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Maria Johnson
• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
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I got up to legend 10 years ago when IT was not even released and decided to repeat the same strategy. What would you suggest taking as an additional mastery in order to increase the power of my mechanisms? Thanks!! The anniversary edition that came out in 2016, with the subsequent expansions in 2017 and 2019 have breathed fresh air into the life of an old classic.

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If you, like others, have decided to fire up your remastered version of Inquest and are looking to enjoy a fresh boost of nostalgia, you probably might need some inspiration. This guide aims to quickly outline a couple of builds as starter-ideas for your newest Inquest adventure.

It is a melee dual-based build with excellent scalability and the ability to clear the complete content of the game. The focus of the build is offensive stats, favoring kill speed over defenses.

I have added pictures of each skill tree for quick reference, saving you some time when swapping around tabs. The first row of the skill tree centered around the dual wielding aspects are fairly important as well, but I would not consider them the highest priority.

Grab Battle Standard early if you are having trouble with Boss fights or unique monsters. If you want to focus on killing bosses and doing boss-runs, I recommend for you to fully max out Ancestral Horn.

The most important ability of the Dream Tree is Phantom Strike, followed by Distort Reality. Phantom Strike is one of the most important abilities you get and will make your build more versatile and mobile.

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However, since this build focuses on dealing out damage before dying, we go for Trance of Wrath Definitely focus on one type of damage and one enchantment if you want to save up skill points in the beginning.

Both abilities have excellent defensive utility and Stone Form essentially serves a panic button. Theoretically, you have lots of freedom when choosing the offensive spells you want to use, and you can certainly pick out others from the ones that have been recommended here.

A pet like that will help you greatly, as your character build leaves you vulnerable and rather squishy. Core Dweller can tank enemies and serve as a meat shield.

Small tip : You can cast Heat Shield on your Core Dweller in crucial situations. While these skills are not essential, they offer quite the utility, as the Thunder ball stun can come in quite handy at times.

Pick Summon Wisp for one point and max out the synergy skill Eye of the Storm. Eye of the Storm offers solid elemental resistances and will improve your defensive capabilities.

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Squall and Obscured Visibility is another great utility spell that should prove very useful in difficult fights. Completely ignore Strength and grab a few points in Dexterity depending on whether you would need it for any armor.

It severely lacks in terms of defense but yields a very high damage output in return. Additionally, it is one of the more complicated classes that can be too squishy in the later parts of the game if not planned well.

For the Assassin it is no different as you will be dual-wielding, making the Dual Wield passive and all the synergies extremely useful and maxing them a must. Maxing Weapon Training is also recommended as the stat boost is significant enough, but it is not the highest priority.

One value point in Battle Rage is always useful, as the +50% offensive ability are quite strong and the trigger chance already starts out at 8%. Definitely grab and max the Dodge Attack passive, particularly when you are starting to feel squishy.

The charge offers great mobility and clearing speed, and the fact that it hits up to 4 enemies gives us valuable area of effect and synergy with Rogue skills. The ancestral Horn is optional and particularly useful for boss fights, but should only be used if you are planning to max it out, as it is rather useless in lower levels.

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Blade Honing is a buff that provides a solid boost and is worth all the points. The combination here means that you can quickly spread your poison around multiple enemies with Flurry of Knives.

Strength2Intelligence0Dexterity1 When playing or planning for an Assassin, you should consider the limited weapons that are available for your build. The reason for its being is that Rogue Mastery relies on Piercing Damage, like swords, spears, and bows.

The Ranger is the classic ranged type hunter build consisting of the Hunting and Nature Mysteries. Particularly Scatter Shot Arrow is going to be an insane boost in terms of clear speed and dealing with multiple enemies.

Call of the Hunt and its synergy Exploit Weakness are superb temporary buffs. Art of the Hunt has a similar role and should be maxed out completely, except for Trail Blazing where one value point should be enough.

