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Paul Gonzalez
• Sunday, 20 December, 2020
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You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! By now (55 LVL) I am wearing obviously elemental force on both swords when I am in combat and both daggers when respecting into sub in BG.

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But I'm not sure if combat even lasts long enough to utilize it. Ok this is my first one and don’t want to make the start boring but try to read everything because I didn’t really repeat myself much and also no pictures or screenshots as you can see I will try to add to that and if you have any good ones just tell me please.

Energy watch adds a small bar counting every time your energy ticks and making a sound if you want it to this is very useful because it enables you to do your move at the last possible time enabling you to get energy back fast Stun watch adds a small bar measuring your stuns(sap, gouge, kidney shot, etc)so you can be sure when your sap will run out of time or so you can do your move after the gouge at the last possible time Mobinfo2 adds the health and MANA of the target to their portrait. (no problem in BG because other people in raid usually do some damage to the player) Coordinator simply at the cords on your minimal and map.

Informant this is an add-on under the famous auctioneer add-on which tells you the vendor price of all items in the game. You can download the whole set if you need it, but this one is good for getting money to make a twink and tells you which lots you should pick and which not to (if its 10c than no point J) Atlas-loot this one tells you what the bosses in instances drop useful if you want to find out where your armor or weapons can be found.

Bam mod not THAT good a mod, but it sounds a bam every time you crit and also saves your highest cries with each move AlarBGHelper This add-on helps a lot in AB telling you how long it will take to win a game or how many bases you need to win. Defiler’s Leather Girdle Binds when picked upWaist91 Armor+4 StaminaRequires Level 28Equip: Increases attack power by 24.

Tiger strike Mantle Binds when equippedBack25 Armor+8 Agility+7 StaminaRequires Level 29 Trip runner Dungarees (gnomeragan quest)Legs101 Armor+3 Strength+18 Agility+6 Stamina Pathfinder Hat of the Monkey Binds when equippedHead81 Armor+8-9 Agility+8-9 StaminaRequires Level 29you will have to do gnomeragen to get the trip runner dungarees and if you want an even better chest piece you can do the raptor mastery quest in STV. Raptor Hunter TunicChestLeather117 Armor+4 Strength+3 Agility+16 Swaminathan are also some items like the scouts medallion and the defilers talisman(dispels 300 damage)which you might want to get.

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Scout’s Medallion 20 marks of honor:WSGUniqueNeck+8 Agility+5 StaminaRequires Level 28 Defiler’s Talisman 30 marks of honor:Unique(you can have only one)TrinketRequires Level 28 Use : Absorbs 248 to 302 physical damage. Lasts 15 sec. Cooldown: 3 min Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector Binds when equippedTrinketRequires Engineering (210) Use : Captures the target in a net for 10 sec.

The net has lot of hooks however and sometimes gets caught in the user’s clothing when fired…… Legionnaire’s Band 20 marks of honor:WSGUniqueFinger+6 Strength+6 Agility+4 StaminaRequires Level 28one last thing is that Troll’s bane pants are not better than trip runner dungarees but when you add cleft hide leg armor to them then they are the best leggings you can have(+30stam and +10 agility). Troll’s Bane Leggings Binds when equippedLegsLeather90 Armor+24 Agility(14)+34 Stamina(4)+4 SpiritRequires Level 25I used believed that a rogue with two swords is like a warrior with no charge and some extra moves instead.

Increases the damage dealt when striking from behind with your Backstab, Mutilate, Garrote and Ambush abilities by 20%. Your finishing moves have a 20% chance per combo point to restore 25 energy.

Ok now there are two real categories of twinks: those who make a new character and keep them at 29(19 or maybe 29 too) and get the best stuff and enchants for them, or those which are just leveling a character and when its at around 29 they want to PVP and own so these guys won’t need any real “twinking†or enchants. Life steal permanently enchant a melee weapon to often steal life from the enemy and give it to the wielder.

Nexus Crystal × 3 Large Brilliant Shard x8 Essence of Air x4 Ok so This enchants cost pretty high and different in each realm so no set price and agility+15 is usually more expensive.

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Note: Enchants are not a MUST but if you want to make a permanent twink then they are real useful The most sufficient for dual dagger is crusader on main and life steal or agility on off.

Each strike has a 30% chance of poisoning the enemy, slowing their movement speed by 50% for 12 seconds. Each strike has a 20% chance of poisoning the enemy, increasing their casting time by 40% for 10 seconds.

Each strike has a 20% chance of poisoning the enemy which instantly inflicts 30 to 38 Nature damage. Ok so crippling poison is really useful, so I advise having that on your fastest weapon all the time now mind-numbing poison is good against casters and instant is better against the more melee type enemies.

