporium closes and prevents you from getting the felon’s coat There’s a dexterity bug in the game that affects the daggers’ STR attributes. To subdue your enemy and make reasonable progress in the DragonAgeOrigins mage game, you will need good armor.

You will get some weapons automatically in your inventory, but you could complete quests and fights to get some best armor for this build. Here are some of the mage armor for this build that can help you subdue the enemy and make reasonable progress in the game.

The Caiman’s armor enables a fighter to avoid missile attacks, and it helps to weaken nearby dark spawn, with its 6 damage powers. With this armor, you have an increased 20% ability to dodge attacks from the enemy, and it helps you restore 5 points of health.

The weapon also restores the power lost due to fatigue by 25% and improves your mental resistance by 10 points. The armor consists of Magic’s blade and Caiman’s shield gloves and boots, which are crucial elements in fighting an enemy.

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The fighter has to use stamina and strengthen gathered to acquire this weapon, and it consists of two rings, the Dawn and Dusk. The weapon is among the best armor, and a fighter can acquire as a reward from the Kathryn for the quest of Nature of the Beast.

The set consists of chest helm, gloves, and boost, and you will acquire it after the successful Mage Treasure quest, which takes place in the Brazilian Forest. You will acquire the effort armor set in the Dust Town in Grammar and the Dead Trenches.

Wade’s armor set gives a fighter 35% fire resistance and helps restore fatigue, and it consists of gloves, boots, and chest. These weapons help a fighter gain stamina, regenerate combat, and recover powers lost through fatigue.

You will acquire these set of weapons in the Frost back Mountain Pass and randomly in other places like the Generic. This set of armor requires 34 strengths and will provide you with 0.5 to 1 health and regeneration in combat.

Feet: CAPASH Stompers (From Ogre during Sales personal quest) Long bowman's belt+Long sight if you want greater critical hit chance or Andrew blessing+helm of honnleath if you want +4 to all attributes.

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Superior Drake skin Armor which you receive from Wade for 3 Drake Scales. You will find 3 piles of rubble and a Rune stone which adds a codex entry about the Drifter's cache.

The Vehicle. Oh and also, doesn't the superior drake skin armor become redundant after reaching the dexterity cap? Not really because the superior drake skin armor reduces fatigue with the item set bonus. Please help me get this troll banned: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/user.php?board=1947548 @Amoral1ty not exactly... For cunning utility rogues, it's the best (for the most part) because of the stamina bonus and good protection (ex also increases your defense)...

Personally I find set bonuses usually outweigh non-set items. Brawl Code: 1032-0922-1772 Brawl Name: DRIP: Orlando of the Axe Karma: 1642 --he delivered! I want to dress my warriors with proper armor so what are the best sets in the game?---Depends what you're going for.- Best overall set is hands down Caiman's Armor from Return to Stager.- Best set including Awakening is the Sentinel Armor Set.-Second best from Awakening you can get the Golem Shell chest piece, though there isn't any gloves and boots.

Wade's Superior Dragon skin armor is great for AW/SH, Caiman's armor set for warrior tanks or AW/BM, Legion of the Dead for warrior DPS, and Even the Great Mails + Wade's Superior Dragon scale Boots/Gloves as a higher defense/lower HP regent version of Caiman's set. Other than those I can't think of any other armor sets worth wearing.

I usually strip stats off since I try to make the game as difficult as I possibly can. I usually have Justice's black armor, and the Lunar set from Dark Times, and the Runic armors are always good to have, as well.

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