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Maria Johnson
• Friday, 27 November, 2020
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This will allow you to go over the 300 Weapon Skill cap at Level 60, which will further reduce your chance to miss an attack or get blocked, dodged, or parried. Lastly, you will get the Racial passive Mace Specialization, which does not benefit Rogues, since you will be using either Swords or Daggers.

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For PVP, Dwarf has access to Stone form, which removes all Poison, Bleed, and Disease effects, while also increasing your armor for the duration. This is incredibly powerful, letting you remove Rend from a Warrior, a poison effect from another Rogue, such as Crippling Poison, or removing other Dot effects in order to safely Stealth with Vanish without it getting broken shortly after.

You will also gain the other Racial Find Treasure, Frost Resistance (which will be useful in Panoramas in later phases), and Gun Specialization. Night Elves have the Racial cooldown Shadow meld, which passively increases your Stealth level.

Gnome is the best choice for Alliance PVP, due to their Racial Ability Escape Artist, which helps you get out of any movement impairing effects, such as Entangling Roots or Engineering Net Traps. Gnomes also have access to Arcane Resistance, Expansive Mind, and Engineering Specialization.

The Patient Just wondering what is the best race to play a Rogue on the Alliance side for PVP. I remember dwarfs being really strong against Ferals and Warriors (remove bleed), but Humans double trinket can be really useful to burst someone down, and I imagine that Dark Flight has it uses.

War chief This question has been asked a million times, and the best answer is go with what you like best. My own rogue is a Night elf, and I frigged love Shadow meld.

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It's really like a second vanish, and even with dots, it's enough to break target and make a getaway. for, cheap shot, Shadow meld, Re stealth and apply opener again.

Just wondering what is the best race to play a Rogue on the Alliance side for PVP. But Humans double trinket can be really useful to burst someone down, and I imagine that Dark Flight has it uses.

Just wondering what is the best race to play a Rogue on the Alliance side for PVP. Dark flight + Sprint = consecutive speed boosts without popping a potion.

Night Elf has a pseudo-vanish that drops combat, and also puts them in a stealth state. As well, I believe you can dodge some CCs by timing the shadow meld correctly.

It provides a huge benefit over the other races, especially if trinkets with the impact of premiere Unheeded Warning are released. Gnome is decent for fighting a Frost Mage, Dwarf for fighting a feral druid, and Worsen is slightly more useful, but still pretty inferior to the above two.

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I'd rate the races as: Human -- Night Elf ------------------ Worsen Gnome Dwarf Well Blizzard stupidly made Humans unbalanced.

Bleeds and diseases are the primary dots of multiple classes (warriors, druids, DNS) and Stone form kills those. Stone form can be used to clear dots to allow an escape without needing to burn Cloak of Skill.

http://steamcommunity.com/id/PizzaSHARK Originally Posted by Ryan Caiman Bothered I also do landscaping on weekends with some Mexican kid that I “hired”.

They're probably the best possible Alliance race for Rogues, or are at least tied with Humans, with Gnomes a slightly distant third. The major advantage Humans get is that extra trinket slot.

If you're able to raid consistently, Humans are the best Rogues in the entire game. If you can't raid or don't want to be just one more damned Human, Dwarf is absolutely the best choice for Alliance.

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http://steamcommunity.com/id/PizzaSHARK Originally Posted by Ryan Caiman Bothered I also do landscaping on weekends with some Mexican kid that I “hired”.

Nelfs have higher dodge, better stealth and an extra vanish. Dwarfs can remove poisons and bleeds, its like cloak of shadows.

Not sure how much weight you want to put into it but the person with most honorable kills in WOW at around 1.5mil is Dwarf Rogue, take it as you will Nothing is more delightful than the thought of Undead male rogues raging when they've just been killed by something that doesn't come up past their knees.

Image Credit: wallpaper access.comas far as the PVP aspect of WoW Classic is concerned, the Rogue class is one Thais more than often discussed, for better or worse. So, if you are looking to take a break from racking up WoW Classic Gold and wanting to check out some PVP action, then Rogue is certainly a way to go.

We will divide the two factions of Alliance and Horde to give you an idea of which races are the best to go with when it comes to Rogue. You can increase the Stealth ability with Shadow meld, but other than that, the only thing that Night Elf really has going for it is the fact that it has the highest agility compared to the other races that you will be reading about shortly.

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If you like handy jumping mechanics and dancing animations, plus an increase in stealth and agility, then you can hopefully find some use for the Night Elf. This is because Stone form ability can come in so very useful, especially since it not only removes status effects, but it also lets you break free from Blind.

You can also break the likes of Warrior Bleeds, Devouring Plague, and more, which makes the Dwarf one of the best choices to use thanks to Stone form. The likes of Frost Nova, Entangling Roots, or Improved Hamstring can all easily be dealt with.

Also have the ability to implement skills such as Cold Blood in the assassination tree, which dramatically increases their chances of a critical strike. It does have the ability to increase its health with the use of Regeneration, but apart from that, you may find it harder to play as the Troll in a lot of instances.

Even on a cosmetic basis, you would argue that the Undead are the most standout race that you could ask for when using the Rogue class. This gives you immunity to Charm, Sleep, and Fear, which you can use if you are already affected by those statuses.

It works better than the Insignia of the Horde because it has a shorter cooldown period, and it gives you the chance to have a free inventory slot. Blood Fury and also be dangerous, with the base melee attack being increased, though it reduces healing effects also for a period of 25 seconds.

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So, if you are looking to head out into the wide world of the popular MMORPG and want to take a break from collecting Classic WoW items and raiding dungeons to do some PVP, then that is essentially all you need to know about the Rogue class.

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