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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts With shadow lands coming in the near future, I started looking into choosing a covenant for my Rogue.

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However, I absolutely hate the theme, zone and vibe the whole necropolis give. We had a level 53 demon hunter that was lacking a little on the damage and some tactics.

He started playing World of Warcraft last week. I told the group that this player seemed new to the game, and it would be worn to kick him for doing a little bad damage.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts So Century gear is kinda sick, but I know Night FAE is most optimal.

You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! All of these choices ultimately add to your core class-kit in the form of DPS boosts, increased utility, survivability or better mobility.

Simply follow these links for the Night FAE, Necrology, Syrian, or Century Covenant. As previously mentioned, all Covenants are viable choices for Outlaw Rogues when it comes to their DPS Output.

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Each Covenant offers unique bonuses and benefits that scale differently depending on the type of content you engage in. The Night FAE Covenant offers a variety of Soul binds and abilities that make it a very good choice regardless of whether you want to excel in Raids, Mythic+ or are mainly focusing on solo content like Toughest.

The main reason why Night FAE is a very solid pick is largely due to the way the Covenant Renown system works. Best Finesse Conduits: Quick Decisions for raid encounters or Fade to Nothing when focusing on non-raid content.

It gives each Ambush and Dispatch a chance to grant you a Roll the Bones buff you do not currently possess for 5 seconds. Sleight of Hand increases the chance to gain additional Roll the Bones buffs whenever you use it.

Triple Threat is the next best trait choice, granting a small chance for your additional Sinister Strike hits to deal even more extra damage. The Syrian Covenant Conduit Reverberation is very close in value to Sleight of Hand and can oftentimes be used in its stead.

The other Covenant Conduits: Sudden Fractures, Septic Shock, and Lashing Scars are all worse than both Count the Odds, and Sleight of Hand and Triple Threat in single-target and AOE. On encounters where these abilities are used regularly to counteract large bursts of damage, you will save some Energy with this Conduit.

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While Outlaw wants to use Vanish on cooldown due to its synergy with Count the Odds it can be beneficial to hold onto it in preparation for a big damage spike. Vanishing right before taking a large chunk of damage will allow you to benefit from this absorb in its maximum value.

Fade to Nothing increases your movement speed when entering stealth, shrouding, and after using Vanish for 10 seconds. Prepared for All provides a strong cooldown reduction to your Evasion, especially when tanking multiple enemies at once.

In this section, we will go into deeper detail about each individual Covenant, their strengths and weaknesses as well as which Soul binds you should choose to optimize your DPS potential. This pro switches your main hotkey-bar to a new one that is different from your stealth bar, similarly to how Shadow Dance works for Subtlety Rogues.

This can be a bit disorienting at times, so it is recommended to track the duration of the Sepsis debuff, so you know when you will be able to use your stealth ability. This one-time use of a stealth ability does not benefit from any stealth-based bonuses, whether they are Conduits like Count the Odds (it can still pro cit, just not at a higher chance) or legendary effects like Mark of the Master Assassin.

Sepsis is a powerful cooldown in itself and the additional Ambush synergizes nicely with Count the Odds. All three Night FAE Soul bind choices have their place and are powerful at specific points in time.

As you gain more Renown you will find yourself switching between all three Soul binds to best use the Passives and Conduits they provide. Nina is a great starting Soul bind and offers early access to your first Potency Conduit.

Social Butterfly will remain stronger than your Potency Conduits until they reach Rank 7, at which point you switch towards Soothing Voice instead. Koran is best used on encounters that require heavy up-front damage, and once you hit 31 Renown, it will also be your best choice for Mythic+ as you unlock First Strike.

As you gain Renown with the Night FAE Covenant, you will oftentimes switch between Soul binds based on your most recent unlocks. Her ability Wild Hunt Tactics is very situational, in that it only provides a DPS increase during the first 25% of the targets' health.

Wild Hunt Tactics automatically applies to all targets that are above 75% HP, even if you only hit them with your Blade Flurry. Out of all the Covenants, it is the only Class ability that can affect multiple targets at once and, due to its high cast range, it can quickly be applied to additional enemies even if they are far away from you.

With its unlimited duration, it is a very Energy efficient ability to use on any target that lives longer than 10-15 seconds, and it is particularly useful in Mythic+ content. Flesh craft is the signature ability of the Necrology Covenant and adds some useful survivability to an already very durable melee class.

