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• Wednesday, 13 January, 2021
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Assassin: Gunman’s Bow + Thick Longbow Grip Damage: 166 133% Critical Chance (Imbued Musket Hide) Superb Rune: +25 Damage Masterworks: On-Hit: +5 Guard For the Dragon Age Inquisition bestRogueequipment when it comes to helmets, you want a Superior Skirmisher Hat made with Snuffer Skins and Veil Quartz.

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Superior Skirmisher Hat Armor: 37 17 Dexterity (Snuffer Skins) 64 Health (Veil Quartz) As an Archer Rogue, for your Dragon Age Inquisition bestRogueEquipment Amulet slot, you’ll want Malika’s Guard.

This Amulet provides a ton of Attack and Dexterity at the expense of flanking bonus, which doesn’t matter very much for Archers. You can find Malika’s Guard in Crestwood after completing the Flooded Caves.

Just return to the town with the Deft Hands Inquisitor Perk unlocked and find it in the locked house. As an Archer Rogue, your Dragon Age Inquisition bestRogueequipment option for your first ring slot is a Superb Ring of Critical Damage, which boosts Critical Damage by 20%.

For your second ring slot, whether you’re a Dual Wield Rogue or an Archer Rogue, the best -in-slot ring is The Hand That Cuts, which increases Critical Damage by 20% while also contributing to the set bonus you get with the other Trespasser accessories. It’s only available at the very end of the game in the Trespasser DLC, in the Abandoned Château area.

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You can also follow the Bright Rock Media YouTube channel for periodic updates on what's going on with the site. The American based equipment manufacturer that makes some of the best gear to train with.

Hopefully our Rogue Fitness Gift Guide can give you some inspiration for shopping this holiday season! There’s black zinc hardware to ensure durability and a pull-up bar at the top to provide this stand with versatility.

A durable barbell that is cost-efficient, versatile, and comes with a lifetime warranty to bending. The Details : When it comes to dynamic and consistent performance, few barbells compare to the Rogue Ohio Bar.

In addition, this barbell has “good whip” so it can work well in most recreational lifting settings. With quick rotating bearings, IWF approved specifications, and “great whip” this barbell is an awesome choice for snatches and clean & jerks.

Who It’s Great For : The fitness enthusiast in your family that loves to train and talk about weightlifting all the time, who usually name-drops athletes you’ve never heard of. A great barbell for powerlifting that has “no whip” and aggressive knurling for squats and deadlifts.

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The Details : The Rogue Ohio Power Bar is the best call for the powerlifter in your life for three reasons. The Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack is backed by a lifetime warranty and is a great option for garage gym athletes that need space for their car in their garage.

This rack is built with 11-gauge steel and has safeties and j-hooks to support even the heaviest lifts and misses. This power rack also comes with either a fat or skinny pull-up bar, which is great because it adds to its depth of versatility.

The Rogue Echo Bumper Plates are made out of quality virgin rubber and have steel inserts to limit bouncing when dropped during various exercises. The 25, 35, and 45 lb plates come with a 3-year warranty and have a dead bounce, so they don’t go crazy on the floor when being dropped.

The Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack is backed by a lifetime warranty and is a great option for garage gym athletes that need space for their car in their garage. Who It’s Great For : The home gym owner that lifts in their garage and likes to park their car in it.

The Bravo Bar and Bumper Plate Set is the perfect addition to any home gym owner's equipment arsenal. One of the awesome (and yet also headache-inducing) things about D&D are the sheer amount of magical items that exist for the party to find and use.

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However, even DMs using a D&D sourcebook for their campaign may want to take their own initiative when distributing those magic items, because it's really no fun when the party can't use anything they find. That's why it's time to look at magic items for one specific class to make great use of, beginning with the rogue.

As one can imagine, grace and agility are two things a rogue should have in plenty, since stealth is really their purview in the party. While wearing the cloak, an illusion of the character is projected to confuse enemies, giving them disadvantage on all attack rolls.

So, if the rogue already has a roguishly high Sleight of Hand modifier, then nobody's pocket money will ever be safe so long as these gloves are worn. Since carrying a torch kind of invalidates sneaking around in the first place, a rogue who needs some visual supplements will want these at hand.

If it's not, the rogue should work on getting there over the course of the D&D campaign, either by a feat or ability score improvement when leveling up...or by magical item. And the best part of the Manual of Quickness of Action is: even if the rogue who reads it does have a 20 Dexterity, they'll still increase their Ex score by 2 upon completion of the book.

