Best Rogue Build Dragon Age Origins

Bob Roberts
• Sunday, 03 January, 2021
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If there’s one thing all DragonAgeOrigins (DA:O) players can agree on is that the race doesn’t matter. An important thing to note for both rogue builds is that you may focus on the right attributes, for instance, strength.

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So, it would be best if you focused on getting as many ex points as possible, especially if you’ve chosen the dual-wielding rogue build character. Rogue archers benefit more from the hunting specialization as well as bard skills.

Once you’ve slain the six drakes from the Mountainside Cavern, you’ll take them to Wade at his Emporium. Then the next time you visit his Emporium, hand him the Dragon scale, and he’ll craft the superior drake skin for you.

Again, you’ll have to hand over three more drake scales, but then this will give you the option of choosing either a massive, bulky, or medium version of the superior drake skin armor. You’ll need to kill him hen loot the crates lying on the north and east side.

You’ll find the Hammer’s stash box which has this long runner’s cap as well as gold. Getting this armor will cost you +17 STR but reward you with +1 stamina replenishment, which is going to come in handy during combat.

These gloves may also appear in the dark alley while the player is completing the justice quest. One thing to note is that these gloves are restricted to the rogue build characters and will require +20 STR.

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This armor will clear your doubts about having bards as companions to complete your rogue build character. While at the party camp, you’ll find the Bodkin merchant and Sandal his assistant.

Once you get your hands on these shoes, you’ll receive +6 defense, which helps to avert hostility. You’ll find this smith at the Grammar commons where all dwarves conduct businesses.

Once you get to tier 3, you can steal this dagger from Lord Answer when he goes to the American Thai. To get this dagger, you need to complete the Drifter’s Cache found on the Cardin’s cross.

If you happen to receive two drake skin and dragon scale armors from Wade, this Emporium closes and prevents you from getting the felon’s coat There’s a dexterity bug in the game that affects the daggers’ STR attributes. Miraculously, an adjective becomes a noun and the rogue character-class is born, one that is canonical to any medieval fantasy RPG.

Whilst not always a pariah most rogue characters live by the day, accumulate riches, tend to avoid fighting and look after themselves first and foremost. Some skills are useful whilst others simply add flavor to the game, like coercion which could result in interesting conversations.

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Trap-making is also quite useful since you can set traps, then essentially disappear from sight, attack from range and watch that hostile-horde take damage. As for the rest of the skills, I don’t think there is much point; things like herbalism and poison making largely add flavor to the game whilst not doing much else.

The second important attribute is Cunning, which allows you to pick locks, effectively use stealth and the all-important “Lethality” talent. For melee, you can also consider the ranger specialization, ; although more inclined towards archery, it’s still powerful when coupled with dual-wield, and you’ll have pets to support you.

If you plan on wielding large weapons in both hands, and increasing damage based on Strength rather than Cunning, consider the “Dual-Wield Training” tree and ultimately taking “Dual Weapon Mastery.” Lastly in the “Dual Striking” tree, something like “Riposte” is a great way of killing those annoying Gen lock Emissaries. Bards are mostly used to “buff” allies or cripple enemies, i.e. dirge and similar, but the abilities they have been’t worth it.

The duelist is quite weak for a melee class even if the last talent has you dishing out cries for a bit. This is quite a simple build if you want to avoid the melee option and don’t want a specialist archer.

The attributes in Drainage to consider are still Dexterity and Cunning but this time your character will work on those general Rogue talents, and gain some archery prowess to snipe from a distance. Also, contrary to my previous view of poisons in the game, this is one build where you can use poison-grenades effectively as long as you find a line for your party and hold them outside the area of explosion.

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Here you don’t need strength at all just dexterity, since even good armor will just greatly affect fatigue. Also, you can forget most of the standard Rogue abilities such as ” Deadly Strike,” ” Lethality” or “Coup de grâce” since they are all close-quarter talents.

You can still take the stealth based talents, though they aren’t important since the point here is to kill anything from a distance. Specialize as a Ranger since, with the ability to summon and fling deadly arrows, you’ll make a devastating archer.

In this article, I’ll discuss where you should spend your most points, and how you can use the rogue’s tactical advantages to deal out massive amounts of damage to even the toughest foes. Because this game is not set in the Dungeons & Dragons world, you should put aside all you know about D&D when choosing a race for your character.

Other than giving you about an hour’s worth of unique content, your character origin choice will grant you a starting skill that helps jump-start things. Rogues should focus on the following attributes, in order of importance: Dexterity, Cunning, Willpower, Constitution, Strength and Magic.

Higher dexterity scores also increase the damage done by weapons like daggers, which is mainly what your rogue should carry. It wouldn’t hurt to invest a point or two in willpower because it affects how much MANA or stamina you have, and once your rogue gains higher levels you will use this to do special attacks.

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With a rogue, there’s really no reason to put any points in magic because you’ll get much more benefit from investing in other attributes. For the rogue, talents like Dirty Fighting and Combat Movement are excellent in helping you to deal out more damage to your opponent.

You will encounter a lot of locked treasure chests in this game, and being able to open them will often yield some great valuables. Stealth is another skill you will often use because it allows rogues to sneak up behind an enemy and get a good backstab in before the fighting starts.