Well this part is really your choice, but many engineering is real good for twinks mostly because of the head piece at level 210 but well since this is for rogues I will tell you this does’t become blacksmith, and alchemy is not that great because you could buy your potions, also leather working and skinning is useless since you won’t be main any of your own armor. I will try to show these ways as much as I can and know:(whenever you are asked to ambush you could sap and ambush after it)also most of the time I will be talking about the cheap-shot technique :cheap shot>backstab>sinister strike>gouge>wait until gouge is almost done>eviscerate.

Since they can blink and frost nova and Frostbelt what you need to aim for is to stop them from moving too far from you. Now many times the mages just frost nova as soon as you ambush and then blink away, which means that your backstab won’t be happening, so you should just try to get your crippling to work on them and then hit them as much as you can.

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Hunters can just frost or freeze trap and slow you down with their shots, let their pet do damage and put DOT on you so you don’t vanish. Most of the time the most efficient way to deal with them out of stealth is to sprint to them and keep hitting them until your crippling poison does its thing, and when their slowed down their as easy to kill as anything.

Also, one of their disadvantages is that when their running around you and shooting at you, they usually have aspect of cheetah on which means if you hit them they get dazed. If they catch you out of stealth you should hit them till they try to fear, then gouge or kick if you get time and if not then wait 1 second then use your trinket or will have forsaken.

Now here is when being an undead is good since after you use will have forsaken it stays on you for 5 more seconds and stops the warlocks next fear. When in stealth you should just either ambush and backstab them and then keep spamming sinister strike and evil till they die, or you could also do the cheap shot technique.

To open you should just ambush and backstab if you can and deal you normal damage or if you can’t and need to stop them from moving you could also sap them. Make sure they don’t heal or regrowth and if they do then a kick or gouge is in place.

Now since regrowth is instant then you should just hit them extra hard and kill them faster. Once I fought a shaman who put three totems down(earth bind, mana, fire)and he just healed himself and since I never got to him, he beat me embarrassingly.

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Now I resurrected and took him very easily after but what makes this lesson important is that you should always try to hit their totems. If they get a charge on you then you should just keep running around them and keep doing your sinister strikes and gouges and if lucky backstabs and evil and again till they die.

Some general tips are using your racial abilities at anytime you can see fit, use evasion whenever there is more than one person or if they’re too strong and use vanish or potions when you are going to die soon. Also, one thing that I find annoying is that when the two groups usually charge in numbers some people just retreat backwards towards safety (no offense but mostly alliance do that) so well don’t follow those people because you will face unfair odds.

Flag captured in this part you just try to get to the flag. You can try to stealth there if there's too many people and just take the flag fast and run away, or you can fight everyone there and then capture it(this depends on your ability).for this part try to have the defilers or Marathi talisman since its good for stopping damage. Also have some swiftness potion if you can I advise you watch some twink videos since they help understand what you can do in many situations.

Avalanche Permanently enchant a weapon to often deal 463 to 537 Nature damage to an enemy struck by your melee attacks. Hurricane Permanently enchant a melee weapon to sometimes increase haste rating by 450 for 12 sec when casting spells or dealing melee damage.

Landslide Permanently enchant a weapon to sometimes increase attack power by 1000 for 12 sec when striking in melee. Mending Permanently enchant a weapon to sometimes heal you when damaging an enemy with spells and melee attacks.

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Wind walk Permanently enchant a weapon to sometimes increase dodge rating by 600 and movement speed by 15% for 10 sec when striking in melee. Blade master Even if Avalanche has an extremely low and/or no ICD, Landslide will almost certainly outdo it (Enhancement shaman).

You'd need high levels of haste and mastery (assuming it benefits from our +elemental damage mastery) to make Avalanche competitive, something that just isn't seen with how low the conversions are at 85. Let our enemies know that havoc calls and that with its song comes their end.

I swear I thought this was the rogue forum section... I see this is a rogue forum/post so why would you even put; Wind walk Permanently enchant a weapon to sometimes increase dodge rating by 600 and movement speed by 15% for 10 sec when striking in melee.

I see this is a rogue forum/post so why would you even put; Wind walk Permanently enchant a weapon to sometimes increase dodge rating by 600 and movement speed by 15% for 10 sec when striking in melee. Seeing that Combat Readiness with Cataclysm means that rogues will need to actually live longer and as GC have said, are being put out into the open more, so they can stay toe to toe with other melee classes.

Hurricane props off everything, including recap ticks. Considering those props also give Hurricane the ability to stack x3, I would consider it quite advantageous, far from annoying.

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