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The Roguebumperplates might be pricier than other brands’ plates, but eventually, you cannot go wrong with Rogue Fitness’s gear, and you pay for what you get. Bumper plates allow you to perform the squat, bench press, the deadlift, and even clean and jerk without worry the noise and damage, thus allowing you to test your true strength.

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Also, these rubber-wrapped plates make it quiet and safe when you performing weightlifting at home or garage, meaning that you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbor. At the time of your purchase, you can also find these fitness accessories as Olympic Plates.

Another characteristic that usually identifies them is their material: they are made of rubber to provide better protection to athletes when they need to drop the bar towards the ground, at a certain height, and thus avoid any damage. So, if you manage to find your ideal plate, it will be a very important investment in the world of fitness.

It is a necessary material for those who train weightlifting at a professional level with Olympic weight benches. So, if you are one of them and if you also want to maintain a good rhythm and safety during training, it is for you (just like weightlifting or CrossFit).

Because its material is designed to withstand bounces and falls a considerable distance without causing damage. Its design has been created for moderate to high-performance Olympic athletes who seek better safety in their training.

If you are a person who lifts a lot of weight and then tends to pull the barbell from overhead, then bumper plates are ideal for you. You must bear in mind that if you have a gym inside your home, dropping weight is not appropriate.

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Also, you should consider whether you bench press or squat and see if your barbells bounce annoyingly when dropped. In other words, bumper plates, as mentioned above, are designed to be dropped from a certain height, and you can see this in Olympic lifts competitions.

If you are to perform more common exercises such as the squat or various presses, then the bumper plates will not be necessary. You must be clear that bumper plates reduce vibrations when dropped to the ground in case you practice deadlift, something that should not be done with basic bumpers.

That is why, generally, used bumper plates are not found for resale as in the case of used steel ones, but it is all a matter of searching. If you are looking for more options for your general weight training, then pay attention to urethane-coated plates.

Gyms have them for several reasons: noise is reduced, cleaner, more professional than iron ones, and they provide safety and are ease of movement. Due to the fame that CrossFit has had, more and more people are interested in Olympic lifts.

This means that the choice of bumper plates also has gained fame, gradually putting aside the steel plates even for those who do not plan to perform lifts at the beginning. You will find three different types of bumper plates : competition, training, and technique.

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Depending on the place and type of training you have, the choice of your bumper plates will vary. As for the competition bumper plates, these are chosen by those who are dedicated to lifting because they provide a very exact weight, and then they can be dropped to the floor.

Continuing with the comparison of the bumper plates with those of steel one, they differ in thickness, although they have the same diameter. In this way, the steel plates can be placed on the bar to be able to lift a lot of weight.

As you may have noticed, there are different types of bumper plates, but, for those who train in their own garage gyms, training or technique plates may be recommended as they are highly resistant and durable when they are dropped. For example, if the central ring is not made of steel and is not correctly integrated into the plate, it will come off.

Since you are preparing to buy your bumper plates sets, there is an accessory that you should not miss: the barbell collar. The barbell collars are not an expensive accessory; therefore, we do not recommend buying the ones that are too cheap.

Although virgin rubber is the best quality since it does not bounce when dropped and its density is higher, it also affects its price, that is why if your budget is reduced, recycled rubber can be an excellent option since its price is lower. The best weight plates on the market are more expensive due to their quality but, if you are just starting to buy your first plates for your home or garage gym and your budget is a bit tight, then there is always the possibility that you can find an option with a better price/quality ratio.

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Before buying a quality bumper plate, the ideal is that you know what weight range you are looking for. With the combination of stainless steel and virgin rubber, these RogueBumperPlates will add extra effort to your workout.

Even if you leave your grip from your waist height, these bumper plates will show a dead bounce. Moreover, this stainless steel- rubber combination makes the fitness tool to be more durable.

The wide weight range for pairs Relatively more durable Impressive fit and finish The Rogue Hi-Temp bumper plates are forced in Alabama, the USA, by crumb rubber.

