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Elusiveness 40 Dirty Tricks Blinding Powder Prey on the Weak 45 Loaded Dice Alacrity Dread blades 50? Dancing Steel Blade Rush Killing Spree Talents can be freely changed when out of combat and in a rested XP area (such as an inn or a capital city).

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We have decided to list a “cheat sheet” of sorts below, however, to help with a quick set-up that should be just fine for most encounters. The build is the standard choice for most encounters, focusing on dealing high and sustained single target damage.

The two builds suggested above are generalized versions that do not account for individual encounters in the current raid tier. We have a boss-by-boss breakdown of talent choices as well as tips and tricks only Outlaw can pull off on our dedicated Raid page.

Mythic+ oftentimes requires a very specific talent setup that mixes single-target and AOE to perform well on both bosses and trash. Weapon master Quick Draw Ghostly Strike Tier 1 talents focus on improving Combo Point generation.

Weapon master is simply inferior to Quick Draw in terms of raw DPS. Retractable Hook Hit and Run Tier 2 talents focus on improving your mobility.

Acrobatic Strikes is a good choice on cleave encounters as it also extends the length of your Blade Flurry. Deeper Stratagem leads to a slightly slower rotation (as compared to Vigor) but your finishers will gain increased effectiveness and damage.

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Elusiveness is technically the best talent in most situations, but requires you to be extremely proficient with Feint usage and very aware of incoming damage. Iron Stomach is by far the best choice for leveling and solo content, as it improves your self-sustainability noticeably.

Dirty Tricks Blinding Powder Prey on the Weak Tier 5 talents focus on improving your crowd control utility. Dirty Tricks removes the Energy cost from Cheap Shot, Gouge, and Sap.

Prey on the Weak causes targets afflicted by your Cheap Shot or Between the Eyes to take 10% increased damage from all sources for 6 seconds. Prey on the Weak is the strongest option in this tier, as it allows you to increase everyone's damage by 10% for 6 seconds, on stainable enemies.

Dirty Tricks has practically no instance Eve usage as you are unlikely to use any of the abilities it affects during the fight. Loaded Dice Alacrity Dread blades Tier 6 talents offer finisher modifiers.

Loaded Dice makes activating Adrenaline Rush cause your next Roll the Bones to grant at least two buffs. Alacrity causes finishing moves to have a 20% chance per Combo Point to grant 2% Haste for 20 seconds, stacking 5 times.

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Alacrity is the best choice in raids and dungeons, provided you are able to consistently maintain your stacks for most of the encounters. While Loaded Dice does help reduce the random aspect of Roll the Bones a bit, it currently lags too far behind Alacrity to be competitive for damage.

Dread blades is a solid option due to the amount of burst damage you can deal during its duration, but still performs worse than Alacrity. Dancing Steel Blade Rush Killing Spree Tier 7 talents focus on shifting the play style in new directions.

Blade Rush charges you towards the target, damaging all of nearby enemies, and generating 25 Energy over 5 seconds. Killing Spree is affected by Blade Flurry and will hit nearby enemies for 100% of the damage during it.

Killing Spree is mediocre in damage and the forced movement can put you in perilous situations however, so use it with care. Dancing Steel is only helpful for ease of use, as you should already be able to maintain close to 100% uptime on Blade Flurry.

In this section we will rank the PVP talents best for leveling and doing solo / small group Eve content. Take Your Cut causes you and allies within 8 yards to gain 15% Haste for 8 seconds after you use Roll the Bones.

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It is fairly good, since it acts as a mini- Adrenaline Rush and has decent uptime when you are questing in the open world. Boarding Party makes Between the Eyes increase the movement speed of all friendly players within 10 yards by 30% for 5 seconds.

Maneuverability makes your Sprint suppresses all movement impairing effects, thus helping out a bit with mobility. You can use Pistol Shot repeatedly to generate Combo Points while this buff is active if you are low on Energy.

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When you’re taking on the end-game content of Shadow lands, primarily its many dungeons and raid, you are going to find yourself looking to play a specific role in your group. The tanks aim to get enemies’ attention and take damage, healers are meant to stay on the sides and keep their allies alive, and DPS are the ones to get in there and dish out the pain.

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If that last one sounds fun to you, there are a lot of options in terms of what kind of builds you can choose to fulfill that important DPS role, and we have the best of them here. Arcane Mage can be a harder build to play as, as they are highly dependent on cooldowns which makes it hard to time your abilities properly.

With abilities like Few Rush and Vengeful Retreat, the Havoc Demon Hunter offers some of the best mobility for a DPS build. With the Outlaw Rogue, you can easily control a crowd with abilities like Gouge and Blind, which are great for keeping enemies from casting and disoriented.

These buffs have helped boost their single-target, priority-target, and AOE DPS, while also bringing Power Word: Fortitude to increase the health pool of the group. The Subtlety Rogue used to be at the very top of the list for DPS builds, but received a few significant nerfs to their abilities which dropped it some.

Regardless, it is still one of the best DPS builds thanks to core conduits, Deeper Daggers and Planned Execution, which can still do some good single-target, priority-target, and AOE damage. It has several disturb spells that can make a combat scenario easier and a good amount of melee damage to earn a place in any team composition.

Few things are as satisfying in World of Warcraft as watching a character become the legendary monster they were always destined to be. For many players, this means a DPS build ; focusing on pouring as much damage as possible into an enemy in the shortest amount of time.

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Good damage is the obvious part, and the various slows, freezes, and protections inherent in the build don't hurt either. Perhaps one of the most thematically appropriate DPS classes, since Shadow lands gameplay at level 60 often consists of hunting down powerful monsters.

With proper screening (often from other classes), a marksmanship hunter can turn almost any foe into a hedgehog from long range, and is very fun to use. Good for more (relatively) casual and seriously committed characters alike, it's a build that hasn't gone out of style in Shadow lands, and likely won't any time soon.

Rather paradoxically, the best covenant for this DPS build is Syrian, making for Warlocks wielding holy and unholy powers at the same time. Head and shoulders above the second best (Destruction Warlock) in all categories, it relies on short cooldowns and attacks from stealth.

This page will help you with optimal Talents, Covenants, Soul binds, Conduits and Anima Powers within Toughest to make it easier on yourself. For more information about Toughest in general, check out our dedicated page below.

15 Weapon master Premeditation Gloom blade 25 Night stalker Subterfuge Shadow Focus 30 Vigor Deeper Stratagem Marked for Death 35 Soothing Darkness Cheat Death Elusiveness 40? Night stalker Subterfuge Shadow Foreshadow Focus is the default choice for all Eve content.

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Soothing Darkness Cheat Death ElusivenessSoothing Darkness is the best choice for solo content as the sustain it offers is very good due to high uptimes on Shadow Dance and even Stealth inside Toughest. Night Terrors Prey on the Weakened on the Weak is usually the best choice on this row due to the minor DPS gain from it.

Master of Shadows Secret Technique Shrike Tornado Pick either one of the recommended talents on this row depending on what you feel like you need. Secret Technique offers more AOE which will make it easier for you if you are able to pull multiple mobs at a time.

It will make the last boss in each layer slightly easier, which is often the hard part of a Toughest run. While the recommendations here are made only for Toughest, make sure to check the Covenant page for full details on everything this system has to offer.

Choosing the right one can be difficult and should not be worried about too much as big part of the fun in Toughest is testing out the different Anima Powers and figuring out different combinations. If you are interested in seeing all the Anima Powers available to Rogue, make sure to check out the pages linked below.

Jack of All Trades Distracting Charges First Steps Secret Spices The Last Blade You can gain access to additional talents from Tier 1, 2 and 3.

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