Best Rogue Enchants For Leveling

Carole Stephens
• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
• 35 min read

Not trying to go over the top, but I was setting up to level my gulper rogue up on patch day. I think mark of the Satyr is still good for neck, but for weapons I am getting mixed results.

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Neck: Mark of the Hidden Satyr Shoulder: (Greater) Tiger Claw Inscription Back: Gift of Critical Strike Chest: Peerless Stats Pants: Iron hide (just because I love stamina, but you can get any of the agility/CRT ones) Weapons: Elemental Force x2 Is it a night and day difference or just a good idea if you have gold to throw away.

But wait, it’s not only pure burst-DPS, also known as smashing power, that gives Rogues their advantage over all others, it’s cooldowns. Cooldowns that include everything from vanish, blind, cloak of shadows and much more.

Buffs and Nerfs : Any time any expansion is released the class balance goes all to heck. We haven’t been in God Mode (contrary to what some wags might say, ) but with even a bit of skill we’re far from being doormats.

Shadow lands comes with one BIG change, the new and never seen before: Level SMASH! Battle for Zeroth tweaked a bunch of abilities and talents, as is usual with an expansion.

You start out with hard hitting abilities and good energy regeneration, which the others lack a bit, and you are better against multiple opponents. Subtlety is built around coming out of stealth with serious burst damage.

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Nice for Dungeons, raids, and PVP, and no slouch at regular leveling. Pop out of stealth, pile on the bleeds, poisons, and a stun, then sit back and watch it die.

Shadow lands brings a nice change: You no longer have to achieve “exalted” reputation with each race, just certain campaign quests. Then hit the appropriate embassy for the final tasks to acquire the race.

The racial abilities aren’t that important unless you’re really looking for every last drop of efficiency. The best DPS that you get from any racial is a 1% improvement in something, or a Burst ability once every two minutes or so.

Blood Elf (wipe buffs and more energy) Undead (remove effects) Human (remove stuns, a bit more damage.) Your Quaking Palm is much like the Outlaw’s Gouge, in that it can put enemies briefly (4 seconds) to sleep with a touch of your paw.

Since you love to eat you naturally get better effect from food buffs Epicurean, and, of course, you have an enhanced (+15) cooking ability. Your Inner Peace allows your rested XP to last twice as long as for other races.

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Your Might of the Mountain ability increases the damage and healing from your critical strikes by 2%, and you can become one with the stone via your Stone form. This removes all poison, disease, curse, magic, and bleed effects and reduces all physical damage taken by 10% for 8 sec.

You are also an Explorer and Archeology research finds more fragments faster than others. Being naturally cool, you have a bit (1%) of Frost Resistance.

Your Fire blood removes all poison, disease, curse, magic, and bleed effects, just like your Dwarves “brethren,” but your ability increases your primary stat (Agility) by 600(!) (scales with level) +200 for each additional effect removed.

You’re a tunnel dweller and Dungeon Delver, and you’ve learned how to move 4% faster while indoors, plus your people have the Mole Machines : While outdoors you can summon a Mole Machine that tunnels through the earth and can pop you up in a variety of places. Being tough you have your Forged in Flames ability, and take a bit less (1%) physical damage.

Expansive Mind : Maximum energy increased by 5%. And your Engineering Specialization gives you +15% to that skill. You also have a bit of Arcane Resistance, and so take 1% less damage from the stuff.

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The Human Spirit : You gain 2% more of all secondary stats (Haste, Critical Strike, Mastery, Versatility) from all sources. And since you are skilled at Diplomacy you have a faster rep gain with everyone than does any other race.

Since working to gain reputation with various factions is “a good thing” this becomes a nice trait. Doesn’t hurt much, but does stun then for 3 sec and knocks them back substantially.

Your Child of the Sea ability lets you swim a bit faster and hold your breath longer than anyone who is not Undead. Unfortunately it does not give you free trade skills, just a boost to the ones you actually learn Many generations of seafaring experience have earned you the Rime of the Ancient Mariner ability, and so you take 1% less from Frost and Nature damage.