Rogues can spend one of the ring's charges to succeed a Dexterity saving throw that they had previously failed, further enhancing their already possessed Evasion ability. Don't except to loot (or distribute, as a DM) these boots anywhere near the beginning of a campaign; they're “very rare,” which means they're not on the average store shelf either.

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Of course, I've expanded my lineup since then, but Rogue makes it very easy to outfit an entire home gym with their equipment. Rogue makes very nice stuff and if you buy on Black Friday (which I did), you can save a good chunk of cash.

One-stop shopping also helps save on shipping costs (along with Black Friday). Let's see how someone could realistically build a complete home gym with Rogue gear.

For the purpose of this exercise, I'll focus on necessary pieces of equipment, and I'll sprinkle in some nice-to-haves that can really round out your space. I don't advocate for blindly building an entire home gym with Rogue equipment because it's easy or because they're marketing geniuses (which they are).

There are other companies out there who make equipment that is just as nice, if not nicer, and at prices that are just as comparable, if not cheaper. Peruse through this site, shoot me an email (adam@garagegymlab.com), or follow me on YouTube & Instagram.

That said, here are some great options to build a complete Rogue home gym. Due to its size and general design, this unit is sturdy enough to avoid being secured to the floor or a platform.

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Aside from these unique advantages, it offers a few traditional benefits including Westside hole spacing, a pull-up bar, and of course a nice selection of Rogue attachments. If you own the SML squat stand, you can also buy the HR-2 conversion kit to transform them into this half rack.

In my opinion, this is one of the best home gym options regardless of manufacturer because it offers a small footprint, and it's extremely versatile. I personally advocate for the bolt-together version because you can get a bit more interior depth (30 vs 24), it ships regular UPS, and it's not welded.

This rack is constructed with 2×3 11-gauge steel, it's been tested at over 1,000 lbs without concern, and it offers Westside hole spacing. Priced starting at $695, this is a great cost-friendly, highly functional power rack.

This is a 6-post rack, which will definitely take up more space in your gym, but it offers a few nice benefits: It doesn't include Westside hole spacing, but the keyholes on the side are really awesome, and I hope Rogue is going to start taking advantage of them soon.

Like racks, Rogue offers a number of bars ranging in price and spanning different uses. In short, it's a terrific bar that's headlined by an aggressive knurl and a stiff shaft.

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This is another wildly successful and popular bar among home gym owners. This is a multipurpose bar that is suitable for general fitness, Olympic lifting, or powerlifting.

Starting at $282, the Ohio Bar is another excellent value-conscious option that performs extremely well. This bar is made of stainless steel, making it a great option for those who train in a humid environment.

This is Rogue's most economical bench option, and I've owned it for a couple of years now. The bench is a little taller than I'd like at 18, and adding a Thompson Fat Pad to it basically renders it useless (in my opinion).

At 17.5 tall, it's a nice height, and it also offers a small pad gap between the seat and back, which is great. The bench also offers wheels for easy transportation and a separate spotter deck can be purchased and attached.

While both offer better specs, I think the price is a bit high… but we are talking about a Rogue home gym here, soon… These are modeled similarly to the Ivanka OM Series plates but at a fraction of the cost (~$55 savings on the pair).

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If you're a competitive power lifer or if you lift a crap ton of weight, these are a great option. These training plates are black, but they include colored lettering and bands around the outside for easy identification.

This probably won't make much of a difference in a home gym setting without extreme use, but it's an upgrade pick nonetheless. They're spec'd the same as these training bumpers, but they are fully colored with white lettering.

The above section is really all you need to outfit your Rogue home gym, but they're a few popular pieces that I want to touch on to really amp up the possibilities. The foot base is fully adjustable both vertically and horizontally, making it useful to all sizes.

Although the GOD is on the larger side, it's a very versatile piece that many people, myself included, love. Rogue offers a number of great specialty bars that are ideal to add variety to your training.

I'm personally a huge fan of the following specialty bars (in general): It definitely takes up some space, but to some, it's a Godsend with its reputation as being excellent for low back rehab/rehab.

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Rogue makes very high quality gear that performs well and lasts a very long time. While there are some great value buys from Rogue, a lot of their stuff is on the expensive side.

If you read my article on this SWAT officer's home gym, you'd know he bought everything from Rogue right out of the gate. Holly and Hallie's CrossFit garage gym was built with about 95% Rogue gear.

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