Best Rogue Deck July 2020

Maria Johnson
• Thursday, 17 December, 2020
• 21 min read

In the last season I finished shortly in rank 5 and as usual I lost the motivation. The goal of this deck (apart from not being obliterated by Aggro) is to adapt to the opponent's deck, becoming from time to time an Infinite N'both/Tess against Control, a Mill against Combo; you can get so much fun from secret-Hanar package, Tess and relatives, Tog waggle, etc.

vengeance rogue
(Source: www.hkcampersales.com)


Vs Much Paladin if you find Zephyrs or Anna + 2/3 taunt you win, if you don't it's a difficult matchup but not impossible Vs Big Priest, Cube Warlock, Reno Warlock, Odd Warrior, Jade Druid, Shudder Shaman is an auto-win.

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