There are the achievements to earn KUL Iran: A Nation United and Tides of Vengeance Shadow meld : Activate to slip into the shadows, reducing the chance for enemies to detect your presence.

Any threat is restored versus enemies still in combat upon cancellation of this effect. Against certain spells, if you have wonderful timing, you can S’meld after it’s cast and then dodge it.

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Touch of Elude gives you a bit more CRT by day and Haste by night. Transform into a Wisp Spirit upon death, increasing speed by 75%.

Your abilities have a chance to empower you with the essence of the Void, Entropic Embrace, which increases your damage by 5% for 12 sec. You can activate this, then change direction, hit it again, and be back to the original spot.

You take 1% less Shadow Damage from your Chill of Night racial and your Ethereal Connection gives you cheap Void Storage and Transmogrification. Then your Dark flight activates your true form, increasing current movement speed by an additional 40% for 10 sec.

And your innate Viciousness increases critical strike chance by 1%. Enrage (Blood Fury) to increase damage every 2 min, which is generally useful and quite nice for leveling.

These are achievements to earn Kandahar Troll: Kandahar Forever! Your Arcane Torrent removes one beneficial effect from any nearby enemies (8 yards) and restores 15 Energy.

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Just go full zombie mode and eat what you kill. Can rocket jump forward, or away, so is a bit like the hunter ability disengage.

Your relentless urge to try “Crazy New Things” gives you the Better Living Through Chemistry ability, which adds +15 to your Alchemy skills. Check your bank stash from anywhere, every 30 min, with your pack Hobgoblin.

Your love of lore and Ancient History give you +15 to your Inscription skill. Your Arcane Resistance allows you to take 1% less damage from Arcane energy, and you also have a Magical Affinity which allows you to do 1% more magical damage.

Mag’heir Orc : Boost secondary stats, starts at level 20. Your Ancestral Call will boost a random secondary stat (CRT, haste, versatility) for 12 seconds on a 2-minute cooldown.

Nose for Trouble : Take a little less damage from the first strike inflicted by an enemy. Your Alpaca Saddlebags increase the total size of your backpack by 8 slots.

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So your job is to maximize Combo Point generation while not running out of Energy. These abilities are common to all Rogues and are listed in order of acquisition.

Your Critical Strikes ability, gained at level one, give you +5% chance to CRT. Eviscerate (2) is your hard hitting finisher, does more damage as more Cps are used.

Slice and Dice (9) Finishing strike that increases your attack speed by 50%, and each CP used adds more time. Instant Poison : (LEV 10) Has a 30% chance to do some damage to the target with each of your strikes.

Numbing Poison (54) has a 50% chance, per strike, of slowing your opponent’s attack and/or casting speed by 15%. Next up are the abilities that differentiate one Rogue from the other and are listed in order of acquisition.

Keep in mind that you can switch specs any time that you’re out of combat, no reagents needed. CP = Combo Points CD = Cooldown = Damage over Time = Passive effect.

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Mutilate (12) replaces Sinister Strike and hits fairly hard, providing 2 Cps. Deadly Poison (13) coats your blade with toxic stuff that has a 30% chance, per strike, to put a DOT on the enemy.

Shadow step (22) allows you to teleport behind your target and gain 2 seconds of increased speed. Envenom (36) is a Finishing Strike and gives a 30% higher chance to apply poisons for a sort time.

Venomous Wounds (37) lets you gain energy from targets that are bleeding from Rupture or Garrote. Slice and Dice, rank 2 (56) increases your attack speed by another 20%.

Shiv, rank 2 (58) increases the Nature Damage done to the target by 20% for 9 seconds. Hits harder than the level 1 version and, at level 12, might hit the enemy an additional time (35% chance) and also make your next Pistol shot half-cost and double damage.

Between the Eyes (17) is a finishing strike that damages and increases your CRT chance against the target by 20%. More Cps spent = longer duration for the enhanced CRT chance.

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Blade Flurry (19) hits up to 4 nearby targets for partial damage. Roll the Bones (29) provides a random combat enhancement, such as increased CRT or Energy regeneration, and might do more than one.