I also think you should spend points in Dual Weapon Training, so you can use two daggers, which can yield devastating results. I chose the dwarf tasteless background, and I don't want to have this character be terrible as I get higher up.

To this point I've been maxing out Dexterity and Coercion, and for my level 2 upgrades I took the weapon training option and the kick to the groin power. I see a lot of people on the forums talking about poisons and trap making with their rogue, and assassins/duelists seem to be popular.

I'm currently using a dagger in each hand, but I don't see a real upgrade from using a singular weapon. Multiple mobs really take its toll on us, and it seems like I'm motioning in every fight.

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I was thinking about pumping my strength too, but not for the armor, but the ability to use big weapons in both hands. Soon I discovered it's pretty pointless, enchanted daggers are extremely FAST and do insane damage from behind.

Put 1 master paralyze rune in each dagger, and you're in business -each attack is a backstab or critical. (and the sustained “dueling” of course) With duelist you won't need armor because you will dodge most attacks/spells anyway.

A lot of ex helps you land every hit, so the enemy is always praised. I personally never saw a real need for poison making, and concentrated on coercion, lock picking, and dual wielding.

My opinion is to play the “Slater role” and get the dual sword ability. Not only do the weapons themselves offer great bonus' but with those two swords you're looking at 5 rune slots which I use for Grand master Slow & Paralyze (if you get it you can then backstab).

I wear Felons coat which gives me better stats than anything Wade makes. In addition, the coercion and lock pick skills help you all throughout the game.

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Lethality is especially good for an Archer because they should focus on Dexterity and Cunning, and putting a few points into Willpower and Constitution. For specializations, use Ranger only, so you can focus on those summoning skills as a back-up in case you get attacked a lot.

Your main gig is to go invisible, and stab somebody in the back and have the rest of your party charge into battle. An Assassin should only use Dual Daggers to output a massive DPS (Damage Per Second).

Don't forget to take up the Feign Death branch of the Rogue skill tree. Combat Movement and Coup de grâce are important for any Assassin.

Being able to use Mark of Death while invisible is a handy trick against tough bosses. You have a rogue, but dump almost all of your points into Strength/Dexterity to become a warrior, but with the added bonus of backstabbing.

For the Assassin combo, you need Combat Stealth or it'll be pointless, and you should stick to Archery. With the bow, you should charge into battle and Pinning Shot/Crippling Shot any enemy you want to put down fast.

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Assassin: ] After some very, very hard guess work as well as trial and error, here's your best bet. Go for either the Felon's Coat (Wade, after 3 treaties), the Pushback Strikers, and the Bards Dancing Shoes.

As for the creatures not being able to survive a stage transition, here's a trick since every animal kick ass in their own way; If you summon the spider you get an automatic web ability sort of, while you're fighting.

It would also then be possible to wear blood dragon armor, and use the motor sword from soldier's peak as well. This build does require the top row on duel wielding maxed extremely quickly.

Assassin will be great since you'll be doing ridiculous backstab damage and Duelist is nice just to make sure you're hitting everything. I suggest getting your strength up to 20 to use Drake skin light armor, though you won't have to put much into it due to the bonuses you'll get in the Fade.

Later I bought an awesome armor from Wade's Emporium, Red Jenny gloves(from killing a thug) etc. You'll have an archer in your party soon and if you want a bit of archery you can switch to her and play as her as long as you want.

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Each time u level up, don't take your point on every dual wielding skill, just pick what u need. Aim for some important skill like nimble, and don't waste your point on the final idiot skill with make u pretend to surrender in the feet of enemy, it's only an EA joke bioware don't do slap stick.

And as u gain your STR, u can leave light armor, and equip your self with heavy armor, put your cons at 20, and don't spend your point on cunning, it's a TOTAL waste for my kind of rouge (u can up the cunning status for Galena type of rouge). U can choose dual wielder, with is very strong, and assassin, will improve your backstab and help your lack of fatigue.

The archer starts kinda bad at first because your damage will be based on STR. With this bow and with the cunning I have, using Arrow of Slaying I can do 1 shot kills on a lot of normal mobs and on some I get the close to death.

If u want a good lay out for it all u have to have is 20 STR(for the best light armor (optional)) 30 cunning(ONLY if you want to use the lock-picking mastery on him) and max ex. This build takes time to be effective, but is overall gonna lead to the most damage possible.

Backstabbing is not needed, Archer backstabs have little to no effect or rather are just plain useless. You’re archer isn't going to be taking damage provided u have a tank early on.

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As far as a second class, bard or duelist is fine (Assassination fails because it focuses on melee and backstabs). That's a nasty combo, however, the cool down is a lengthy 3 minutes O. O and this is really mostly effective vs bosses which isn't a bad thing, nor a great ting D:.

20 STR (for best light armor), 36 ex (for skills involved) and max out cunning. Remember that lightning burns mana, so it makes a good second choice when it comes to runes.

This ensures your rouge can get behind for that awesome backstab, and so he doesn't die XD. Also, backstabs can be assured if u have a mage with stunning/freezing/petrify or any other forms of disable (Mórrígan :P) with the “Coup DE' Grace: skill.

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