Lastly, pick Study Prey as an additional short term rebuff and Herbal Remedy as a defensive resource whenever you feel that it is necessary. Heart of Oak and its synergies is an excellent defensive ability and should be skilled as soon as you start feeling squishy.

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Call of the Wild allows you to summon up to two wolves that are going to help you out and be useful in terms of pulling aggro from mobs. Grab one value point of Maul for the 6% reduction of enemy health and also to be able to skill Survival Instinct and Strength of the Pack.

Both of these synergies are going to boost your wolves’ strength and make them tank enough to actually fulfill their purpose as meat shields. Both of these trees are rather focused on providing support and buffs, which gives the Soothsayer the right tools to play some sort of Beast master or a character that heavily relies on pets.

Tern ion Attack is one of the first spells that are available to you and since as a Soothsayer, you will probably rely on staves, it is advisable to max this one out. The Death chill Aura, along with Ravages of Time and Necrosis is a rebuff that has a rather low range but very powerful effects and should definitely be maxed.

You could potentially pick up Life Drain and Enslave Spirit temporarily (meaning you should spec out of it later) as bridge skills to use until you reach your Niche King ability. Dark Covenant and its synergy Unearthly Power should be maxed for its excellent utility value.

You gain extra damage as well as mobility in form of movement speed, along with a little of energy regeneration. Death Nova is an extremely strong skill that the Niche will gain, while Wraith Shell will make him much tanker.

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Arcane Blasts however is not very useful as it does not do that much damage and the Niche King tends to cast it much more than Death Nova essentially hurting your effective DPS. The Nature tree will pretty much exclusively aid us with buffs, heals, and rebuffs.

One value point in Tranquility of Water for the initial 8% should help out with Energy problems if you face those, while Permanence of Stone is going to add an extra layer of defense with its Elemental Resistance. Regrowth is super helpful both to heal yourself and to keep your pet on high HP.

Lastly Plague with Fatigue and Susceptibility is an extremely strong rebuff with very powerful effects. Plague will be a very useful resource in dealing with groups of enemies and your pet will profit from the rebuffs as well.

Even though Inquest is such an old game, it is a classic with lots of replayability and many play styles to explore. These Inquest Builds are simply suggestions and can be safely used if you are unsure on which way to go with your characters.

General Builds: Dual Wielding Melee (Swords preferred), One hand + Shield Has multiple abilities related to the shield (both for offense and defense purposes), heals and defensive buffs.

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Marksmanship (best LMB for bows) Art of the Hunt (excellent passives) Study Prey (best rebuff in game) Dual Wield Melee, Tank and Spank, Bow, Throwing, Summoner, Pure Caster, etc.

Envenom Weapon Lay Trap Throwing Knife Lethal Strike Poison Gas Bomb Earth Mastery : Caster oriented around Fire damage, physical hybrid and tank summon.

General Builds: Pure Caster, Hybrid Melee/Ranged, Summoner (mixed with other pet oriented mastery) Has a nice pet with god mode damage avoidance with provides a great buff.

Storm Nimbus Ice Shard Squall Lightning Bolt Summon Wisp Spirit Mastery : Caster oriented around life drain, vitality damage, staff attacks and summons.

Remus, Sire of the Capitoline Wolf Build : One handed + shield offensive melee / pet hybrid Battle Standard will buff pet and your own damage and while its synergy skill Triumph and Plague will apply nasty rebuffs.

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Wolves, Onslaught, Battle Standard, Heart of the Oak, Plague, Refresh are all core to the build. If you're interested in getting dual wield or leveling up Atlantis mysteries you'll need to free up points somewhere else, maybe war horn or nymph.

Minsk (and Boo) Build : Physical damage dual wielding maniac (Ragnarök required) The caster oriented skills in the Rune Mastery are ignored in favor of damage buffs for melee attacks.

Weapons have life leech / attack damage converted to health for sustain. The build is also inspired by Minsk, one of my favorite companions from the Balder's Gate series.

