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Rogues are a fun and dynamic class that rely on stealth and cunning to get the upper hand on their enemies. Rogues are the only class that can unlock doors, and their ability to pass by enemies undetected is essential when setting up the battlefield.

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Retained from previous Drainage games, the Double Daggers skill tree is back. Dual wielding Rogues take advantage of this skill tree, which focuses on dealing high levels of damage as quickly as possible.

While abilities in this tree are aimed at dealing high damage, the upgrades offer some versatility in specializing in taking down individual wounded opponents, or dealing lighter damage on larger groups of enemies. Combining it with Deathblow and its Thrill of Victory upgrade creates a Rogue that hits hard and fast.

In stark contrast to the dual wielding Rogue, archers are long-distance fighters whose arrows cause debilitating effects and damage groups of enemies. Unlike the Double Dagger tree, all the abilities and passives in Archery are worth acquiring.

Archer abilities can deliver debilitating blows, but can also focus on disabling the enemy and creating advantages for other members of the squad. Traps make something of a return in Inquisition, though the system is nowhere near as detailed as in Origins.

Sabotage skills support the Rogue's propensity at taking down individual enemies. Talents such as Hook and Tackle with the No Escape upgrade are helpful at dealing with enemies that move quickly across the battlefield, such as Despair Demons.

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Caltrop modifies the environment and makes it less agreeable to enemies, giving the Rogue the advantage. Tempests specialize in elixirs that give the Rogue tactical benefits in combat.

This ability deals massive damage across the battlefield, and particularly on the Rogue's main target. Activation of Thousand Cuts is often enough to halve the life bar of dragons and other bosses, or even take them out completely in one go.

The general concept of the Assassin remains the same, where the Rogue specializes in stealth and taking down individuals with ruthless efficiency. The Assassin's Focus ability, Cloak of Shadows, is useful as its effects stretch across the entire party.

Artificers drop traps and mines across the battlefield, and make the environment more hazardous for enemies. This specialization is more of a support role than the offensive Tempest and Assassin, and its abilities and passives are aimed towards better teamwork.

The Artificer's Focus ability is Hail of Arrows, which is limited to Rogues who use archery. Try to align the Rogue's weapon with their specialization: single blade daggers would be best for an Assassin, while a Tempest may make good use of dual-blades' wide reach.

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Also, important is having a mage in the party equipped with Barrier to add a layer of defense. Adding another Rogue to the party is a good idea, ideally one who has a different weapon set to the Inquisitor.

Era is a great option for a dual wielding Inquisitor, especially with her Tempest specialization. If you’re playing DragonAgeInquisition, you’re going to have to decide which class you want your main character to be and also which party members to take with you throughout your journey.

To start, here’s a quick breakdown of all the different DragonAgeInquisitionRogue Specializations: Artificers get skills that are related to traps and acts sort of like an extended version of the Sabotage Tree, which is available to all Rogues. DragonAgeInquisition is not an incredibly difficult game, so ultimately you can easily get by just picking whatever class suits your interests the most, but the DragonAgeInquisitionRogue Specializations do vary in power, so if you’re interested in min-maxing you’ll want to know which are generally considered to be the best and which are the worst.

To get the most damage out of an Assassin, it’s important to stack CRT damage and Dexterity bonuses on your gear and regularly use Stealth in order to take advantage of the Assassin’s ability to score automatic critical hits from Stealth. Where Tempest and Artificer can largely just spam powerful skills, Assassin makes you put in more work for less damage overall.

But, again, a well-played Assassin is still a very powerful class, and it really shines as a second Rogue party member due to its damage amplification ability. The second of the DragonAgeInquisitionRogue Specializations, Tempest, is capable of spamming skills rapidly in order to pump out tremendous damage.

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Flask of Frost is a little more useful for Dual Wield rogues who might be susceptible to AOE attacks, but it’s not a good emergency button since you’re always putting it on cooldown for passive bonuses during your rotation, and you have a Stealth skill already to use in dicey situations. It’s a significant bonus that’s almost as powerful as the Flask of Fire effect, so you’ll be wanting to take advantage of it as often as possible.