Combat Potency (37, P) increases your energy regeneration rate by 35%. Restless Blades (41) your finishing moves reduce the remaining cooldown of Adrenaline Rush, Between the Eyes, Sprint, Grappling Hook, and others by 1 sec per combo point spent.

Shadow step (18) Teleport behind your target and gain 2 seconds of increased speed. Find Weakness (37, P) Your Shadow strike and Cheap Shot allow you to bypass 30% of your opponents armor for 18 seconds.

Nice against plate wearing enemies (e.g.: Warriors) or armored mobs. Eviscerate, rank 2 (44, P) does an extra 50% damage as Shadow to targets affected by your Find Weakness.

Anyway… Hits up to 8 nearby targets with your explosive black powder. Shadow Vault (58) does additional damage to any targets affected by your Find Weakness.

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These talents were picked with solo leveling (questing) in mind. There are other options depending on what you are doing, such as PVP or dungeons, and some comments are added below the image.

Besides the thrill of being pounded into jello by well geared bands of enemy players, and returning the favor if you’re in an appropriate guild, you get a 10% bonus to all experience earned. You can change your specialization (spec) any time that you’re out of combat.

You can change your talents anywhere by using a Tome of the Quiet Mind up to LEV. 59 (or Still Mind, after 51,) Buy the tomes off the Auction House or from your buddy with the Inscription skill.

The “Z” on some talents comes from Rigor’s Guide and is their pick. Elaborate Planning : Your finishers giver you a 10% damage bonus, across the board, for a few seconds.

Blindside : Your Mutilate has a 20% chance to grant a free Ambush strike, even outside of Stealth. Tier 2 Talents, Level 25 Night stalker : More speed (20%) while stealthed and hit harder (50%) when you come out of it.

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Garrote hits a lot harder (+80%) and has no cooldown while Subterfuge is active. Yes, that means you can Garrote three separate opponents if your timing is good.

Master Assassin : 50% chance to CRT with strikes for 3 seconds after exiting stealth. Marked for Death : 30-yard range, instantly apply 5 Cps to any one target.

Leeching Poison : Adds a leeching effect to your wound and deadly poisons, so you will get a bit of health back over the duration of those effects. Good for travelling the world as you’ll always have a small heal going in your fights.

Cheat Death : Some player (or monster, ) 50 levels higher than you, attempts to squish your puny self with one shot, but your Cheat Death allows you to survive with 7% health and 3 seconds of 85% educed damage.) 6 minute cooldown, and you won’t survive hit #2, but maybe you can escape and get revenge later.

This is the pick if you are worried abut being installed, such as if you have War Mode on or the dungeon boss think you’d be a good snack. Nice for teams beating up on Elites or Rares or tough Players.

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Level 45 Venom Rush : Your Mutilate will refund 8 energy when used against a poisoned target. Alacrity gives your finishers a 20% chance, per CP used, to grant 2% Haste for 20 seconds.

Tier 7 Talents, Level 50 Poison Bomb : Now and then (4% chance per CP spent) your finishing strikes will cause the drop of a poisonous bomb at the feet of your enemies, that deals damage to all close enemies for 2 seconds. Hidden Blades : Nicely buffs your fan of knives, +20% damage every 2 seconds, stacking up to 400%.

Crimson Tempest : A finishing strike that damages up to 8 enemies and also bleeds them. War Mode Talents for Assassination For those of you who choose to level with War Mode on, for the extra 10% (or more, if your side is outnumbered) experience gain.

Flying Daggers is great when your tank is pulling large groups. The “Z” on some talents comes from Rigor’s Guide and is their pick.

Tier 1 Talents, Level 15 Weapon master : Your Backstab and Shadow strike abilities have a 15% chance to hit the target twice anytime they do damage. Premeditation : Enter stealth or Shadowban and your next Shadow strike gives you +10 seconds of Slice and Dice.

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Gloom blade replaces your backstab, does a little more damage, and bypasses armor. Tier 2 Talents, Level 25 Night stalker lets you run faster while stealthed and hit quite a bit harder coming out of stealth or Shadow dance.