Roguebumperplates are in a direction to set a Monopoly in the American weightlifting market. The material is fabricated by weight recycled and vulcanized rubber having a 2” inch stainless steel void.

After the manufacturing process of crumb bumper plates, there are many imperfections on its surface. The collar design on this high step bumper plates reset perpendicular to the plane of the plate.

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This feature allows better safety on intense workouts like deadlifting and powerlifting. The Rogue Fitness claims its barometer to be 75, which is pretty less than the previous product.

But, Rogue Fitness company will offer you a one-year manufacturer’s warranty after purchase. The price is low, that makes a Hi-temp bumper plate is a good option for value for money seekers.

Value for money Produces less claiming noise Better grip for Olympic barbells This initiative by the company helps you to keep the place organized, preventing mess.

The Rogue color echo bumper plates are commonly found in large commercial gyms and training centers. Athletes find it easier to determine the weight without practical assumptions.

The diameter measures to be 450 mm, and weight with 1% of its target, officially declared by IWF. The combination of stainless steel with virgin quality rubber makes these plates more durable.

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Rogue color Eco bumper plates are multipurpose plates specially forged for intense athletic workouts. So, even if you drop a bar with this plate from your waistline, it will show a dead bounce.

Highly durable Good material quality Impressive built Easy to identify The Rogue US Military-Spec bumper plate is made in Alabama, United States.

The main intention to design these bumper plates is to maintain the fitness of the US military. Made from recycled crumb rubber, these plates are suitable for all conditions.

Besides maintaining fitness, these bumper plates are used to test the combat skills in the US Army. A stainless steel insert adds stability even on intense workouts.

Relatively better performance Wider weight options Has a reasonable price Better barometer reading The Rogue HG 2.0 kg bumper plates come complete with a neo-retro design.

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The Rogue HG 2.0KG bumper plates have a diameter of 450 mm, standardized by IWF. Tested in many CrossFit and regional competitions, the HG plates are a sign of reliability.

The benefit of using urethane as the main material is obtaining at a dead bounce. The Rogue Urethane Plates are widely known for their high barometer reading in the fitness industry.

Manufactured by high-quality virgin rubber, the training version has a clean surface. Moreover, clamping the plates with an Olympic barbell is easy with the 50.40 collar opening.

The Rogue LB Competition Plates are a set of IWF standardized bumper plates. These plates are inspected on a Shore A barometer scale that shows a 94 reading.

The Wagon Wheel Pair is a specialty plate that consists of only two large bumper plates. The barometer scale doesn’t matter because of its weight being the main reason behind its use.

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Due to the difference in density that the iron plates have concerning the bumper plates, in case you want to lift 700 lbs, you can do it since the steel plates save space on both sides of the bar. Also, in terms of prices, iron plates have more accessible prices compared to bumper plates, so if you intend to lift weight in your garage gym on a tight budget, iron plates are a good recommendation.

The bumper plates, being made of rubber, will protect the surface and prevent the floor from vibrating when it is dropped from a certain height. This is achieved by using plates made of dense virgin rubber that absorb vibrations from any impact.

The bestbumperplates stand out for presenting different colors to differentiate their weights and are governed by the standards of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). This color distinction makes the choice of plates easier when adding the weights on the bar.

On the other hand, bumper plates are used to practice Olympic lifts for then be dropped, so they are made only of rubber. The International Weightlifting Federation with the acronym IWF is an organization founded in 1905.

The main goal of the IWF is to organize, control, and develop the sport of weightlifting on an international scale, which includes the use of standardized bumper plate weights as regulations to avoid disputes that may arise within the sport between national federations, continental and regional affiliates and all this as the highest authority on weightlifting. However, those who wish to have quality bumper plates for personal use under this certification can do so, but they have a high cost.

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Because of this, many fitness brands have designed bumper plates that match the quality standards provided by this certification but at lower prices, even though the IWF does not endorse them. When we go to buy weight plates, doubts usually begin to appear, especially if it is the first time we do it.

Now, share this bumper plate buyer’s guide with your friends, so they can also learn about these incredible fitness accessories.

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