What holds the Tempest back from being the best of the DragonAgeInquisitionRogue Specializations is that, like the Assassin, it tends to be good in bursts. Finally, number one of the bestDragonAgeInquisitionRogue Specializations is hands-down the Artificer, and it’s almost entirely because of a single skill.

Artificer gets a skill called Opportunity Knocks, which reduces your cooldown whenever a team member scores a critical hit. When combined with the Sabotage Tree’s Looked Like It Hurt skill, which refills your stamina whenever you score a critical hit, this means Artificer’s essentially have the Tempest’s Fire Flask buff active all the time.

The other Artificer skills are mostly useless, fairly weak and sometimes buggy to the point of being totally ineffective. Or, if a lot of enemies are close together, you’ll want to just spam explosive shot.

It feels a little unfair from a design perspective that a single skill puts Artificer over the top, but it is what it is. Game Guides, Reviews, Fiction, and even Essays, so be sure to take a quick look at the Main Page before you go, because if you liked this article, there's sure to be lots more content you'll enjoy on the rest of the site.

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Assassin: Gunman’s Bow + Thick Longbow Grip Damage: 166 133% Critical Chance (Imbued Musket Hide) Superb Rune: +25 Damage Masterworks: On-Hit: +5 Guard For the DragonAgeInquisitionbestRogue equipment when it comes to helmets, you want a Superior Skirmisher Hat made with Snuffer Skins and Veil Quartz.

As an Archer Rogue, for your DragonAgeInquisitionbestRogue Equipment Amulet slot, you’ll want Malika’s Guard. This Amulet provides a ton of Attack and Dexterity at the expense of flanking bonus, which doesn’t matter very much for Archers.

You can find Malika’s Guard in Crestwood after completing the Flooded Caves. Just return to the town with the Deft Hands Inquisitor Perk unlocked and find it in the locked house.

For your second ring slot, whether you’re a Dual Wield Rogue or an Archer Rogue, the best -in-slot ring is The Hand That Cuts, which increases Critical Damage by 20% while also contributing to the set bonus you get with the other Trespasser accessories. It’s only available at the very end of the game in the Trespasser DLC, in the Abandoned Château area.

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Game Guides, Reviews, Fiction, and even Essays, so be sure to take a quick look at the Main Page before you go, because if you liked this article, there's sure to be lots more content you'll enjoy on the rest of the site. Be sure to follow Bright Rock Media on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest articles, reviews and game guides.

You can also follow the Bright Rock Media YouTube channel for periodic updates on what's going on with the site. Like most RPGs, Drainage : Inquisition has players select a race, class, specialization, and unique build for their character.

At the start of a new game in Drainage : Inquisition, players can choose to be a human, elf, dwarf, or lunar and a warrior, rogue, or mage. Of these three, Artificer is by far the most powerful and can allow a rogue archer to take on the Highland Ravager high dragon, the most difficult creature to fight, without a party on Nightmare Difficulty in just two or three hits.

Fan-favorite companion and series staple Harris Tetras is also a rogue archer Artificer, so players who don't want to build their Inquisitor this way can still experience its power by using it for him. The build is incredibly overpowered and can make everything from dragon hunting to taking on waves of dark spawn in The Descent feel like Casual Mode.

Players won't have access to Artificer and the other specializations until about halfway through the main campaign of Drainage : Inquisition. Until then, players will want to focus on spending skill points on options from the four traditional rogue trees that will set them up for success when they have unlocked their specialization.

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Caltrops Looked Like It Hurt Cheap Shot Throwing Blades & Precision Targeting (upgrade) If that is the case, they can always purchase The Tactician's Renewal amulet from the Blacksmith to respect heir character once they have access to the Artificer tree.

Spike Trap Opportunity Knocks Set Them Up Elemental Mines & Throw Everything (upgrade) And Take them Down Fallback Plan Tricks of the Trade If players want to take the Focus Ability, Hail of Arrows, it can be extremely powerful and useful for crowd control.

They will then want to use Shadow Strike, which can restore their stamina and allow them to continue with Throwing Blades and Leaping Shot at various intervals. For a single target like a boss, players should simply begin with Throwing Blades and then use Leaping Shot.

Players will want to craft either the bow or their armor using a Masterwork material that adds a 10% chance to use Hidden Blades on a hit, which can increase the power of this build.

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