Nice way to start a fight with a full finisher. Tier 4 Talents, Level 35 Soothing Darkness allows you to heal faster while stealth or Shadow Dance is active.

Tier 5 Talents, Level 40 Shot in the Dark gives you a free Cheap Shot after you enter Stealth or Shadow Dance. Night Terrors causes your Shrike Storm to reduce your enemies’ speed for 8 seconds.

Prey on the Weak allows your enemies to briefly take more damage from all sources, including from you, after you use cheap shot or kidney shot. Alacrity gives a chance at a small Haste buff, up to 10%.

These talents will help in leveling & questing, but maybe not so hot for PVP. Dagger in the Dark gives you a more brutal Shadow strike opener, +100% damage, if you can wait 10 seconds before attacking.

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The “Z” on some talents comes from Rigor’s Guide and is their pick. Tier 1 Talents, Level 15 Weapon master : Your Sinister Strike has a +10% chance to hit a second time.

Quick Draw : +1 CP and 50% added damage to the Pistol shots awarded by your Sinister Strikes. Ghostly strike : Whack the enemy with a nice hit and for 10 seconds your abilities will do 10% more damage.

Useful in area effect situations or in PVP where the enemy is just out of normal range. Retractable Hook : More grapples, with a CD lowered by 15 sec.

Tier 4 Talents, Level 35 Iron Stomach : Better effects from any healing items, such as potions, hearthstones, and your own Crimson Vial, but not spells. Good pick if you’re not concerned about being crushed by something, in solo leveling, for example.

Cheat Death : Some player (or monster, ) 50 levels higher than you, attempts to squish your puny self with one shot, but your Cheat Death allows you to survive with 7% health. This is the pick if you are worried abut being installed, such as if you have War Mode on, or if the Boss mob has its eye on you.

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Tier 5 Talents, Level 40 Do you want more Crowd Control or more damage? Dirty Tricks : Your Cheap Shot, Gouge, Sap, and Dismantle no longer cost energy.

Prey on the Weak allows your enemies to briefly take more damage from all sources, including from you, after you use cheap shot or kidney shot. Tier 6 Talents, Level 45 Loaded Dice : Use your Adrenaline Rush and you are guaranteed at least two successes from your next Roll the Bones.

Alacrity : Your finishers provide a small Haste buff, up to 10%. Dread blades : You build faster Cps at the cost of 5% health each time you use a finisher.

Tier 7 Talents, Level 50 Dancing Steel : Love your Blade Flurry? Killing Spree : Teleport up to 10 yards and deliver a hard hit to the target.

Do it with Blade Flurry active and hit up to 4 more nearby targets for full damage. War Mode Talents for Outlaws For those of you who choose to level with War Mode on, for the extra 10% (or more, if your side is outnumbered) experience gain.

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These talents will help in leveling & questing, maybe not so hot for the PVP. Take Your Cut : Grants you and nearby allies (within 8 yards) a 15% haste buff when you Roll the Bones, which is nice.

Stamina should be stacked at lower levels until survival is not an issue, go for Agility after that. With your Crimson Vial ability, gained at level 8, and maybe a stack of healing potions, you should have very little downtime.

Subtlety : Mastery >= Versatility > Critical Strike > Haste Outlaw : Versatility > Critical Strike > Mastery > Haste Assassination : Versatility > Critical Strike > Mastery > Haste Gearing a rogue is, like with most other melee classes during the leveling process, all about maximizing damage while leaving just enough stamina for a reasonable health.

Heirlooms are as good, or slightly better, than blue (rare/superior) gear of the same level. Heirlooms do not exist for all gear slots, you will still have to get regular pieces for your wrists, hands, belt, and boots and maybe a ring and a trinket.

Alliance : From Stout arm is in the Library of Iron forge, which is found on the north-eastern edge of the outer ring. Horde : Estelle Gentry lurks around the Rogue’s Quarter of Under city.