Akihito, the dark specter of death itself Build : Dual Wield Sword Melee Synopsis : Dual wield build using swords and pure melee skills.

Inspired by Akihito (the sociopathic Abridged version, not the Mary Sue OG) It's not a huge difference honestly through if you don't have Atlantis, however, you can expect to have a lot of unused skill points at the end.

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Synopsis : Tank type melee warrior with pets acting more than support than a focal point. Hit things with his shield a lot, uses wolves as support and uses Rally to keep him and his pack alive.

Art has, Frostmourne Hungers Build : Armored Ice Shard caster Ice Shards in the Storm mastery is a pretty powerful option for a pure caster type character, however, it does have the drawback of requiring you to stand still and spam the skill and does its best DPS when enemies are closer to you.

Synopsis : Templar's get excellent damage mitigation and reflection abilities from each of their respective mysteries. My Templar is built around using the Ice scale monster infrequent from the Ragnarök expansion for the chance to reflect massive amounts of damage back while also being nearly killable.

HelenBuild : Physical / Pierce Archer (easily swapped to Throwing Weapon + Shield) Synopsis : Harper provides a good mix of passives, rebuffs, DPS and can be built in different ways.

Finally, decided to finish clearing and swapped out her current set of gear as my resistances were pretty bad overall. Throwing weapon can be used instead of bow and has certain advantages and disadvantages (shorter range but faster attack, and you can use shield for blocking and stats).

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If you want to go spear, you'll need to dump all points in Marksmanship and swap into Phantom Strike and Psionic Touch. Throw down bolts of deadly lightning and convert your bow's damage to elemental.

Basically a caster that uses bow to deal its elemental damage while Lightning Bolt is on cooldown. I suppose a throwing weapon could be used instead of a bow, but you'll have minimal Strength so will have limited options with shield.

You're wearing caster gear so even with the health pool you're still kind of squishy Reactionary play style; you're often just standing there casting heals now and then, it can be a little sometimes dull and the pets sometimes can't hold aggro You're entirely dependent on your pets for damage so bosses that can do big damage to multi-targets can challenge Synopsis: Summon Brian Ward and stand in the middle of it spamming Ice Shard.

Circe, Enchantress of Area Build : Trapper / Summoner / Poison Caster (can be tweaked to be more melee, archer, etc. Synopsis: Summoner with 4 permanent pets (3 wolves + nymph) and lays down up to 3 traps while moving.

Stay in back and uses CC (Flash Powder, Earth bind, Brian Ward) to avoid damage while attacking with Poison Gas Bomb or bow / throwing. Alternatively can be more built around melee or ranged instead of Poison Gas Bomb using Envenom Weapon or Throwing Knife.

Emily, Steel Body and Glass Heart Build : 'Unlimited Knife Works' Knife thrower caster ---x Max (x3) Synopsis : General gist of this build is to spam Rogue's throwing knife ability.

I am expecting you to have preformed epic Stone binder's Cuffs and a +2 rogue skill amulets before attempting this build. If you have Ragnarök then I'd suggest starting an Accomplish character, so you can skip the tedious part and jump straight to the knife throwing.

The Dream killer has all the ninja tools; throwing knives, traps, poison, smoke screens, critical strikes, shadow movements, clone, an eldritch abomination from your nightmares, etc Melee because I love Phantom Strike, trapper to combo with Nightmare's Master Mind buff.

Build : Int / Ex Elemental damage dual wield throwing (Ragnarök required) Synopsis: Rune word: Feather is used to equip throwing weapons without investing points into strength.

Rune Weapon boosts your intellect to huge numbers to buff your elemental damage and Thunder strike provides coal AOE with CC. That is, the 'core' gameplay of the build is in the Rune tree and should be able to use any other mastery you want within reason instead of Spirit if you so desire.

Please note that this build is reliant on higher difficulties on you wearing +4 rune skill to push Transmutation to the maximum ultimate level to convert 99% of all your damage to elemental.

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