While there is little downtime in your regular Outlaw Rotation, the absorb is very potent and worth losing a bit of DPS for if it saves your life. Cloaked in Shadows also provides another source of absorb, adding to the already strong mitigation toolkit Outlaw Rogue has thanks to Feint and Elusiveness.

Necrology have two very powerful Soul bind choices, with both Yemeni and Bone smith Hair offering strong DPS bonuses. This ability props every time you use your Serrated Bone Spike and buffs you with up to 13% additional Agility, as well as providing a smaller bonus to up to 4 nearby players in your raid or party.

Thanks to the low cooldown of Serrated Bone Spike and it's having up to 3 charges to use, you can either use Serrated Bone Spike every 5 seconds to maintain the buff for quite some time, or hold on to additional charges to line them up with your Ghostly Strike, Between the Eyes or Killing Spree burst windows instead. Bone smith Hair, once unlocked, increases your Agility by 3% as long as three of your equipped armor items have an enchantment on them.

Due to the limitations of Yemeni in small groups that do not have a lot of people close by, Hair becomes the go-to choice for Mythic+ once unlocked. Whether you choose the Hair's Arsenal: Narrowed Gemstone trait or instead pick a second Potency Conduit is up to you and your gear, so we recommend swimming yourself if you are unsure about which one might be best for you.

What this means is that the next time you use a damaging ability with the exact amount of Combo Points as your Animacharge, you will significantly enhance that finishers' efficacy. Between the Eyes will deal more damage, and the critical strike chance rebuff will last 21 seconds.

There is one caveat to Echoing Reprimand, however, and that is the exact way the Animacharge effect works with Outlaw Rogues CP generation. More often than not, you will plan on casting a 7 Combo Point Between the Eyes after using Echoing Reprimand, but a streak of unfortunate Sinister Strike props (or lack thereof) makes it impossible to hit exact number of Combo Points that you need.

This is one of the major downsides with the Syrian Covenant class ability, and ultimately leads to you just using Echoing Reprimand on cooldown and not playing around its secondary mechanic on purpose. Klein's entire strength is linked to one of the final Soul binds you can unlock with her, Pointed Courage.

The third Soul bind Forge lite Prime Makarios has a similarly powerful final ability, Hammer of Genesis. Combat Meditation grants you a flat amount of Mastery rating every time you use Echoing Reprimand.

You still want to use Echoing Reprimand on cooldown, holding onto it to pro the buff is a minor DPS loss. On AOE, however, it is worthwhile to wait a minute between Echoing Reprimand casts to make full use out of this passive.

Once you gained 34 Renown with the Syrian Covenant you will want to switch to Klein using this Soul bind tree: Any Combo Point spent during this time will deal additional damage to the target and increase the Torment stacks this ability leaves behind.

Flagellation is one of the more powerful Covenant class abilities, despite Haste props being fairly low value for Outlaw Rogues. Haste is also still a pretty undesirable stat for AOE, and the additional Flagellation Lashes do not get spread via Blade Flurry.

This helps out our already strong mobility toolkit by providing an ability that lets us teleport to a specific location, whereas Sprint requires you to run through potentially hazardous ground effects and Grappling Hook also travels through those. Theater the Mad Duke and General Driven are both worse for pure single-target, but offer better opportunities for cleave and AOE fights instead.

Even without all these cooldowns overlapping it is still a very significant DPS boost for both single-target and AOE, thanks to all the additional melee attacks being spread via Blade Flurry. At Renown 30, you get to choose between either a Potency Conduit, Dauntless Duelist or Exacting Preparation.

Exacting Preparation on the other hand boosts the effects of your Food, Flask and Weapon Enchants. With how powerful these stat-gains are, particularly at lower item-levels, this Soul bind might not just be stronger on AOE, but also for single and priority target damage.

Theater offers a powerful Mastery bonus roughly once every minute with Soothing Shade. You need to stand in it to benefit from this ability, so any encounter that requires heavy movement might be unfavorable for Theater.

By far the strongest DPS choice is in his last trait Built for War, which loses efficacy if you drop below 50% health. Most encounters deal a lot of unavoidable damage to the entire raid, making it unlikely for you to gain the full benefit of this Soul bind.

Driven also offers the strongest survivability options out of all three Century Soul binds by being able to use Door of Shadows as a defensive cooldown instead, potentially helping you keep your Built for War stacks. If you are confident that you can maintain Built for War for the entire fight however, Driven is as good a choice as Theater for raw DPS output, especially in cleave and AOE situations.

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