Note that if you’re 110+ and have seen Cordero sacked, then you’ll find her atop the gates of Grammar. At any particular level, if you don’t have (or want) heirlooms, then you can get good gear by running regular Battlegrounds (PVP) or dungeons.

Smash player or monster heads, win, get some nice gear (sometimes.) Just search the Auction House, or a friendly enchanter, for your items to be enhanced.

Note that there are some better enchants in Shadow lands (Chest, boots, rings, weapons, ) but they require level 50+, so are not listed here. A change in Shadow lands is that heirloom pieces no longer give extra XP.

The bonuses mostly let your Rested XP last significantly longer. If you happen to level up in the middle of a fight, you will do a nice bit of burst damage and gain 40% to your Agility for 2 minutes.

Neck: Mark of the Claw : Sometimes increase CRT and Haste by 16 for 6 seconds. Back: Binding of Agility, +3 Ag, Cannot be used past item level 60.

Cloak Shoulders: Tiger Claw, +5 Ag, +2 Crits, max item level is 50. Legs: Shadow leather Leg Armor, +6 Ag, +3 Crits, Requires a level 85 to apply, item level 50 max.

Just activate the buff from your action bar, and you’re good. If you change weapons to something else, such as equipping a fishing rod, you will lose the poison buffs.

If you change weapon types (dagger to sword, for example) you will not lose the buffs. Wound (38) does a small amount of damage and suppresses enemy healing by 8%, stacking up to 24%.

Crippling (38) slows your opponent’s movement (30% chance per hit.) Numbing Poison (54) has a 50% chance, per strike, of slowing your opponent’s attack and/or casting speed by 15%.

Poisons the target (30% chance to apply with each strike) over 12 seconds and additional applications deal instant damage. The caster takes poison damage every time they cast a spell.

Use Wound poison for PVP or any situation where the enemy has access to heals. Using Crippling as the non-lethal poison will make sure that mobs don’t run so much.

Wounding is better if you’re fighting healers or those being healed (and someone should be on that healer…) Crippling keeps your opponent slowed. Open up your macro created, create a new one, and add this code.

The automatic pocket picking will result in several gold over the long haul as well as a few other items, appropriate to which expansion you are cruising through. Note that both Sap and Pick Pocket have a ten-yard range.

#show tooltip Sap/clear target/target enemy /cast Sap /cast Pick Pocket Note that currently the First Aid skill is dead, so you will get your bandages from the Auction House or a friendly Tailor.

Enter the name of the mob you’re looking for, in place of Mist blade Ripper. It will find the mob, if it’s in range, and put a skull icon on it.

Partial names work, such as Mist bl, but they do have to be spelled correctly. So if Thread banks you just put his name in, and it will target him, if he hasn’t run away yet.

In Shadow lands you pick pocketing will result in a bit of cash and some junk. Early on in your Drano pocket picking you will find a Secretive Whistle.

In Legion, you will find a troll, in the Rogue base, who fences the gear and who gives out pick pocketing quests. Finish the quests and every few days you can have in your coins of air for 5k gold.

Talk to Fifth and his Genie pal to get things started. This died awhile back, and now you get the skill automatically as you level.

Any boxes you find are pickable and will let you know what skill you need to have to pick them. They don’t require lock-picking, but do usually provide a nice chunk of XP in addition to possibly useful stuff.

Of course, if your timing is off and/or the lag monster gets you then you aren’t interrupting anything. All stuns are subject to Diminishing Returns (DR.) Your first stun of any given type within a 15-second period is at full effect, the second is at half, the third is at a quarter.

Great for setting up attacks or just keeping one enemy out of play while you kill another. Great in dungeons when you need to hold a mob before the fight starts.

This top Subtlety ability isn’t a stun by itself, but it does allow the use of Cheap Shot (CS) or Sap while out of stealth, so it allows more stuns. Find a target dummy or a cooperative player friend.

Envenom is the big whack for Assassination Rogues. It replaces Eviscerate and increases the chance for poison application for a brief time.

Sinister Strike to whack the opposition and build Cps. Dispatch is a finishing move that causes damage per combo point and has slightly increased range over your other strikes.

Blind or Gouge or Vanish if you need to get away or reset the fight. Keep in mind that stuns suffers from Diminishing Returns, making a long stun-lock somewhat more difficult.

Crippling Poison to slow the enemy while running around, keeping out of range, and throwing knives. Leap in now and then to spend your combo points on a bleed or stun.

Healing: All specs have Crimson Vial, which is a pretty cool ability. You can also use Kidney Shot or Between the Eyes to stun the enemy and then take a potion or bandage yourself.

Buy potions and bandages off the auction house or from a friendly Alchemist or Tailor. The cash doesn’t amount to much, but you also find potions and the occasional odd item, such as lockboxes.

Nowadays we have three (or four) ways of gathering our XP. Rigor’s + heirlooms + questing + Recruit a Friend (RAF) + charging as hard as you can get you to max level in much less time.

Grinding (just mashing endless mobs with no quests attached) used to be the thing to do, many expansions ago. About the only use for grinding is to farm for certain items that those mobs will drop, such as cloth or meat for cooking.

Damage classes are a dime a dozen so the wait times to get into the dungeons can be a few minutes or longer, but this can result in fast XP and better gear than you’ll get from questing. Groups tend to move quickly, so you’ll need to know your stuff and keep up, or at least make note of whom the Tank is and follow that person around.

Stay out of any goop (fire) on the floor unless your people are creating it (such as healing circles.) Stay behind the opponent at all times, your attacks will be a little more effective that way.

Also note that in Battle for Zeroth, and beyond, putting yourself in “War Mode” gets you 10% more XP and possibly better gear. Miscellaneous leveling notes: Always have the biggest bags you can afford.

In Battle for Zeroth consider Scrapping any armor or wearable items that you find. Keep your weapons updated; the rest of your gear can fall behind a bit.

Random fighting in the field, for any BG, does not help your team. The team with the best teamwork will win and winners get far more XP and honor than losers.

While leveling, unless you already have a ton of cash, skip all the crafting professions. Yeah, there is some nice gear to be had with leather working, but they’re all expensive and time-consuming to level up.

Make sure you carry enough thistle tea (restores 100 energy.) You can buy it off the Auction House, maybe, but the price might be a bit steep.

Work those hard, and either sell all of your stacks of ore/herbs/skins on the Auction House or save them for when you want to start crafting. Notice that Mining and Herbalism give you XP for each one you pick or dig up.

Note that Battle for Zeroth made an interesting change to professions. If you are in Drano and have a level 2 Garrison and a follower working your LAW hut then you have access to tents which will boost your stats by 10%.

Alchemy can make a number of useful chemicals to consume when needed, such as potions and flasks for stat boosts. Take Herbalism with this, you’ll save some gold.

Very expensive to level, but can put some pretty nice buffs on things. If you’re rich and want to ride on of those Merchant Hog Motorbike things eventually then get this profession.

Scribes can make staves for their Mage/Druid friends, dark moon cards, and other trinkets. You can make a nice flying carpet, bandages (as of BFA) and some other neat stuff, including nets to snag players or mobs.

Cooking can make interesting foods, some of which buff Agility and various other stats. At last count there were 23,098,147,365 add-ons for the World of Warcraft (actually, Curse has just over 5,700,) covering just about any aspect of the game, several times over.

There are several of these out there and some UI mods, such as LUIS, will provide their own “one bag” utility. With thousands of quests and a million mobs to grind the trip the level cap can take a while.

Even if you pay the $60 to boost to 50 you’ll still want to cruise through those last ten levels. Heck, you can even grab a few levels in the dungeons and battleground PVP.

Rigor’s guide will figure out your new level and get you to the best spot to continue your questing. It automatically updates and advances as you complete tasks and quests, sets a waypoint arrow automatically (always showing you where to go next, ) and includes all the important quest info.

You will probably never need to look at your quest log again, much less stop mid-play to browse some website. Note: Rigor’s is always quickly updated to the latest patches and expansions, whether it’s Shadow lands or whatever comes after that.

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